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October 5, 2017
Sundays in October
This Sunday's Service, October 8th
This very special Service takes us deeper into this month's theme of Unity and Diversity.   
"We are of many People, but we are of one heart."

Betty Osceola is a member of the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida and of the Panther Clan. In various capacities Betty Osceola has worked for the Miccosukee Tribe for 30+ years. Betty continues to volunteer and provide consultant services for the Miccosukee Tribe in their various tribal programs such as but not limited to; education, water management, land management, cultural resources, and cultural preservation efforts to preserve and protect the Greater Everglades as well as the Miccosukee way of life. Throughout Betty’s career she has had the opportunity and honor to advocate for Indigenous Rights, Cultural Preservation, Cultural Heritage, and as well as other various environmental concerns.
Meetings this Sunday, October 8th

*Pathways to Membership meets in the Conference Room at noon.
*The RE Committee meets in Room 4 at noon.
Staff & Board News
RE News
This Sunday, our children and youth begin a brand new curriculum called The Five Stones. The curriculum is an exploration of Unitarian Universalist theology inspired by "Guiding Principles for a Free Faith," an essay by UU theologian James Luther Adams, in which he discusses the Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism. This is a well-known and treasured UU theology resource used widely through our faith tradition. In fact, all new members to our church receive their own smooth stones during the new membership ceremony. The curriculum is made of eleven sessions; two for each of the stones, (possibility, respect, justice, power, and hope), and a final session where participants receive their own stones as they review all they have explored.

Children and youth of all ages will be given opportunities to connect with this coursework in different ways. Older participants will lead various activities for younger participants, there are multiple activities from stories to crafts to games, and there are ample ways kids of all ages can take on various responsibilities within the class. This is a very different program than those we have used in the past with new dynamics and I am very excited to be offering it!

Jenn Blosser, Director of Religious Education
Music Notes
Musical Calendar

October 8: As we host Betty Osceola, Angela Melton leads the Choir in singing a Dakota pipeline protest song,  Water is Life ~ Mni Wiconi, and Amy Laursen covers the Youngblood's 1964 call for world peace,  Get Together. 

October 15: The Choir and Band join forces to rock USA for Africa's 80s ballad,  We Are the World.

October 22: Austin Pierce covers the edgy folk song  Your Next Bold Move by Ani DiFranco, and the Choir does an encore performance of Hezekiah Walker's gospel number  I Need You to Survive. 

October 29: For our service honoring our beloved dead, Karen Feinan and Keith Hamlin pair up for folk song,  This Love Will Carry, by Dougie MacLean and Kathy Mattea, and the Choir shares the mystic pagan round,  The Gates, by Reclaiming. 

The next  Music Committee meeting is TBA.  

The UUCFM Choir  rehearses most Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15p, and on Sunday mornings from 
9-10a in the Sanctuary. It's free and there are no auditions. Please email me in advance so that a music folder can be prepared for you. Come join us in singing! 

The UUCFM Band  rehearses most Wednesday nights from 6:00-6:45p, and on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00a in the Sanctuary. If you would like to play your instrument during a Sunday service, please email me to coordinate the details. Come join us in making music together! 

Amy Laursen, Director of Music

Treasurer's Corner
Are you at least 70 1/2? Do you have a traditional IRA? If so, you are eligible to make a contribution to the church from your IRA by December 31st. If it's done properly, it's a qualified charitable distribution, or an RA charitable rollover.

How do I make an IRA charitable rollover?

Write a letter to the custodian of your traditional IRA to send a check for up to 100,000 from your IRA payable to UUCFM. You may designate that the donation go to Endowment Fund or if no designation is made, the donation will go to the General Operating Fund. The distribution must be made directly to the church, not to you. This opportunity is not available for Roth IRAs.

Why is this a good deal?

As you know, when you take a distribution from your IRA, you pay income tax on it. The IRA charitable rollover is an exception to that rule. You do't pay any tax on the amount distributed to the church. You also know that you must take annual "minimum required distributions" from your IRA or other retirement accounts. The IRA charitable rollover will count as all or part of your required minimum distribution.

Can I claim a charitable deduction for the distribution?

No. Because you don't have to treat the distribution as income, you can't take a charitable deduction from it. However, the church will acknowledge the distribution as a gift from you, just like any other gift.

And finally, remember to consult your financial advisor, CPA, or attorney about your IRA charitable rollover to the church.
Special Events
Want to Experience Something Unique and Fascinating?
Pachamama Alliance of SW Florida invites you to the first in a series of  Game Changer Gatherings:

              “Journey into the Self—Journey into Change”

Featuring  Rev. James Reho ( in photo ) , who has returned from his amazing journey with the Achuar tribe, who are  dream readers living in the Amazon forest of Ecuador. These  indigenous peoples, who have a rich, ancient culture, first inspired and now participate with Pachamama Alliances worldwide as we do, with the shared vision of helping create a more sustainable, just, and fulfilling way for human beings to live on this planet.
Date:  Thursday Evening, October 5 th
Time:  6:30p
Place: Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers - Hobart Hall
Bring: If you like, bring a potluck dessert and bring a friend!

