Weekly E-News   July 20, 2017 
All members and friends are invited to share their summer photos from now until Labor Day! Send a jpg or two to uuchurch@uucfm.org and your picture will be shared each Sunday morning in a slideshow before the service begins. Please don't send more than two pictures each- we want everybody to be seen! Thanks!
Sundays in July
Sunday Coffee Hour
Sunday's Coffee Hour is provided by volunteers from The Women's Circle on the first Sunday,  CUUPS on the second Sunday, Humanist Forum on the third Sunday, Men's Group on the fourth Sunday and if there is a fifth Sunday, it is All Church.   Any donations of food, snacks or cash are welcome. 

Dorothy Van Howe   dorothyvanhowe@gmail.com
Staff & Board News

Lock-In Information for Youth and Parents/Guardians

Drop off 7/28 @ 6:00p - Collect 7/29 @ Noon

Questions/Concerns? Email Jenn Blosser: dre@uucfm.org


Youth will be supervised at all times by adult facilitators who have been background-checked by UUCFM. Two facilitators will be present at all times in any room where youth are. All facilitators are mandatory reporters and will immediately communicate threats of harm to self or others, substance abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect with the Director of Religious Education. UUCFM's safety policies will be in place at all times.


Each youth is to bring their own sleeping bag, blanket, and pillows. No blankets can be shared. Youth will be separated into two rooms at midnight. Jr. High students will gather in Room 7 where they will spend the night while High School students will gather in Room 6 (the nursery). Both rooms will be supervised overnight and have bathrooms available for youth.


Youth will form a Covenant & Safety Board consisting of four members at the beginning of the lock-in. It will be the duty of the CSB to determine what actions (if any) must be taken should a youth break the covenant of the lock-in. Two adult facilitators will serve as advisers on the CSB.


Should the CSB deem that a youth has broken the lock-in covenant and caused severe harm (physical or emotional) which cannot be resolved at the lock-in, the parents/guardians of the youth will be called to collect them. Other safety actions include asking a youth to sit for a mediation (with one youth and one adult mediator), or meeting with the CSB to review the covenant of the lock-in and confirm their agreement if they desire to stay. While we doubt any of these safety actions need to be taken, they are a vital part of empowering our youth to manage their own lock-in.


With the exception of mandatory reporting or safety action matters, the content of the lock-in is confidential to the youth. As a youth-run event, adult facilitators will respect the privacy of the youth and will not share stories of what is discussed at the lock-in. Parents/guardians are encouraged to talk to their youth about the lock-in.


UUCFM is a covenanted community, meaning we are a gathering of people who are held together by a list of agreements that guide our behaviors and interactions. Each member of the community is expected to uphold the covenant. The same applies at our youth activities. The CSB will be called upon should the covenant of the lock-in be broken.

- UUCFM is a physically safe space and we will keep it that way.

Therefore,  weapons of any kind, illegal substances, or profane material will not be permitted.

- UUCFM is an emotionally safe space and we will keep it that way.

Therefore, we will not use language/actions that are intentionally hurtful and will seek reconciliation if our language/actions are unintentionally hurtful. We honor that intent does not equal impact.

- We will keep the circle open!

Everyone at the lock-in is here to be involved, so we will not shut out ourselves or others. This is a fully welcoming and engaging lock-in!

- We recognize that silence is ok.

We are each allowed to seek some quiet if we require it.

- We will be direct if we have problems and avoid "triangulation."

(Triangulation is when Person A has a problem with Person B, but instead of talking to Person B directly, they go to Person C to complain about the matter)

- We will support and respect each other's needs.

Recognize the importance of making sure that we don't let our fun ruin someone else's experience.

- We will respect the CSB.

It is a huge responsibility to serve on the CSB and the decisions made by those who do will be honored in the group.

- We will hold ourselves accountable in love to one another.

Covenanted community only works when we all do our part to uphold the covenant. From a place of love, we will support and nurture each other as we work together to respect our covenant.

At the beginning of the Lock-In, attending youth will review this covenant, make any required amendments, and add further items as they see fit with the guidance of the facilitators. 


- sleeping bag/cot, pillow(s), blanket(s)

- phone charger

- comfy clothes

- a GORP ingredient*

- an item that represents who you are/who you want to be


Please make sure any medications that your youth needs are in a zip-lock bag labeled with their name. Please include in the bag clearly written dosage instructions and deliver the bag to a youth facilitator at drop-off. Thank you!

*GORP stands for "Good Old Raisins & Peanuts" and has become slang for the sort of trail mix that is made at youth gatherings in Florida. GORP will be ceremonially created early on in the lock-in. Generally, peanuts are no longer permitted in GORP, but the "P" remains in the name. Possible ingredients could be popped popcorn, pretzels, gummy bears, potato chips, crackers, jelly beans, marshmallows, etc. Each youth is expected to bring ONE ingredient to contribute to the mix which is then available for all to munch on throughout the event. 

