December 22, 2023

Dear Residents -


This holiday season, it is important to be aware that it can be a stressful time for some people, like those who are having their first holiday without a loved one or those who may be struggling financially. However, there are resources available, from a network of local not-for-profits to individual Orangetown residents simply looking to help their neighbors. So, if you or someone you know is in need, please reach out to my office at (845) 359-5100 or email [email protected], as my staff is always ready to assist whenever we can.      

And, as we gather with our loved ones this time of year, it is also important to remember how lucky we are to live in the United States of America, a country where we have religious freedoms and the right to celebrate whatever, however and with whomever we choose. So, to those who celebrate Christmas, wishing you a Very Merry one. But no matter what you celebrate, I wish everyone Happy Holidays filled with lots of love!   


Please note that Town Hall will be closed on December 25, 2023 and December 26, 2023.


Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. 


Teresa M. Kenny

Town Supervisor

Town of Orangetown

26 Orangeburg Road

Orangeburg, New York 10962

(845) 359-5100 x 2293

Town of Orangetown


"Rich in History"

Camp Shanks Museum Hours:

Saturday, January 13, 2024, 11 am - 3 pm

January 23 - Public Hearing:

  • Local Law on proposed amendment for outdoor parking and storage of vehicles.
  • Local Law for South Nyack Parking (Revised law from November 21, 2023)
  • Local Law on proposed text amendment to Special Permit Uses to include farm cidery/winery (postponed from November 28, 2023)

For all futureTown Board meetings, please click here.

Commitment Award from the Hudson Valley Regional Council

The Town of Orangetown recently received the Commitment Award from the Hudson Valley Regional Council for the completion of a government greenhouse inventory – no small feat for a town with over 150 separate utility accounts. The award is given to those who have exhibited exceptional dedication and productivity in a demanding environment and often times overcame obstacles. The Town also ran a community solar campaign and submitted a drinking water source protection plan application.


Earlier this month, Allison Kardon, Supervisor Kenny's Confidential Assistant, accepted the award on behalf of Orangetown, the only town in Rockland County to receive this award, at an event in Newburgh, N.Y. 

Momentive Grand Opening

Last week, Supervisor Kenny attended the Grand Opening of Momentive Performance Materials at its newly opened Global Innovation Center at the Hudson Valley iCampus. As a premier global high-performance silicones and specialties company, Momentive creates solutions that improve the quality of life for people and enable a more sustainable future. We wish them many decades of success in Orangetown. 

One Year Anniversary of Z-Fit Studio

Supervisor Kenny, joined with a representative from Assemblyman John McGowan's office, stopped in to Z-Fit Studio last Friday to congratulate Stephanie Costa on her one year anniversary of Z-Fit Studio. Congrats Steph. If you're looking to take a class, check out her schedule here.

Share Christmas and the Holidays

Supervisor Kenny had a blast last Friday night at the Pearl River Rotary Share Christmas and the Holidays event. The night was a huge success, thanks in part to the Pearl River High School Choir, led by Choral Director Shereen Way. The screams of delight from Orangetown’s youngest residents could be heard all over the town as Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived at Braunsdorf Park! 

Office of Emergency Management


Preventing House Heating Fires

Although trending downward since the early 1980s, heating fires remained the second leading cause of home fires in 2021. An estimated 32,200 home heating fires were reported to fire departments within the United States. These fires caused an estimated 190 deaths, 625 injuries and $442 million in property loss.

  • Keep anything that can burn at least three feet from all heat sources including fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators, portable heaters or candles.
  • Always plug space heaters directly into an outlet, and make sure its cord isn’t damaged or frayed.
  • Never use an oven to heat your home.
  • Maintain heating equipment and chimneys by having them cleaned and inspected each year by a professional.
  • Visit the U.S. Fire Administration Home Fires page to learn about how to prepare for and prevent home fires including tips for individuals with disabilities and older adults

Learn more about preventing fires.

Preparing for Power Outages

Winter storms may bring power outages that can disrupt things like communications, utilities, transportation, stores, gas stations and ATMs, and prevent your ability to use electrically powered medical devices. It’s important to be prepared for power outages.

  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed. Throw away any food that has been exposed to temperatures 40 degrees or higher for two hours or more, or that has an unusual odor, color or texture.
  • If you use a generator, ONLY use it outdoors and away from windows.
  • Do not use a gas stove or oven to heat your home.
  • Disconnect appliances and electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges.
  • Have alternate plans for refrigerating medicines or using power-dependent medical devices.
  • Go to a community location with power if cold is extreme and you can’t heat your home.

Get more power outage tips.

Stay Safe During Winter Travel

Travel during the winter has unique risks, especially if you travel by car. Being prepared can help you “expect the unexpected” so your trip isn’t ruined by common problems travelers face in the winter.

Know before you go

  • From blizzards, to avalanches, to ice storms, be aware of the winter risks in places you visit. Check the local weather forecasts and warnings before heading out. Visit National Weather Service for up to date forecasts and download the FEMA App for alerts in up to five locations.
  • Check your local weather and traffic reports before heading out.
  • If your roads are not in good shape, consider postponing non-essential travel until the roads are cleared. If you do have to go out, make sure you are prepared in case you become delayed while traveling.
  • Tell others your route and anticipated arrival time.
  • Want more tips on travel safety? Watch this PSA, made in partnership with FEMA and the TSA, for additional tips on travel safety.

On the Road

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition before you travel.
  • Keep your gas tank as full as you can. A full tank will also keep the fuel line from freezing.
  • Install good winter tires and make sure they have enough tread, or any chains or studs required in your local area.
  • When driving, increase your following distance from 3-4 seconds to 5-6 seconds. It takes longer to slow down and stop on icy roads.
  • Every vehicle should have an emergency supply kit in the trunk. Kits should be checked every six months and expired items should be replaced regularly.
  • Keep family and emergency phone numbers, including your auto insurance provider and a towing company in your phone.
  • Consider keeping a power bank for your phone in your car in case your car loses power.
  • If stranded, run the engine for about 10 minutes per hour to run the heater and charge your cellphone. Open a window slightly to let fresh air in and avoid carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Upcoming Events

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