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September 29, 2019

      Jeremiah 32:1-15
1 Timothy 6:6-10,17-19

“A Foundation of Faith” 

The following resources are available on the table in the Gathering Area:

  • This week's e-news and the September calendar, which can also be viewed here
  • September Church of the Brethren Newsline Digest
  • Packets for the Congregational Forum are available to be picked up. There are three sections. The forum booklet, the affirmation of slate, and the treasurer’s report. 
Click for Calendar of Events, Friends to Remember in Prayer, & Sunday School
Upcoming Events
Membership Class - Starting October 6th
Starting in a one week, Pastor Joel will be teaching an "Inquirer's Class" for prospective church members and other interested learners. The class will meet each Sunday at 9:00 AM for approximately 2 months, covering topics including introduction to the Bible, Church history, Brethren beginnings, and an in-depth survey of core beliefs and practices of the Church of the Brethren today.

What makes the Brethren unique or distinct among other Christians? What are our deepest commitments and core values? These questions and more will be covered. This course will prepare persons to enter church membership, but such a commitment is not necessary to be part of the class. Any who are already members may attend as well.

All adults are welcome to attend, but please contact Pastor Joel in advance, so that he can have materials and study guides prepared in advance. Thank you, and we look forward to a wonderful time together!
Work Day at New Windsor, MD, October 9, 2019 (Wednesday ) - We will be working with the Hygiene Kits, preparing them to be shipped around the world. Transportation will be provided, leaving the church parking lot at 7:15 a.m. and returning by 5:00 p.m. COB Material Resources program, where we assist, will provide our lunch. Sign up in the narthex or call Helen Stoner (717-624-3398). 
Soup Kitchen - October 11, 2019 (Friday) Sign up in the narthex to make a casserole or to work at the Soup Kitchen on Friday, October 11, 2019 (10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) PLEASE add your name and number of casseroles, to the SIGN UP sheet, so we can let the Soup Kitchen know how many casseroles to expect. 
Congregational Forum following Worship - October 13, 2019 (Sunday) - Plan to attend this semi-annual meeting following the worship hour. In addition to affirming leaders for the coming year and receiving reports from ministry teams, an important item of business will be the building project(s) as presented by the Master Planning Team. All members should plan to attend. Packets are available for pick up on the table in the narthex.
Camp Eder Fallfest & Live Auction - Oct. 19, 2019 (Saturday) - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM - Live Auction with Larry Schwartz, pit roasted pork & turkey meal - Adults $12. Kids (12 + under) $ 8., 4 + under free, silent auction, apple butter, Strawberry Hill Nature Center, vendors, Eder's Fallfest Fries & Sandwiches, kid's games & prizes, candy treasure hunt & bounce house, food court & bake sale, live music with Werner Family Bluegrass Band, face painting by Elizabeth, Michael Peluso glass demo, bee keeping demo, fiber arts demo, and more.
Trick or Trunk, Oct. 23, 2019 (Wednesday ) - 5:30 PM, Come join us for this annual community event! Volunteers are needed to decorate trunks and distribute candy/trinkets to the children, assist with light snacks in Fellowship Hall, direct cars and participants in the parking lot, and assist with cleanup. Signup sheets are available in the narthex.
Children's Ministry Schedule
Thank you to all who assist with Children's Ministry. Your time, energy, and dedication are appreciated. If you need to make a schedule change or would like to serve as a teacher or in the nursery, please contact Michele Gibbel (717)318-5442 or     
Beginning in September, we have started a second Sunday School class for our children. This means that we are in need of additional teachers and helpers.  We now have a class for PreK-1st Grade and a class for 2nd-6th Grade . Ideally we would like teachers to serve several weeks in a row to allow for continuity and to provide the best for our children. Helpers can be that extra set of hands and eyes and could be part of a more rotational schedule.  If you would like to teach or be a helper, please contact Michele Gibbel or Diane Gibble. Thank you!  
J.A.M. Choir News

Calling all children ages 4 to 6th grade J.A.M. (Jesus And Me) Choir will begin practicing Sunday Sept. 29th at 9:50 am to 10:10 am in the basement choir room. For those children in Sunday school you will be escorted to the choir room and return to the Sunday school room to meet your parents after practice each week.  J.A.M. Choir will sing in worship every 2nd Sunday of the month. We will be singing, moving, using puppets, and playing musical instruments. Join us every Sunday as we make music for our Lord!
Parish Resource Center Events

Church leaders and anyone else who is interested - click below or visit their website at parishresourcecenter.or g to view some of the many upcoming events through the Parish Resource Center in Lancaster - an organization that provides many class and study materials in addition to programs that serve to build up leaders and the church's witness. Take a look and see what may interest you or benefit us all!
Anyone interested in attending the below workshops at PRC and want to car pool
see Diane Gibble.
Godly Play Basics 2.0 (Oct. 8 7-8:30)
Explore Christian Response To Immigration (Oct. 15 7-8:30)
Children and Music Awesome Worship (Nov. 11 7-8:30)

What’s new at Online Giving?

