**In-person gatherings remain suspended through July 5**

Effective July 12:
In the Sanctuary and Online

Please see below for online class
and worship offerings

June 28, 2020
Matthew 10:40-42

"Welcome Rewards"

Church Office will be closed Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.
*** The newsletter will still be sent on this day. ***

Secretary’s Office Hours from June 23rd through August 21st will be 7:00 am to 2:00 pm

Pastor Joel will be on Vacation from June 29th through July 1st.
Sunday School News

Homebuilders Sunday School Class
The Homebuilders Class is continuing to meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am by conference call. All are welcome to join. To be included, contact Mike Martin either by calling 717-840-4184 or by emailing Caretaker@TwinBrookFarm.com , leaving the phone number at which you would like to be called. You will receive a phone call in the vicinity of 9:00 am. The class continues to examine lessons from the "Guide for Biblical Studies" curriculum.

Lamplighters Sunday School Class
The Lamplighters Class is planning to meet on Wednesday Evenings at 7 :00 pm effective July 8th by zoom (video) conference. If you wish to be included and haven't received an email already, please contact Pastor Joel at pastor@yorkfirst.org , and he will forward you the link. (We will not share the login info publicly in an effort to prevent hacking). The class will be led by Patricia Carey, beginning a video series by Bob Goff.

Vine & Branches Sunday School Class
The Vine & Branches Class is continuing to meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am by zoom (video) conference. If you wish to be included, please contact Pastor Joel at pastor@yorkfirst.org , and he will forward you the link. The class will begin studying the "Guide for Biblical Studies" curriculum, "Many Faces of Wisdom" - this week's lesson based on Proverbs 9.

Children's Sunday School Class
Children's Sunday School is now planned for 12:00 noon each Sunday via zoom, with a lesson lasting approximately 15 minutes. Parents may of course participate alongside, but the time will be tailored to children. For the zoom link and to be included, please contact Pastor Joel at pastor@yorkfirst.org . Thanks, and we look forward to this special time together!

Click on the video below for a special story in advance of this week's lesson:
Youth Group News
Due to health concerns and restrictions on gatherings, the Church of the Brethren Summer Youth Workcamps have been canceled. Our Youth had planned to attend one during the month of July, so this is sad news for many. Please click on the button to view the cancellation announcement:
On a brighter note, please check out this new Church of the Brethren resource that provides daily devotions for the youth. "Good News! Youth Devotional" has a new and unique offering each day with scripture, commentary, prayers, and questions to consider.
For those of you working with our children at church:
Please take this Child Abuse prevention Training at www.Ilookoutforchildabuse.com .

After you complete the training please print your certificate and give it to Pastor Joel to keep on file. Thank you so much for helping care for our little ones at church. Thank you!
Church of the Brethren Denominational News

Denominational news and information is always available by visiting brethren.org
June Church of the Brethren
Newsline Digest
Church of the Brethren Annual Conference will not be held this summer

"New World Coming!"

July 1, 2020 (Wednesday)
8:00 PM Eastern

A worship bulletin will be
available by June 24th at  www.brethren.org/ac/virtual

The service will feature the preaching of
Kayla Alphonse and Paul Mundey, with a wide array of music, including selections by Jacob Crouse, Janelle Flory Schrock and Kendra Flory, the Keister Sisters,
Shawn Kirchner, Nancy Faus Mullen, and Josh Tindall. Two of the hymns of the denominational virtual choir will be offered: ‘Move in Our Midst,’ and ‘I See A New World Coming.’
Click for Friends to Remember in Prayer
and Event Announcements
Although in-person worship gatherings and events are suspended for a time, the church's ministry continues in many important ways. Please continue to give as you are so led, whether by mail or through online giving. Thank you.

Online Giving is safe, easy, and convenient. Sign up by going to our church website at: www.yorkfirst.org and click on the Online Giving Link or go directly to the Online Giving website at:  www.acionlinegiving.com/4706 .
For assistance setting up your account, call Donor Support at:  
         800-348-2886 – Option 2 – Online Giving
Questions? Contact Sheryl Leaman - Thank you for your support!!!!!
Upcoming Events
The Lehman Center Auction will be held (virtual) this year.

Bidding will begin June 27 and end on June 30th at 9 pm. 
Some items will close earlier in the evening.
For information and how to register - Visit: https://www.cassd.org/casauction.html

On June 29th from 4 to 7:00 pm there will be a preview of
auction items at New Fairview COB. Masks are required.   

