Weekly E-News 2021/5782
September 17 - September 24
Holiday Schedule
We are planning to hold in-person services for the High Holidays for those who are fully vaccinated. Masks will be required. 

For those who may not be comfortable attending in-person, services will be streamed on ZOOM and Facebook. Please see streaming information below.

Here is our schedule for the High Holidays. We look forward to celebrating 5782 with you!

Yom Kippur
Wednesday, September 15 (Kol Nidre)
6:30 pm--Minhah
6:45 pm--Kol Nidre
7:12 pm--Candle Lighting

Thursday, September 16 (Yom Kippur day)
9:00 am--Main Service
4:30 pm--Family Service 
(outdoors, weather permitting; in the sanctuary if not)
6:00 pm--Minhah
7:00 pm--Neilah/Ma'ariv
8:05 pm--Fast ends

Monday, September 20 (Erev Sukkot)
6:00 pm--Ma'ariv (Virtual Only)
7:05 pm--Candle Lighting

Tuesday, September 21 (First Day of Sukkot)
9:00 am--Sukkot Shaharit Services (In-Person with Virtual option)
6:00 pm--Minhah (Virtual Only)
7:59 pm--Candle Lighting

Wednesday, September 22 (Second Day of Sukkot)
9:00 am--Sukkot Shaharit Services (Virtual Only)
6:00 pm--Minhah (Virtual Only)
7:57 pm--Yom Tov ends

Thursday, September 23-Monday, September 27 (Hol HaMoed Sukkot)
Usual service schedule
8:00 am--Shaharit (Virtual Only except on Sunday and Shabbat)
9;00 am--Shaharit (Virtual, Sunday only)
9:45 am--Shabbat Services (In-Person with Virtual option)
6:00 pm--Minhah (Virtual Only except on Shabbat)

Monday, September 27 (Erev Shemini Atzeret)
6:00 pm--Ma'ariv (Virtual Only)
6:56 pm--Candle Lighting

Tuesday, September 28 (Shemini Atzeret)
9:00 am--Shemini Atzeret Services (In-Person with Virtual option)
11:30 am--Yizkor
7:30 pm--Simchat Torah Ma'ariv w/Torah reading (Virtual Only)
7:50 pm--Candle Lighting

Wednesday, September 29 (Simchat Torah)
9:00 am--Simchat Torah Services (Virtual Only)
6:00 pm--Minhah
7:48 pm--Havdalah
Service Times:
Sunday: 9:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Monday: 8:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM (In Person & Zoom) & 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM & 6:00 PM
Shabbat: 9:45 (In Person & Zoom) & 6:00 PM

All services are on ZOOM unless otherwise notated.
This Shabbat:
2021 | 5782 
Parashat Ha'azinu
Candle Lighting: 7:09 pm
Havdalah: 8:02 pm
(all times are for Savannah)

Annual Torah reading: Deuteronomy 32:1 - 52 (Etz Hayyim pp. 1185-1195)
Triennial Torah reading: Deuteronomy 32:1 - 52 (Etz Hayyim pp 1185-1195)
Haftarah: 2 Samuel 22:1 - 51 (Etz Hayyim pp. 1197-1201)

ZOOM Link for Shabbat and weekday services :
All services will be held via Zoom at the below information and simulcast on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AgudathAchimSavannah):

Meeting ID: 875 6579 9200
Passcode: Minyan

Your Online Siddur

A Siddur is here so you can pray
with fellow Jews at the AA

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Talmud Torah K'Neged Kulam - Torah Study for Everyone

1. Rabbinic Literature Study Group (Thursday afternoons, 2:00-3:15 pm): Take a look into the rabbinic mind and how the rabbis interpret the Torah in this weekly class. Contact Rabbi Henkin for the link to the class

2.  Rabbis of the Mishnah Class will take a deep look into the Rabbis of the Mishnah; who they were and what they were thinking. Our next class will be Wednesday, October 6th at 10:30 a.m. Please contact Motti for class link or email mottilocker@gmail.com

3 . Skeptics Class-  (second Thursday of every month, 11 a.m.): This group is for all of those who want to ask difficult questions about Judaism and/or seeking Jewish answers to the questions they have. Our next Skeptics class will be Thursday, October 14th at 11:00 a.m.

More classes coming soon, so stay tuned!

Have something you want to learn about but don't see a class about it?
 Contact Rabbi Henkin at rabbihenkin@gmail.com or call the AA office.

All of our regular classes will be held via Zoom, an online meeting platform.
 If you'd like to join a class,
please contact Rabbi Henkin for the class link.
Donor Dues Program
Birthday Celebrations

September 20
Tom Glaser

September 20
Brenda Salter

September 21
Lisa Mackowiak

September 22
Irvin Warshaw

September 24
Toby Friedman

September 22
Warren & Ida Zeger

Yahrzeits For:

September 17, 2021 - September 24, 2021
12 Tishri 5782 - 18 Tishri 5782

Friday, September 17/Saturday, September 18- 12 Tishri
Benjamin Abrams - father of Ellis Abrams
Eugene Bloom - father of Stacey Schlafstein
Leah Genoune - sister in law of Orly Henkin
Sol Miller - grandfather of Jana Feiler & father of Julian Miller

Saturday, September 18/Sunday, September 19- 13 Tishri
Ruth Krieger - mother of Joan Pam

Sunday, September 19/Monday, September 20- 14 Tishri
Harriet Konter - mother of Jerry Konter & Sally Greenberg
Marylin Seeman - mother of Sharon Sand

Monday, September 20/Tuesday, September 21- 15 Tishri
Lawrence Lasky - father of Jeffrey Lasky & Jodi Sadler &
father in law of Stacy Lasky & Kenneth Sadler

Tuesday, September 21/Wednesday, September 22 - 16 Tishri
Barbara Rubin - sister in law of Elise Shernoff

Thursday, September 23/Friday, September 24 - 18 Tishri
Abraham Goodman - father of Judy Todtfeld
George Schneider - father of Lewis Schneider
Rosalie Shernoff - mother of Victor Shernoff

Commemoration of the Yahrzeit begins the evening of the first noted date.
*Denotes Memorial Plaque
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CommUNITY Concert: The Maccabeats
Award-Winning Jewish A Cappela
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3:00 pm
Jewish Educational Alliance

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