Save the Date!
Diane Sweeney and Debra Leigh are pleased to offer Introduction to SoulCollage® on Saturday, July 22 from 1:00-5:30 in Room 7..

Originated by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is an art medium and process for accessing your intuition and creating a deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help you with life's questions and transitions. Images are selected either intuitively or intentionally and collaged onto cards that represent aspects of our own personal energies. They can then be used for journaling, personal readings or group readings. Images are powerful, and they help you to bypass the analytical verbal thinking part of the brain and tap directly into your intuition and inner knowing.

The agenda:

1:00 – 2:00 - Opening circle, orientation to SoulCollage®

2:00 – 4:30 - Card making. We will supply the materials --glue, scissors, magazines, a copier, cards and card sleeves. In the meantime collect images that call to you ... magazines, calendars, photos, and the internet are all good sources.

4:30 – 5:30 – Sharing. Participants will be invited to share the cards they created. Process for doing readings and journaling will be discussed. The circle will be closed.

What to bring:

 Images (photos, magazines) that call to you. (optional)

 Snacks and/or beverages to share

 Journal and pen

 $20 per person for materials

Class is limited to 10 participants. Please RSVP to debleigh51@gmail.com by Wednesday, July 19th.


Friday, July 28th at 7:00p




239 415 4262

Follow Summerlin Road South to Pine Ridge Road.  (Pine Ridge Road is just before San Carlos Parkway).  Turn left onto Pine Ridge Road and right onto Summerlin Square Drive.  The SUNFLOWER CAFÉ will be on the right just past the bank.  


Call:  John E. Fischer at 267 992 6566 or text SilverFischStudios@Gmail.com or Robert Nies at 239 466 7933 or text niesrobert@hotmail.com

HELP!  FUUn BUUnch needs restaurant suggestions for dining you have experienced.

Restaurant must:

Be within 30 miles of Shire and Daniels.

Be quiet.

Be capable of serving 15 to 40 people in close proximity of each other.

Provide separate checks.

Provide selections from their regular menu.

Call John E. Fischer with suggestions @ 1 267 992 6566, SilverFischStudios@Gmail.com or Robert Nies, 1 239 466 7933, niesrobert@hotmail.com

A Poetry Duet
Please join us on Sunday, August 6th at 1:00p in Hobart Hall for a pleasant afternoon of poetry reading by UUCFM's resident poet, educator, facilitator, and sage, Donald Ehat, Ed.D. Don will be joined by fellow poet, world traveler, and friend, Don Kahrmann.

Both poets will have signed copies of their works available, and both will share their life experiences and invite responses and questions from the audience. All welcome to attend!
The Women's Circle

The Women's Circle luncheons are taking a break in the Summer.  But we don't want to lose touch with each other, so for those who are still around, we are meeting for lunch at restaurants in Lee County each month.

For August we will gather at The Shrimp Shack in Ft Myers on Metro just North of Daniels at noon, Monday, August 14th.  For more information, contact Susan Forsyth  239-424-8442 or  thecaperabbit@gmail.com.
Classes & Groups
The Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist group meets Sundays at 1:45p in Room 1.
Weekly Activities
Community Wednesday 
Community Wednesday is held in Hobart Hall.  Bring friends and neighbors, too. Join us each Wednesday for a delicious meal prepared by Chef Joy for a small donation. After the fellowship and fine fare from 6:00- 6:45p, join your favorite programming event, committee meeting, or social activity. Child care is provided until 8:30p.
Regular Activitie s for July:

4:00-5:30              Optimal Living Group (1st & 3rd Wed)

6:00-6:45              Community Meal

6:00-6:45              Band Rehearsal in Sanctuary (no rehearsal July 26)

6:45-8:00              Choir Rehearsal in Sanctuary (no rehearsal July 26)
Book Study

Join in reading  The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron. The book study meets Wednesdays, July 5th to July 26th. We meet in the Library from 1:00 to 2:30p.
UUCFM Historical Martial Arts Club

The UUCFM Historical Martial Arts Club is dedicated to preserving and practicing a variety of historical martial arts for entertainment and fitness purposes. We meet at various times (determined by interest) most often at 12:30p after service on Sundays to practice Archery and Tomahawk/Axe throwing.  Other activities and times can be found on our Facebook page of the same name. All are welcome to join us!