There will be Themed Baskets, Art/ Jewelry, Gift Cards, Sports Memorabilia, Food and items will be show cased live on the web site through out the evening on June 30th.

Item pick up will be July 2nd 11-1 and 5-8 pm and July 3rd 10-12. At that time food will be available for take out. You do not need to have purchased anything to come and buy food.

We will miss seeing you all in person however this year the auction will look a little different. If you are not able to bid feel and you would like to donate. You can mail a check to CAS and memo TLC Auction Donation.

The Lehman Center is now open and servicing the vulnerable children in our community. Keep them in your prayers as they try to navigate this new norm.
SOUP KITCHEN - Friday, July 10, 2020 Sign up by calling Audrey Ginder, 717-755-6785 to make a casserole for the Soup Kitchen on Friday, July 10, 2020 (10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) PLEASE contact Audrey to add your name and number of casseroles, so we can let the Soup Kitchen know how many casseroles to expect. Thank you! 
Great News!
VBS is Happening!
August 2-7, 2020

Join us ONLINE for 3 days of VBS Fun! Invite your Friends, Family & Neighbors to join you at your house for this awesome time of worship, play, and fun! You pick the days. You pick the time. We give you the materials you need to make this a meaningful and fun experience. Stay tuned for more details coming in July. 
Concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and church operations (UPDATED):

For a few more weeks, we will not gather here at our building on Sundays for worship together, and any other large group events remain canceled or postponed.. Leadership Team, at its recent meeting, received a report from the appointed COVID reopening team with the proposed date of July 12th to being gathering for worship once again, at our usual time 10:30 AM. This will depend on functionality of video live streaming as well as the continued low rates of viral disease in our community.

Even though our building and sanctuary will be "open" for worship, we discourage anyone who has potentially exposed to disease, is vulnerable, or simply wishes to protect others to stay home and participate via live stream video. Our in-person gathering is an accommodation for those who cannot view the video and/or are healthy and eager enough the to attend worship that they are willing to risk being in a group setting. We must all commit to not judge one another based on our worship choices, yet I encourage

No Sunday School classes will resume until a later date, and several elements of worship will be adjusted such as designated seating arrangements, no passing of offering plates, and restricted singing. Handshake and greetings involving physical contact should be avoided and masks should be worn within the building. Please know that these are all for our collective wellness.

Expect to attend an all-church Zoom (video conference) meeting on Sunday June 28th, at approximately 11:30 AM. Login info will be sent in a separate email.

We have every intention of continuing to provide worship, teaching, and encouragement while maintaining “physical distance” for the safety and well-being of the vulnerable among us. The pastor and secretary continue to be available and in the office most of the week, so please feel free to call or email as you wish. We discourage in-person visits, however. Visitation to nursing homes and hospitals continues to be restricted, and pastoral visits will be minimal.

Please recognize that your church will require funds to continue basic operation of property and facility, fulfill pledged outreach giving, and maintain staff who will continue to minister whether in-person gatherings happen or not. Online giving is a simple and easy way to support your church and those it serves during this time, and it is accessible through our church website www.yorkfirst.org. Mailing your gifts and offerings to the church office is also welcome. Thank you to all who have given generously! We have been able to maintain our many outreach commitments thus far this year, and for that we give thanks!

Concerning the spread of COVID-19, here is a good resource with helpful links to other sites as well: https://covid19.brethren.org/ Be careful to pay attention to public health experts, rather than every news headline or comment from your neighbors. We must act responsibly for the well-being of all, not merely ourselves. This disease remains a real and threat to the lives of many.

Thank you all for understanding and for your faithful participation in our life together. Stay apart from each other in body but close together in spirit. Talk to each other often, by phone especially. Please stay home and do your part to prevent the spread of contagious disease. That is how we can best love one another for the time being. God's comfort and peace be with you.
Postponed and Canceled Events
Postponed Until 2021
Cross Keys Village, The Brethren Home Community
60th Annual Chicken BBQ, Car Show, & Auction
scheduled for Sat., August 8th
Brethren Disaster Relief Auction Event in Lebanon scheduled for
late September is canceled over pandemic concerns!

