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Week of March 25, 2019
Warriors of the Week
Each week through this year we will recognize several of our students through our "Warrior of the Week" award. Students receive this award for displaying effort that goes above-and-beyond our expectations - reflecting their drive to achieve personal and academic growth.

This week's Warriors of the Week are:

Claire C.
I have a "new" student in my classroom and her name is Claire! This week she comes to class daily with a smile on her face, paying attention and ready to learn. She has been working very hard at passing focus areas...so much that she has passed two in Science alone this week, not to mention the other ones that she passed. She even showed up for office hours today to try to get another study guide finished. We love getting "new" students!

Ryan H.
Throughout the year, Ryan has made his academics a priority, comes to class everyday prepared to learn, and puts effort into all that he does. This work ethic shows in his projects that have been turned in. Ryan has creative ideas and is able to collaborate with any of his peers. He is showcasing his Social Studies project at the Innovation Challenge. Also, he has mastered the skill of time management as a student-athlete since he participates in cross-country and wrestling. Way to go Ryan! We are extremely proud of you!

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth is hard-working, and she always comes to school and class prepared to do her very best. She rises to challenges and pushes herself to do better. Always an asset in any group, Elizabeth is a leader. Congratulations Elizabeth, keep up the amazing work!

From the Office


Remember that there will be NO SUMMER SCHOOL this summer. Students will need to complete all their work by the end of the 4th quarter. The last day of school is May 23, 2019.



Please send in your pull tabs from soda and soup cans - we are collecting them for Ronald McDonald House - they will use the funds raised for families staying at the House while their child(ren) is in the hospital.



Call for  BOX TOPS ! Please cut out and send in your Box Tops! It's an easy fundraiser for the school. Turn them in to Mrs. Ristagno in the Middle School office!


You can still order your YEARBOOK online! Visit ybpay.lifetouch.com to order, using the Yearbook ID Code: 11998419.

Habits of Success
Habits of Success are the social and emotional skills that enable students to be successful at both academic and non-academic pursuits. This is the framework we use in our teaching / mentoring with students. In the coming weeks, we will highlight examples of each of these components so that families can promote similar habits at home.
This week we'll look at the remainder of the bottom of the framework: STRESS MANAGEMENT and  SELF-REGULATION .

Stress Management  can be defined as "Constantly changing cognitive and behavioral efforts to manage specific external and/or internal demands that are appraised as taxing or exceeding the resources of the person." In a school setting, some examples include:
  • Students engage in disputing negative self talk.
  • Students engage in mindfulness meditation, bringing awareness to and tracking their thoughts.
  • Students engage in reflection about their stress triggers and stress responses.
  • Students engage in self-directed learning behaviors and related strategies (i.e. time management, chunking work, setting goals).
  • Students engage in mindfulness activities (mindful movement, mindful breathing) and/or other stress management strategies when needed (exercise, journaling, etc.).
  • Students advocate for their needs (i.e. asking for breaks when they need it).
  • Students are able to work outside of their comfort zone without letting stress limit their effort or performance.

Self-Regulation can be defined as "Regulation of attention, emotion and executive functions for the purposes of goal-directed actions". In a school setting, examples of this include:
  • Students are able to maintain focus on completing what they set out to complete without getting frequently distracted.
  • Students are able to engage in mindfulness techniques to direct focus when needed.
  • Students are able to sustain work on a task they set out to complete despite any emotions that come up by being mindful of emotions and responding (not reacting) to them.
  • Students are able to consider multiple different approaches to problems / projects, trying to figure out which will work the best for them.


At Mayer Middle School, we have initiated lunchtime 'communities' that are catered to varied interests and affinity groups where students can enjoy pastimes with friends and teachers in a bid to manage their stress and build relationships with each other. Here's our Community Menu .

All of our staff support students in setting appropriate academic and personal goals to help keep them organized.  Teachers also foster time-management skill-building, empowering students to manage their own time and workload to achieve their goals. Self-directed learning (SDL) is a facet of this effort, where students are given the flexibility to prioritize their work tasks.

Teachers also promote mindfulness within class time, utilizing breathing techniques frequently throughout class time.  This is alongside other coping strategies, such as the use of tactile devices, flexible seating and brain breaks help our young people manage their emotions throughout the school day.

Our First Ring Leadership students, with support from Janice Frygier, have devised a "How to Cope" workshop series that involves all staff and students in exploring mental wellbeing and developing strategies to manage stressors.