Social Justice
South Fort Myers Food Pantry 
Many members of our congregation have gone north for the summer.  We had some very generous food donations during April and early May as people cleaned out their cabinets before leaving.  If we could just keep up with extra donations during the summer, it would be a big help.  Summer is a busier time at the pantry as our recipients lose their seasonal jobs.  The Harry Chapin Food Bank selection is often limited during July, August and September, so donations of protein items such as canned tuna, chicken, and ham are very important.  Peanut butter is also a good choice.  The pantry depends on donations from year round residents at this time of year.  So my UU friends, try to donate a little extra while our seasonal members are away.  Our neighbors in need are here year round and most appreciate whatever we can share with them.  If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, email Fran Rose at francrose@centurylink.net.  Put "Food Pantry" on the subject line of your email.
Caring News
Judie Marble Memorial Service

A Celebration of Life for Judie Marble will be held Friday, July 28th at 2:00p in the Sanctuary. All are welcome to attend the Memorial Service.  Refreshments will follow.
Member to Member
Poverty Experiment Volunteers Wanted
Hi! It's Maggie Stevens, formerly of Womynfolke. I am running a poverty simulation for staff of two elementary schools. This simulation puts teachers in the roles of families living in poverty and having to navigate through all the agencies, obstacles and daily challenges that families in poverty experience. It is very powerful! I need about 20 volunteers to act  in the roles of the agency staff. There is a short training but it is eye opening for them as well to watch as the staff try and make their way. Do you know of anyone who might be willing to participate and volunteer for us?  It will take place on Aug 1st 8 to 3:30 at James Stephens International Academy in Fort Myers. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Maggie Stevens     239-839-7300 mobile      239-332-2512 office
New UUCFM Website Goes Live
After literally years of planning and hard work, mostly through the special website skills of church-member Lesley Peterson (and technical support from her husband Walter) and collaboration with Joe Sexton, past VP of Ministerial Services, this week the Church raises the curtain on its new website, the window through which others see what we stand for and how they might join us.  You are invited to share in our excitement by enjoying all the new material and pictures at   www.UUCFM.org.
Because this was a complete re-make of our website, connecting to the previous member database was required. You will need to re-register with the website using your current username and password. Please make sure that you enter your email address as your username. If your email address has changed recently, use your old email address and then change it after you have completed the registration process; you can edit it in the Member Services section. If there's any issue with getting registered with an old email address, you may contact Lesley Peterson at  unicorn@cyberstreet.com to help you get registered.
A HUGE Thank You! to Lesley, Walter and Joe and all who helped launch our new website.  This is truly a landmark effort for our growing congregation.
2018 Women's Retreat
It's time to start planning to attend the 2018 Florida UU Women's Retreat. Flyers will be available in the Narthex.  This year, we are again sending this information to all the Florida UU congregations at the same time that this mailing is going out to you allowing more UU women to learn about the retreat. 
DaySpring has raised the room rates for 2018, but we are not changing the rates for attendance at the Retreat. We are also again offering a $5 discount to all those who register before  September 15, 2017
So, secure your place for the April gala and remind others that there's a special deal for signing up early.  It's going to be another grand weekend.

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the program planning.  If you are interested and we hope you are, please contact us.  Program planning can take place from anywhere in the state, so don't be reluctant to sign up to help.

Helen Leddy   helen.leddy@gmail.com
Our Greater Community 
If you are a UUCFM Community Sharing Partner, a regular Facility User, or have UU related news to share, you are welcome to submit announcements for publication in our Greater Community section of the newsletter.  Please send announcements in by each Wednesday for publication in the Thursday E-news.  
Join Coalition of Immokalee Workers as They End the Fast

Throughout July, clergy, faith leaders, and communities from around Florida — the state with the most Wendy's restaurants in the United States — are embarking upon on a month-long rolling Interfaith Fast for Farmworker Justice to heighten the call to Wendy’s to respect farmworker human rights by joining the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program. The Florida interfaith fast follows the monumental month of rolling fasts by hundreds of students at over a dozen universities across the country in April and lifts up the moral call condemning Wendy’s refusal to acknowledge the widespread human rights abuses in the Mexican industry from which they purchase tomatoes. 

Here in Southwest Florida on Sunday, July 30, participating clergy and congregations will come together – in ritual and in action – to reflect upon this month-long effort and strengthen our commitment to support farmworkers in their struggle to build an agricultural industry that respects their fundamental rights and dignity. 

On July 30, join the CIW and interfaith allies to prayerfully enjoin Wendy’s to stand with farmworkers in bringing about justice in the fields!

Interfaith Service for Farmworker Justice

Sunday, July 30 at 3:00pm

Naples UCC (5200 Crayton Rd, Naples, FL 34103)

Facebook Event

Public Witness at Wendy's

Sunday, July 30 at 5:00pm

Wendy's (4114 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34103)

Facebook Event

(Please do not park in the Wendy’s parking lot)

The month of action will conclude with a celebratory dinner at the CIW’s community center in Immokalee in early August. Stay tuned for more details!

To support the faith leaders currently fasting for farmworker justice, sign and share the petition! And if you’d like to participate in the July fast, email 
patricia@allianceforfairfood.org to sign up. 

Finally, to fuel the Fair Food Nation’s ongoing efforts to bring Wendy’s into the Fair Food Program, donate to the Wendy’s Boycott Fund today! 

See you on the 30th,

The Immokalee Crew

July 26    Katie Romano Griffin

July 28    Deborah Lewis

July 30    Don Klein

July 31    Kevin Carr  

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