This year's Lebanon Expo Brethren Disaster Relief Auction that has been a tradition since 1977 has been canceled because of the coronavirus crisis. The BDRA association determined the health concerns due to COVID-19 complicated the ongoing planning and volunteer coordination for the two-day event set to begin Sept. 25. 
Event if current restrictions were lifted for opening of the Auction, it would be extremely difficult to have complete assurance that all volunteers, vendors and supporters would attend.
While the entire Board of Directors was heartbroken to make the decision, they feel it is a safer and more conscientious decision to take this year to continue fund raiding efforts with the Church of the Brethren (COB) organizations in central Pennsylvania. While this is sad news for the COB denomination and the Brethren Disaster Relief Ministry (the recipient of the Auction proceeds to rebuild disaster damaged areas), the Board of Directors look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.  ~ BDRA Board of Directors 
Since 2011 our Witness Team has sponsored the Cash for Causes program by selling Giant & Weis gift cards. The church receives 5% of sales to support various ministries. For 2020 the gift card sales will support The Lehman Center (Children’s Aid Society), New Community Project, Carlisle Truck Stop Ministry, and LifePath Christian Ministries (formerly York Rescue Mission). You may purchase the cards in amounts of $100, $50, $25, or $10. The cards make great gifts, especially at holidays. Consider donating cards to the Food Pantry or using them yourself any time you shop at Giant or Weis.
If you would like to support this outreach program while we are not meeting as a congregation during the Covid-19 pandemic, you can send your check to Becky Wenger, 3011 Bedford Pl, York, PA 17408. The Giant or Weis cards will be mailed to you. 
Make your check out to York First Church.
Thank you for supporting this program. ~ Becky Wenger, Cash for Causes representative
If your birthday is in  JULY it is not on the below list or
is listed incorrectly, please call the church office. 

01    Kathy Kovacs
02    Doug Martin
03    Jeanette Brickner
07    Dave Bradfield II
11    Jay Crist
13    Robert Sharp II
15    Bill Bernhardt
17    Deb Klinedinst
18    Betty Lynn Bernhardt
22    Sheryl Leaman
25    Erin Ferro
26    Beth Brickner
30    Sally Bingaman
31    Jill Wueschinski
31  Bethany Taylor
"Notes from the Console," Article 49, By Mike Frock
Introduction to Organ Pipes; Part 2: Reed Pipes
The Prelude this week is “Toccata in C Major No. 1,” catalogue number P. 454, by Johann Pachelbel.  The Postlude is “Sing unto the Lord” by Benton Price.
Reed pipes are made of metal and are generally louder than flue pipes. In a reed pipe, air is pushed through the bottom of the pipe across a brass reed, or tongue.  The reed vibrates against another part of the pipe called the shallot, and that sound comes out of the other end of the pipe, called the resonator.  Reed pipes do not have mouths/fipples like flue pipes.  Reed pipes are tuned by adjusting a part of the pipe called the tuning wire, which regulates how much of the reed vibrates against the shallot, which changes the pitch.   Reed pipes are generally hidden away and not seen.  One possible reason for this is that one can generally see the tuning wire sticking out of the pipe which some may think looks less aesthetically pleasing.  The one exception, however, is  en chamade  pipes.   En chamade  pipes are the pipes that one might see in large cathedrals which are oriented horizontally, rather than vertically.  These types of pipes produce trumpet-like sounds and generally are cast with the end of the pipe having a flared bell like a trumpet.
Reed pipes cover only one family of sounds: reeds.  However, in organ-world, “reeds” include both woodwind instruments like Clarinet, Oboe, English Horn, and Bassoon, as well as brass instruments like Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba.  Reed stops can, however, be divided into two groups based on their function.  Some reed stops are designed to blend with the other flue stops and make-up what is called the “full organ” sound.  These are called chorus reeds.  The other group of reed stops are designed to be used to play solo passages.  These are called solo reeds (or sometimes, orchestral reeds). 

Scripture Lesson:
 Matthew 9:9-13,18-26

"I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice"

Pastor Joel Gibbel can be reached most mornings in the church office Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to noon. Afternoons and evenings are often set aside for visiting those in need, for meetings, and for other pastoral duties. Pastor Joel is also available for Pastoral Counseling by appointment.
If you need to reach the pastor outside of office hours, his home phone number is
(717)318-5442, and his cell number is (717)271-4888 . You can also email him at pastor@yorkfirst.org. Note that laws prevent hospitals from contacting a pastor without your permission when you are admitted, so you will need to let hospital staff know that you would like the hospital to contact your pastor.
Our Mission Statement:
“People dedicated to Spiritual Growth, Loving Relationship, and Sacrificial Service”
Our Vision Statement:
“To become a community of committed Christians who Love God, Share Christ, and Serve the World”