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August 11, 2019

Hebrews 11:1-16

"Seeking a Homeland"  

We had an awesome time in Portland. Thank you for your prayers and notes of encouragement. It really helped brighten our days. It was truly incredible to see how SnowCap helps to meet the needs of the homeless people of Portland. We know that we used our hands and feet to do the work of God to help others. We look forward to telling you all about our trip on Sunday, August 11 th at 9:00 in the sanctuary. We will be sharing pictures and stories.
We hope you can join us!
If you go to this website address and check the work camps tab, go under ages, then youth, then view all 2019 albums and then you’ll find some attached pictures that have been taken by the staff throughout the week.
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The choir had the month of February off this 2018-2019 season. To make up that time we sang through the first 3 Sundays in July. It was a welcome change for our summer season due to the fact that the choir was not absent for so much of the summer. Soloists for the remainder of the summer are practicing their music to inspire you through the end of the summer season.

Aug 11 - Emma Stoolmaker will lead us in song accompanied by Mike Frock as our special music this week. The congregation will sing along with some hymn selections.

Aug 18 - Guest Soloist Caroline Wolfe will be singing. Caroline has blessed us with her voice on Christmas Eve with her "O Holy Night" and she has joined us for our cantatas in recent years. Caroline will be starting her junior year at Oberlin Conservatory.  She directed and performed Miss Havisham's Wedding Night" written by Dominic Argento in York this summer. Some of you attended that performance.

Aug 25 -York Symphony violinist and our dear sister Nonie Detrick will be playing her violin. She will be doing contemporary arrangements of familiar hymns.

Sept 1 - Dan Snook, our choir member and wonderful storyteller will be blessing us with some music from the piano. I am excited to hear him play the offertory.
Also, our baritone Chancel Choir soloist Barry Hollinger will be singing for us.

Sept 8 - Our 2019-2020 choir season begins.

David Diehl
Upcoming Events

The Master Planning Team invites the whole church to attend a presentation and meeting featuring proposed facility improvements and associated fundraising. Lunch will be provided following worship, and the meeting will follow. More information will be forthcoming, but get it on your calendars now and plan to attend!
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PEACE DAY - September 22, 2019 (Sunday)
The Spiritual Enrichment Team invites everyone to a special service and meal to mark International Peace Day this year. We will host Pastor Belita Mitchell as our preacher during worship and speaker for a program following the lunch hour. Mark your calendars for this important time of witness and prayer for peace in our world.
Children's Ministry Schedule
Thank you to all who assist with Children's Ministry. Your time, energy, and dedication are appreciated. If you need to make a schedule change or would like to serve as a teacher or in the nursery, please contact Michele Gibbel(717)318-5442 or     
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Witness Team will be collecting School Supplies again this year.  Place your items in the bin marked school supplies just outside of the sanctuary from now until Aug 18. We will deliver the much-needed supplies to Bell Socialization. The shelter houses people for 30 days so they see a lot of families come and go within the year. For this reason, we will keep a school supplies bin there throughout the school year for donations. 
Thank you for your donations!  
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BRETHREN DISASTER RELIEF AUCTION - Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27 & 28, 2019
Held at the Lebanon Valley Expo. More information will follow.
"Notes from the Console," Article 4, By Mike Frock

Hymn Names Vs. Tune Name
Every hymn in every hymnal has a hymn name (title) and a tune name. Think of the hymn name as the title of the words and the tune name as the title of the music. The tune name is usually one or two words, and in the Brethren hymnal the tune name is listed directly beneath the hymn name. In other hymnals, such as the Celebration Hymnals, the tune name is listed at the bottom of the page. Some tune names get their name from the language of the original text, like Latin or German. Other tune names are the composer's last name or a keyword from the text.
But why does every hymn need two names? Well, there are three reasons which immediately come to mind. 1. Oftentimes the text and music are not written by the same person, or at the same time. It is not unusual for a composer to write music for a text written decades or centuries earlier, or vice versa. So in this instance, having two names distinguishes two separate works, the text and the music. 2. Hymn names are not consistent between different hymnals. Most hymns in most hymnals are the first several words. In the case of the Brethren hymnal, all the titles are the first line of text. The good part about this is that it is consistent.  However, this creates some differences between hymnals, such as the hymn "When we walk with the Lord" (#544) in the Brethren hymnal, is more commonly titled "Trust and Obey" (e.g Celebration Hymnal #571 and Methodist hymnals). However, the tune name is "Trust and Obey," and tune names are consistent between all hymnals. 3. A tune can be used with multiple sets of texts. For instance, you know the tune "Dix" as both the hymn names "For the Beauty of the Earth" (#89) and "As with Gladness Men of Old" (#218).
Why discuss this? The postlude this week is entitled "Stand Up for Jesus!" The piece is an arrangement of the tune name "Webb" (the composer's last name). I know this tune from the hymn "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus" (Celebration Hymnal #730 and the Methodist hymnals). This hymn name is not in the Brethren hymnal. However, the Webb tune is in the Brethren Hymnal under the hymn name "Bless'd be the God of Israel" (#174). Regardless of which set of text you may know, I hope you enjoy this arrangement of this well-known tune.
Scripture Lesson:  Luke 12:13-21,32-34
Message:  “Rich Toward God”
Worship Attendance: 97
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