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Week of November 12, 2018
Warriors of the Week
Each week through this year we will recognize several of our students through our "Warrior of the Week" award. Students receive this award for displaying effort that goes above-and-beyond our expectations - reflecting their drive to achieve personal and academic growth.

Students are awarded with a certificate of recognition, as well as a voucher for a complimentary ticket to see the Cleveland Cavaliers at The Q!

This week's Warriors of the Week are:

Marisol F.
Marisol is constantly on task and is often willing to help others. She is a genuinely hard worker and a nice kid. She is always a good example for others, and is very empathetic.

Jenna S.
Jenna is the 7th grade Warrior of the Week for her enthusiasm and hard work! She is quick to help others and is always looking for ways to improve her work. She is a bright spot in the classroom and is always enthusiastic! She has school pride and brings positive energy to her classes. In addition, she does an outstanding job during announcements.

Livia K.
Livia is wonderful to have in class and she brings a great presence to a classroom discussion. She is aware of the people around her and willing to help anyone struggling. Livia is always prepared for class and produces above and beyond work.

If you haven't already and need to, you can sign up for parent / teacher conferences HERE
From the Office
There will be no summer extension this year. All work must be completed by the end of the last student day.
Fundraiser Profits
We sold over $10,000 worth and earned $3,891.15 for Mayer Middle School! Congrats to the top sellers: Quintin R. (47 items), Natalie L. (32 items) and Kelly Jo B. (31 items)!
God and Country Patriotic Letter Writing Contest
On Monday, November 5 th , Fairview Park City Counsel recognized Lewis F. Mayer 8 th grader Nate G. for his writing in the city 'God and Country' Writing Contest. Mayer Middle School alumnus, Chip Kullik from Majic radio, hosted the award ceremony. Nate read his letter to the many veterans and political members (both state and local) in attendance. Nate's letter was said to have made a few veterans tear up with pride. Nate received many awards and was one of three students selected to attend this very special event.

6 th graders in Mr. Chevalier's ELA class and 8 th graders in Mrs. McIntyre's Social Studies class competed in a letter writing contest aimed at acknowledging the overseas members of our Armed Forces and expressing gratitude for their sacrifices in keeping the United States safe and free. They competed against 7th and 8th grade students at St. Angela Merici School and Messiah Lutheran School. Each of the letters written will be sent to service men/women deployed overseas. Congratulations Nate!
Talent Show
Varsity Boys Basketball will take their talents to Quicken Loans Arena as part of the Cavs Elite High School Hoops Series. The game will take place on January 2, 2019 at 1:30 PM against the Panthers of Elyria Catholic. Following the Fairview game, fans are invited to attend the Cavs vs. Miami Heat game that evening at 7pm.

Tickets are $30 and include admission to both the Fairview vs. Elyria Catholic game as well as the Cavs game to follow.

To get tickets -
  1. Create a FlashSeats Account (or if you already have one, write down the associated email address)
  2. Bring a check to the high school main office made out to Fairview High School with 'Cavs Tickets' in the memo line. Checks should be $30 times the number of tickets desired.
  3. Check your FlashSeats account later that day and the tickets should be in your account, delivered from Mr. Dianetti

Fans will sit in the lower bowl area for the Fairview game in the afternoon. Cavs seats will be in Loudville. Seats purchased at the same time will be together for the night game. Teams/Players - see your coaches for details on purchasing seats together.
Community Open Houses 
Phase 1 of the construction project is near completion, and staff will be spending the day on Friday, November 16 moving into their Phase 2 locations. 