And be on the lookout for our next Game Changer Gathering!
FUUn BUUnch BrUUnch Notice
Mimi’s Café has canceled our FUUN BUUNCH BRUUNCH because of storm damage. The FUUN BUUNCH BRUUNCH for October 8th has been re-located to the Sunflower Café at 1:00p. Should you be unable to attend, need to add names, or need further information, please contact John E. Fischer at 267- 992 -6566 or

Directions to Sunflower Café
11370 Summerlin Square Dr.
Fort Myers Beach Fl

From the Church at Shire and Daniel’s Parkway, drive west on Daniel’s Parkway to Six Mile Cypress.
Turn left on Six Mile Cypress. Follow Six Mile Cypress across 41. Take the Summerlin Flyover onto Summerlin toward Fort Myers Beach. Continue on Summerlin to Pine Ridge Road. Turn Left on Pine Ridge Road and immediately after, right onto Summerlin Square Drive. The Sunflower Café is on the right.15 minutes, 9 miles from the church.

Come Join The Fuun Buunch for Dinner at Perkins
Perkins is on the Southeast corner of Route 41 and Six Mile Cypress.

Saturday, October 28 th at 6:00p

Please call John E. Fischer, 267-992-6566 or email SilverFischStudios@gmail.com to reserve your place.
Adult RE Class
A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times
Starting October 11th

Many Unitarian Universalists and other people of faith feel challenged by this moment in our nation’s history. The actions of political leaders are raising large moral questions. Many of us feel compelled to explore what our faith commitments and values require of us. Information is coming from every direction. We have learned that it is crucial to stay informed, yet not all sources are reliable. Others ask us to contact legislators, attend
meetings, join in protests, engage in political conversations with friends and acquaintances,
and take public action, sometimes for the first time ever. Many turn to our congregations
and faith communities for help to clarify how our values call us to respond and to
strengthen us to act.

This new curriculum from the UUA, released in the Spring of 2017, is designed to help
nurture, support, and strengthen Unitarian Universalists to respond to this moment and its
significant challenges. Sessions are structured to engage participants in deep
discernment rather than in debate. Each session offers a different lens for a group to
examine together the call of our faith and our moral and ethical commitments at this
extraordinary moment.

Each two-hour session includes readings and audio-visual materials, as well as questions
for reflection and has these intentions:

 To create a space to explore feelings regarding current events
 To explore metaphors to sustain one’s spirit for the long haul.
 To affirm that being in community sustains courageous acts.

The program will be facilitated by Rev. Suzanne Fast, UUCFM community minister.  revsuzanne@uucfm.org

October 11th-November 1st 6:45pm – 8:45pm Room 4 No fee
Enrollment is limited to 10 people. Please register using the following link:
Holton Eco-Preserve, Family Gardens Kick-off Delayed

Hi friends of the Eco-Preserve and the Family Gardens,
Hurricane Irma has setback our work schedule for the gardens by about 2 weeks. We have some damage that we have to repair and the delivery of soil has been delayed as well. Furthermore, the automatic watering system is not working because we still have no power in the gardens. So we think we can catch-up by the 15 th of October. So our first day is now set for October 15 th
We will, however, stay on our 1 st Saturday of the month schedule for our gardening meetups. For new gardeners, you can come and finish your signups, get your bed assignments, get questions answered.
Thank you for your understanding of this extraordinary situation. 
Bill Petrarca
The jackpot is over $135 and you have a 1 in 20 chance to win! 

This is the email address you should contact once you have a winning card or if you have a question.

Have a safe week and we'll be in touch net Monday.

Bill Petrarca
December Shopping
The Arts & Crafts Fair and All Church Bake Sale is happening in Hobart Hall on Sunday, December
3rd, and Sunday, December 10th immediately following the service. Please mark your calendars and bring a friend. New this year is a "Next to New" booth for donations or 50/50 consignment. Teri Cooper & Barbara Mannix bsmannix@gmail.com are in charge. For an Arts Booth, contact Patricia Linhoff,
612-382-5927 . To volunteer, contact  suzanneziemer@gmail.com .
Games and More!

Saturday, January 27th, our church- sponsored Scouts present a Casino Night for our UUCFM general budget needs. Hobart Hall will be a festive environment of Casino Tables and a Buffet Supper. Doors open at 6:30p. Bring friends. Limited advance tickets are for sale @ $20, includes $3,000 worth of playing chips. To volunteer contact Suzanne Ziemer at suzanneziemer@gmail.com  or  812-332-3450 .
Classes & Groups
UUCFM Book Group
The UUCFM Book Group meets each Wednesday from 1:00 to 2:30p in the Library. Next Wednesday, October 11th, we begin a new book by international peace-maker, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, (forward by Deepak Chopra), Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, (3rd Edition) Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides) . Over 1,000,000 copies of this book have been sold and it has been translated into over 30 languages.