Go to our church website at: and click on the Online Giving Link or go directly to the Online Giving website at: . For assistance setting up your account, call Donor Support at:  800-348-2886 – Option 2 – Online Giving
Questions? Contact Sheryl Leaman - Thank you for your support!!!!!
Run for Relief 5k at the Disaster Relief Auction - Congratulations York First!!! We made our Goal of $4,000!!! It has been matched and we will Donate $8,000 to Disaster Relief!!!

2  Christopher Logue
5  Robert M. Wetzel       
7  Dick Ault
7 Jarret Stehr
8  Winnie Fickes
11  John Anderson
12  Dick B. Ault
14  Terry Wueschinski
14  Bill Zeigler 
14 Marty Reigle               
15  Marcus Carey
15 Michael Carey    
If your birthday is in  OCTOBER and it is not on the below list or is listed incorrectly, please call the church office.  
17  Anna Elise Stoolmaker
19  Larry Harlacher
19  Helen Stoner  
21  Jared Beuschlein
21  Jasmine LeGrand
23  Barry Stehr
24  Benjamin Gennarelli-LeGrand
25  David Gibble
28  Pat Gibble
29  Dylan Sauder
31  Vesta Statler  
Friends of Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community Annual Candy Sale
It’s time to place your orders for Naylor’s Peanut Crunch, Buttermints, & Cashew Crunch. They make the perfect gifts for around the holidays and they make wonderful gifts for you to enjoy as well. The Friends of CKV-TBHC (Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community) thanks the members of your congregation for helping to make this candy sale a huge success every year. Sunday, October 6, 2019, is the deadline to place your candy order with your keyperson (Anna Miller) or place in box on church office counter.  Payment must accompany order form and made payable to The Friends of CKV-TBHC. ~The order forms will be an insert in the church bulletin on Sunday, Sept. 29th.
Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019 - "Life Chain" 2:30 pm - 3:30pm will be held across from Home Depot alone E. Market Street. Come stand/sit/pray for the safety of the unborn. If you have any questions, please contact Dan Snook.
"Notes from the Console," Article 10, By Mike Frock

You will not want to miss this Sunday, September 29, 2019, because there will be a lot of cool sounds coming out of the organ during the service.  I will be dusting off the Chimes stop during the Prelude, and the Harp stop during the Offertory. The Prelude will be Mary Elizabeth Dexter's arrangement of "The Chimes of Westminster." The Offertory will be a short (less than one minute) piece by Bach played twice. The first time will be on Harp (simply because I like how it sounds on Harp), and the second time will be on a regular organ registration, so you can hear what it is supposed to sound like.

In addition to the above, hopefully the best part will be my attempt at Fletcher's "Festival Toccata." Percy Eastman Fletcher (1879-1932) was a British composer and arranger. He made his living as a Musical Director in the theatres of London. He composed/arranged music for the theatre, voice, chorus, orchestra, piano, organ, and brass bands. While this minor composer wrote many pieces, much of his music has been forgotten. His biggest contribution to the world of music is that he was the first composer to compose a piece of music specifically for a brass band competition in 1913. Previously brass bands had played arrangements of operatic pieces. In the years after, major composers such as Holst, Elgar, and Vaughan Williams began writing specifically for brass bands.

While neither the composer nor the piece is as well-known as Widor and his "Toccata," the Fletcher "Festival Toccata" is the same type of grandiose piece. The piece was composed in 1915 and is in an ABA form. The A section is comprised mostly of chords alternating between the two hands in sixteenth notes over long sustained pedal tones. The B section is marked at times by sustained chords in the hands and arpeggios in the pedal line, and at other times by running sixteenth note patterns in the right hand and staccato chords in the left hand. The piece ends with enormous block chords. I will use more than half of the stops and couplers, drawing from all five divisions and playing on all three keyboards and pedalboard. The piece showcases a wide range of pitches, different registrations, and some dynamic contrast. Like the Widor "Toccata," I will not play at more than 50% of the volume of which the organ is capable, but you still may need to turn down your hearing aids!
Scripture Lesson:  John 14:27-28, Romans 12:17-18
Message:      “Living as Peacemakers””
Worship Attendance: 98
Peace Day Afternoon Session –
"Sharing Things that Make for Peace"
with Pastor Belita Mitchell
Pastor Joel Gibbel can be reached most mornings in the church office Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to noon. Afternoons and evenings are often set aside for visiting those in need, for meetings, and for other pastoral duties. Pastor Joel is also available for Pastoral Counseling by appointment. 
If you need to reach the pastor outside of office hours, his home phone number is
(717)318-5442, and his cell number is (717)271-4888 . You can also email him at Note that laws prevent hospitals from contacting a pastor without your permission when you are admitted, so you will need to let hospital staff know that you would like the hospital to contact your pastor.
Our Mission Statement:
“People dedicated to Spiritual Growth, Loving Relationship, and Sacrificial Service”
Our Vision Statement:
“To become a community of committed Christians who Love God, Share Christ, and Serve the World”