Families and community members are welcome to tour the newly renovated areas of the building during Parent-Teacher conference times on Monday, November 19 from noon to 7:45 PM and on Tuesday, November 20 from 7:45 AM - 3:15 PM. Please enter through the front doors of Fairview High School. 
MMS Teacher Office Hours
Every Friday from 7:45 am - 8:20 am ALL teachers will be available for academic assistance. Students can sign up with any teacher to get the help they need. Please encourage your child to take advantage of this opportunity!
Stagecrafters Fall Play
Congratulations to everyone in Tony n' Tina's Wedding! Sold out shows every single day!
8th Grade Science
This week in 8th grade advanced science, the students started their final project for the "Matter" unit of study. They were given a mixture of salt water and sand and were tasked to separate their mixture into 3 separate containers (1 container for sand, 1 for water, 1 for salt). This is one of my favorite physical change labs to assign. This lab really gives the students an opportunity to show off their creativity and problem solving skills. The lab groups have to create their own hypothesis, procedure, and data collection technique for each substance. If they had an idea and needed a certain material, they were provided with it. It is truly awesome to walk around and watch the class work on this. Check out the following link for the Twitter thread of the distillation process. 

The other 8th grade science class just finished up their phase change lab and will start their final project (very similar to advanced) on Monday. They have been working hard on particle theory, mixtures, solutions, physical changes, and graphing. I am eager to see what these classes come up with for their final project! You can find some photos from these labs on my Twitter account @broschkscience.

The next step for both classes will be diving into atomic structure, the periodic table, bonding, chemical changes, and balancing chemical equations.
Mr. Garcia Selected as Cleveland Browns "First and Ten" Coin Toss Captain
Mr. Adam Garcia, math teacher and Builder's Club advisor at Lewis F. Mayer Middle School, was selected to be the coin toss captain at the Cleveland Browns game on November 4 as a part of the "Browns Give Back: First and Ten" program which encourages people to volunteer at least 10 hours a year in their communities. Mr. Garcia represented the Builder's Club and the volunteer opportunities he has helped lead, which include raking leaves, supply drives for those displaced by recent hurricanes, helping maintain Fairview Cemetery, volunteering at O'Neill Health Care and the Gemini Center, and making care bags for newly placed children of foster care. The Browns were gracious enough to include an additional 10 tickets for students and parents to attend the game. Mr. Garcia said, "It was a great experience that I will remember forever!"

Personalized Learning Platform FAQ
Each week we will highlight a different word associated with the Platform. For a full glossary of terms you may need defined, look for the link below in our Useful Links section.

A chunk of content within a course that is broken down into 2-5 content objectives. Students should learn this content through the use of materials on the playlists. To demonstrate their learning of the objectives, students must pass a Content Assessment.  This is typically at the Know, Understand, Apply levels on Bloom's hierarchy of learning.


At the start of each school year, the platform will grant the 9% constituted by Additional Focus Areas to each student's grade automatically. Over the course of the year, if students to not complete Additional Focus Areas, on pace, the points will be removed from the students' overall grade.

If any student does not complete his or her first AFA by the time the blue line crosses it on the year page, the platform will remove the 9 percentage points. This means that a student's grade may drop by 9 percentage points on a single day , but will jump back up when he or she completes the missing AFA.

On the last day of the school year, if the final AFA is not completed, students will lose additional points out of their final overall grade . The number of points lost depends on the total number of AFAs in the course.
MAP benchmark testing round one is complete! Two more administrations will take place throughout the school year. Grade level Math and ELA teachers will be happy to provide you with specific dates and information.

Ohio State Testing will take place in the spring. These tests are extremely important for your child's long term success. It is never too early to begin getting ready!

See some ODE preparatory resources here and general test prep resources here.

Fairview Park PTA Council Reflections Art Program
The Ohio PTA, through National PTA, holds an annual cultural arts program, Reflections. Children in preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and submit original works of art in six areas: literature, visual arts, photography, dance choreography, film production and music composition. The Reflections program allows PTAs throughout the state to recognize children for their creativity as they reflect on the yearly theme. Teachers, parents, children and community can get involved in enhancing arts education though the Reflections program. The Reflections Program is one of the best examples of the PTA's ability to bring out the best in our youth. PTA strongly supports education in the arts. It is about creating educational excitement and involvement within our schools between parents, teachers and o ur kids.

