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Military Chaplains do many things, offering support, doing counseling, leading religious services and other ceremonies, and more. In all this, the primary role of a chaplain is to insure operational readiness and effectiveness. In other words, a chaplain’s goal is to help people deal with the stresses, traumas and tribulations of their job today, so they can go out and do the same job again tomorrow. This is one thing in a service like the Coast Guard where fulfilling the mission is the saving of lives. It is another thing in other branches where when fulfilling the mission might mean having to take lives away.

In recent days, I have thought much about my friend, army Chaplain Andrea Baker, a West Point grad and wife of the former Dean of the cathedral in Sacramento. The last time I saw her, Andrea had just returned from a long tour of duty in Afghanistan. She told stories of bringing a therapy dog with her on visits to soldiers in isolated forward operating bases. Petting the dog broke through the barriers of the most hardened of veterans and enabled them to talk and often break down and cry.

She knew what to say to those soldiers then. I wonder what she would say to them now, as they saw the country they had gone to rebuild fall apart, as they watched those who had helped them being left behind on the tarmac as US planes flew away, as they remembered the sacrifices their families had made and friends who had died… or as they realized that a previous administration had been negotiating with terrorists rather than the Afghan authorities or local people with whom they had worked so hard to build relationships and trust.   There are times as a chaplain when your heart is broken too, when all you can do is be with people and join in their grief, when all you can do is pray. I don’t know what she or my other chaplain colleagues are saying or doing right now. I am glad, however, that they are there.
With Chaplain Baker and her dog at General Convention in 2018

As in the case of Iraqis who helped Americans, chances are that some of the Afghans who are getting out will find their way to Portland. And, as in the case of Iraqis who helped Americans, chanced are that some of the Afghans who helped Americans will find their way to St. Luke’s. Through St. Elizabeth’s, through our food pantry, and through the cathedral itself, we will have an opportunity to do a little for these people who did so much for us.

The images in the news turn my stomach and tear at my heart. It all seems beyond our control and ability to do anything. Here at St. Luke’s we have an opportunity to think globally and act locally. We have an opportunity to show these people what the church – and what America – is really all about.

Dean Shambaugh
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry offers a prayer
for the people of Afghanistan

Eternal God, hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. There is a profound humanitarian crisis. Countless people, mostly women and children, are now fleeing and vulnerable. The lives of many are now endangered. The hopes of many are forgone. Send your Spirit, Lord, to rally the resolve of the nations of the earth to find pathways to save human lives, protect human rights, and to resolve the hardships of those seeking refuge, asylum, and safety. Hear our prayer for the peoples of Afghanistan. This we pray as followers of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen.
The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
The Episcopal Church
Episcopal Migration Ministries is helping Afghans

NOTE: For the many people who have asked how they can support The Episcopal Church's efforts to resettle and provide direct assistance to Afghans seeking special immigrant visas, please visit
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Update on Haiti
The area immediately west of Duny devastated by the recent earthquake will be in need of assistance in the coming months. Many of you have asked, how can I help? 

Our partnership director, Rev. Dr. Kesner Ajax, lives in Les Cayes which is the area most affected by the earthquake. We are anxiously waiting for his report of the situation on the ground.  A donation sent to St. Luke's Cathedral with the memo Haiti Earthquake relief will be collected and sent to the Episcopal Church Partnership Program at the Diocese in Haiti.  These are people we work directly with every year. The people in the communities they represent may have lost their homes, their family, have to pay funeral expenses or have health needs because of the quake. This is our best recommendation on how to help going through an organization that we trust and have experience with. Thank you for supporting our friends in Haiti.  

Click here for our Haiti-Maine website, with a donate button at the bottom of the page

Duny is in the center of the circle. The arrow points to the quake

An article from the Episcopal News Service:
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Exciting Happenings here at St. Luke's

August is turning into a very auspicious month at St Luke's

With the Bach Virtuousi, concerts returned to the nave. Concerts are now scheduled through Christmas!

The columbarium has been completed and is fully functional, with it's first inurnment last week.

The choir room is completed and the choir is scheduled to come back on our start up Sunday and beginning of Sunday School on September 12.

The kitchen passed the final inspection by the fire chief; vestry member Tom Flinn, Sarah Dowling started developing plans for the use of the kitchen; and Dawn Brennan-Daly helped inaugurate the kitchen with a dinner for the leaders of the fall fair (in place for November).

And, coming soon:

The design of the Labyrinth will go before the City Historic Preservation on September 1

Plans are being put in place to refurbish the floor of the Sunday School hallway and upgrade wifi access in the upper and lower halls and Sunday school rooms.
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