Read more below:
Student Leaders Plan "Find Your Balance" Workshops at the Middle and High Schools
High school students are planning a day of special activities with the theme "Find Your Balance: How to Cope Workshops" on Monday, April 1 for their fellow students in grades 6-12. Nine Juniors in the Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio's First Ring Student Leadership Academy are coordinating the event as a part of their project on mental health, specifically learning to deal with daily stressors such as school, activities, sports, family, friends, and relationships.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in four 25-minute sessions throughout the day. Topics include mindfulness and meditation, outdoor walking, art and drawing to relax, journaling, therapy dogs, board games, healthy eating, yoga, journaling, and more.
Teachers and staff will lead the sessions.

A special presentation from Jessie Funk, a nationally-recognized motivational speaker, author, and musical artist will present to the students during the day. Then that evening, she will headline an event at Gilles-Sweet Elementary at 6:30 p.m. This event is geared towards both parents and students.

About Jessie Funk
Jessie Funk holds a leadership certification from the University of Notre Dame, is a certified life-coach, holds a B.S. Degree in Psychology, as well as a M.A. in Theater- emphasizing in how to use the arts as a healing modality for teenagers. Jessie is a former leadership facilitator for Franklin Covey and has also been a professional youth speaker for fifteen years, speaking for high schools and leadership conferences all over the country.
She is a 6-time published author and her passion to help teens led her to start an international non-profit organization called "Ivy Girl Academy," a confidence and leadership training program for teen ladies.

As a professional vocalist she has released five solo albums, has toured 36 states with the Broadway musical "Footloose," has also been hired for hundreds of recording sessions as a studio vocalist including songs heard on TV's "America's Got Talent," ESPN and "The Biggest Loser." Jessie has walked away from three record deals unwilling to sell her soul for fame. She chooses to use her voice to lift and inspire in positive ways.
She also just began a life-long dream of pursuing a doctorate degree. She is earning her license as a clinical social worker and focusing on therapeutic leadership training practices for her dissertation. Jessie's favorite role in life is that of adored wife and mother to two.

Builder's Club will be running a (March Madness Themed) supply drive to benefit GiGi's Playhouse. GiGi's Playhouse is a one-of-a-kind achievement center for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community. GiGi's Playhouse offers more than 30 therapeutic and educational programs that advance literacy, math skills, motor skills and more; all of which are free of charge.

In order to assist Gigi's with the goal of improving motor skills, we will be collecting art supplies and cleaning supplies. We are asking students to bring NEW crayons, colored pencils, markers, chalk, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, paper towels, and wipes to Mr. Garcia's room (201) . Each item donated will go towards your mentor teacher's total for that round. The teacher with the most items each round will move on to the next round. If your mentor class gets eliminated your donations can go toward a mentor class still competing. The winning mentor class will win a pizza party!

Here is the bracket:
Round 1 will run from 3/18 to 3/22
Round 2 will run from 3/25 - 3/29
Round 3 will run from 4/1 to 4/5  
The Championship Round will match the final 3 teams against each other. This round will run from 4/8 to 4/12.
Class of 2022 Fundraiser
The Class of 2022 has partnered with  GV Art & Design  to create these awesome t-shirts featuring Fairview Park landmarks and the Fairview Schools Shield. Men's, Women's and Children's sizes available! 20% of proceeds will go back to the Freshman class! Find the Order Form Here.
April 15 & 17 Cheerleading Clinics and Tryouts
Young Women's Summer Institute Shapes STEM Leaders
Each summer, the Ohio Supercomputer Center has a role in shaping Ohio's future STEM leaders through its summer programs. We are currently accepting applications from high school students and middle school girls for our two summer STEM programs, held at the Ohio Technology Consortium, on Ohio State's west campus.

Summer Institute (SI) is OSC's unique and intense two-week residential summer program for high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year. Participants experience the dynamic world of high performance computing as they work alongside peers and experts in the field to research complex, real-world science and engineering challenges using computational science.

Young Women's Summer Institute (YWSI) is a weeklong program for Ohio's middle school girls to gain valuable computer, math, science and engineering skills through hands-on, collaborative projects. YWSI girls develop a deeper interest in STEM as the use the latest computer technology to solve complex, real-world science and engineering challenges with a team of peers.