Students can enter Reflections® in the following grade divisions - Primary: preschool-grade 2, Intermediate: grades 3-5, Middle/Junior: grades 6-8 and Senior: grades 9-12. They may submit works in any of the six arts areas: Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual arts, Dance Choreography, and Film Production. Special Artists can submit entries in any category. Our Reflections program begins at the local level, advances to PTA Council level, then to State for judging. The State winners of the Award of Excellence are then advanced to National PTA.

This year's theme is " Heroes Around Me." All students that wish to participate in the Reflections Art Program need to fill out the entry form and return it along with their original artwork to their school office by November 16, 2018. All participants will be invited to an Art Show to view the masterpieces created in January. Questions can be emailed to Angie Cause at angiekleincause@yahoo.com. Good luck!
Important Dates
Monday, November 12:  C Day - transportation will be adjusted accordingly

Tuesday, November 13: B Day
7:00 - 8:30pm - MS / HS PTA Meeting - Innovation Center

Wednesday, November 14: C Day
3:30 - 5:00pm - GA Fundraiser Product PICK UP from the HS gym

Thursday, November 15: B Day

Friday, November 16
NO SCHOOL for students. Transition Day.

Monday, November 19 - Tuesday, November 20
Parent / Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, November 21 - Friday, November 23
Thanksgiving Break

School Counseling
Mrs. Mary Cory
Middle School Student Counselor
440-356-3510 ext. 3135

Follow the counseling office on twitter: @FviewCounselors
Family and Community Engagement (FACE) 
Ms. Carrie Sullivan
FACE Coordinator
440-356-3510 ext. 4117

As we prepare for Parent-Teacher conferences, here are a few questions you may consider asking your child's teacher(s). 

  1. May I Tell You About My Child? 
  2. May I Tell You About What's Going on at Home? 
  3. How Is My Child Doing Socially? 
  4. How Is My Child Doing Emotionally? 
  5. In What Areas Does My Child Need Improvement? 
  6. What Do You Think My Child Is Particularly Good at?
  7. Is My Child Performing on Grade Level?
  8. What Do These Assessment Results Really Mean?
  9. Is My Child Doing His/Her Best?
  10. Does My Child Need Extra Help in Any Areas?
  11. What Can We Do to Provide That Extra Help?
  12. May I Share a Concern?
  13. Can You Fill Me in on This Situation?
  14. Can You Tell Me About Your Teaching Method?
  15. Do You Have Any Advice?
Please email me anytime at csullivan@fairview.k12.oh.us with questions. 
Community Film Screening of "Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety" Set for Nov. 28
The struggle with depression and anxiety is very real for today's teenagers. 
The Fairview Park City School District Family and Community Engagement (FACE) department is inviting parents to a series of events on the topics of Depression and Anxiety.
  • Families are welcome to attend "Depression, Anxiety, and Teens Community Forum" on Tuesday, November 13 from 7-8:30p.m. at Lakewood High School located at 14100 Franklin Blvd. in Lakewood.
  • On November 28, the Fairview Park City Schools will screen the IndieFlix film "Angst: Raising Awareness Around Anxiety" at 7 p.m. in the FHS Auditorium. Angst is a lighthearted and honest look at anxiety through the eyes of students, parents, educators and experts. This movie is for everyone and sends the message that anxiety is treatable and prevention is key. The film is approximately 55 minutes long and is appropriate for those ages 10 and up.
  • On December 5 from 7-8 p.m. at Gilles-Sweet Elementary, families are invited to the first "Parent University" sessions which will be a continued discussion around depression and anxiety. A special guest speaker will join from Fit Mind Cleveland, a local counseling firm.
If you have questions, please contact  Carrie Sullivan, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator at csullivan@fairview.k12.oh.us
Mr. Chris Vicha
Campus Principal
440-356-3500 ext. 4100
Mr. Jordan McHugh
Associate Principal
440-356-3510 ext. 3100
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