  "Nonviolent Communication shows us a way of being very honest, without any criticism, insults, or put-downs, and without any intellectual diagnosis implying wrongness." --- The Author
Next Connection Circle Begins Sunday, November 19th
Come one, come all to the next Connection Circle beginning Sunday, November 19th! New members, long-time members, and visitors are welcome. In each of six sessions we'll discuss meaningful spiritual topics through the sharing of our personal stories and experiences. Participation in a Connection Circle is a great way for "potential", new, and old-time members to get to know each other on a deep level and to feel more connected to our church community. This facilitated 6-session group will meet from 12:15 to 1:45p on the following Sundays: November 19th, December 10th, December 17th, December 31st, January 14th, and January 28th. Participants are expected to attend all 6 sessions. For more information and to register, please contact Nancy Letts at  njletts@gmail.com or call at  401-741-2712.
The Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist group meets Sundays at 1:45p in Room 1.
Weekly Activities
Community Wednesday 
Community Wednesday is held in Hobart Hall. Bring friends and neighbors, too. Join us each Wednesday for a delicious meal prepared by Chef Joy for a small donation. After the fellowship and fine fare from 6:00- 6:45p, join your favorite programming event, committee meeting, or social activity. Child care is provided until 8:30p.
Regular Activities for October:

4:00-5:30        Optimal Living Group (1st & 3rd Wed)

6:00-6:45        Community Meal
6:00-6:45        Band Rehearsal in Sanctuary

6:45-8:00        Choir Rehearsal in Sanctuary
Social Justice
South Fort Myers Food Pantry 
Urgent need for canned goods! If you have a lot of canned goods left over from your hurricane stock, please consider donating them to the Food Pantry this week. There is a collection basket in the Narthex by the middle door.
If you have questions or are interested in volunteering, email Fran Rose at  francrose@centurylink.net. Put "Food Pantry" on the subject line of your email.
Member to Member
Church Member in Urgent Need of Room to Rent
Randall Gann is in urgent need of a room to rent. Circumstances beyond Randall's control have resulted in his losing his current living quarters. If anyone knows of rental availability to help Randall, please contact him at  239.834.2946.
Because of the generous gift of Judie Marble and a previous gift from Patricia Linhoff, UUCFM has a fabulous supply of yarn and some knitting needles. The intention is for this yarn to be used for the making of Comfort Shawls that the Caring Network distributes to members. You can find further information about the shawls at this link  www.shawlministry.com . The yarn can be found in the boxes inside the door of the office. The office may be accessed Sundays through the Library door, which will be unlocked.

When you have completed a shawl, contact Diane Buckley at  Dineby@aol.com. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated as the shawls are treasured by their recipients.
2018 Women's Retreat
It's time to start planning to attend the 2018 Florida UU Women's Retreat, April 13-15. Flyers will be available in the Narthex. This year, we are again sending this information to all the Florida UU congregations at the same time that this mailing is going out to you allowing more UU women to learn about the retreat. 

We are looking for volunteers to participate in the program planning. If you are interested and we hope you are, please contact us. Program planning can take place from anywhere in the state, so don't be reluctant to sign up to help.

Helen Leddy  helen.leddy@gmail.com
Our Greater Community 
If you are a UUCFM Community Sharing Partner, a regular Facility User, or have UU related news to share, you are welcome to submit announcements for publication in our Greater Community section of the newsletter. Please send announcements in by each Wednesday for publication in the Thursday
Shalom Life Center Help Wanted- Teen May Apply
Shalom Life Center is looking for someone to help with the setup of our weekly Friday evening services which are held either in the Sanctuary or Hobart Hall. We begin on Fridays at 5:30p which involves the setting up of chairs and tables for about a half an hour and again after the service at 9:30p putting away tables and chairs and assisting with general cleanup. In addition to regular Friday nights we are also seeking help with our monthly Saturday night events which also require the set up and take down of chairs and tables and general cleanup. If you are interested please contact Lawrence Dermer at  239-218-3433  or email  info@shalomlifecenter.org . This is not a volunteer position, we are offering compensation as well as community service hours if applicable.
Lifeline Screening at UUCFM

Why Get Screened?
Taking preventive steps such as making lifestyle changes and getting health screening may help you avoid a stroke or other serious health events in the future. Early intervention is important.

If you are over fifty, if you have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or if you have a family history of stroke or heart disease, you may be at risk, even if you feel great. Actually four out of five people who suffer a stroke have no apparent symptoms and nearly 30% of strokes occur under the age of 65. The good news is that according to the National Stroke Association, 80% of strokes can be prevented. Life Line Screening will help you find out if you are at risk, so you and your doctor can take the next steps and be proactive about your health.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers
When: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pre-registration is required. The Wellness Package includes 4 vascular tests for $139 ($129 with our member discount). The screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete. In order to register for this event and to receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1-888- 653-6450 or visit
Oct 11 Roady Blosser is 14!
Oct 11 Jeff Hutchinson
Oct 15 Ted Brown
Oct 17 Holley Rauen
Oct 18 Doc Gatto 
Oct 18 Jane Petrarca
Oct 23 Ruth Fotovat   
Oct 23 Gordon Woodworth III
Oct 27 Sima Robbins
Oct 30 Peter Golbitz 
Oct 30 Jersey Blosser is 17!
Oct 30 Sue Magee
Oct 31 Don Burget
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