Applications are due April 5. Please share with your science departments and any students you feel may have an interest. For more information, go to https://www.osc.edu/education/ywsi

Questions? Please contact si-contact@osc.edu.
April 27 - Gilles-Sweet Derby Dash 
Tickets are $5 at the door. This is our annual music department fundraiser and cost of admission goes to support these talented musicians. Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to their performance time. Drinks and some snacks will be available for purchase in cafeteria throughout the day, please volunteer when your child is not performing so all parents get to hear their children perform.

12:00  Gilles-Sweet 5th Grade Band and 5th Grade Orchestra
12:30  MMS 6th Grade Band
1:00  MMS 6th Grade Orchestra
1:30  MMS Concert Band (7-8)
2:00  MMS Concert Orchestra (7-8)
2:30  FHS Symphonic Band
3:00  FHS Chamber Orchestra
3:30  FHS String Orchestra & Symphony Orchestra
4:30  Gilles-Sweet Golden Singers
5:00  MMS Glee Club (6)
5:30  MMS Concert Choir (7-8)
6:00  MMS Trash Can Band
6:30  FHS Scarlet Singers
7:00  Fairview Jazz Band
7:30  FHS Chorale

Testing Information

April 11            OST Math (6/7/8)
April 12            OST ELA (6/7/8)
April 15             Makeup Day
April 16             Science (8) / Makeup Day (6/7)
April 17             Makeup Day     

In order to prepare your student(s) for the upcoming standardized tests, it is important that they begin their studies early. To help them prepare, families can access Student Tutorials and Tools , where each type of question on the OST is broken down in video tutorials.  

Student Practice Resources
Science (8th Graders only!)

Students can also access the Students Practice Site to familiarize themselves with the format of the assessment.  They will log in with their first name and their student ID (they use this for lunch).

Personalized Learning Platform FAQ
This past Friday, March 22, was the last day of the third quarter. Grades for students using the Platform do not get posted in PowerSchool until the end of the school year (except for semester courses - first semester courses are posted in PowerSchool now). In order to see your child's grades, visit the Summit Learning website. Login using your child's account. Once logged in, go to the Progress tab on the left. There you will be able to see grades listed on the right-hand side of the page for each course. Grades are 70% Projects, 21% Power Focus Areas, and 9% Additional Focus Areas. Please read HERE for more information on grades and how they're calculated.

You can make an appointment with Melanie Wightman, Director of Teaching and Learning, to interpret and discuss individual student's achievement and progress, including grades and winter MAP benchmark. Appointments can be scheduled during the school days or selected evenings at parent convenience. You can reach Mrs. Wightman at (440) 331-5500.

You can make an appointment to come in, take a tour, and observe classes in action. Call Mr. McHugh, the Associate Principal, at (440) 331-3510 x 3100.
MMS Teacher Office Hours
Every Tuesday AND Friday from 7:45 am - 8:20 a.m. ALL teachers will be available for academic assistance. Students can sign up with any teacher to get the help they need. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity!
Important Dates
Tuesday, March 26
5:00 - 7:00 PM - Innovation Showcase, Gilles-Sweet Gymnasium

Friday, April 12 - Sunday, April 14
Stagecrafters presents Bye Bye Birdie

Saturday, April 13
8:30 - 11:45 AM - 7th and 8th Grade Math Club Competition

Monday, April 15
3:30 - 4:30 PM - Cheerleading Clinic for current 6th and 7th grade students, MS Gym
5:00 - 5:30 PM - Incoming 6th Graders - Parent 

Wednesday, April 17
3:30 - 5:00 PM - Cheerleading Tryouts for current 6th and 7th grade students, MS Gym

Thursday, April 18 - No School for Students

Friday, April 18 - Monday, April 22 - Spring Break - NO SCHOOL 

Tuesday, April 23 - Welcome Back

Friday, April 26
Junior Achievement Field Day

Saturday, April 27
Gilles-Sweet Derby Dash

Saturday, May 11
12:00 - 8:00 PM - SuperPops Concert, FHS Auditorium

Thursday, May 16
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - 6th Grade to Crusher's Game

School Counseling
Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

Follow the counseling office on twitter: @FviewCounselors
Family and Community Engagement (FACE) 
Wait Until 8th Campaign 
Please consider signing the pledge of having your child wait until after 8th grade to get a smartphone.  On this website it lists many great points of why parents should wait as well as articles for parents. https://www.waituntil8th.org/

Ms. Carrie Sullivan
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator 
phone:  440-356-3500 ext. 4117

Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4100
Mr. Jordan McHugh
Associate Principal
440-356-3510 ext. 3100
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