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Great news! Wisconsin's property tax ranking dropped 11 spots since 2017, according to a study by the Tax Foundation . While there is still work to go, this is a great sign for taxpayers. We have also kept the state portion of the property taxes at 2010 levels for eight years. In the last budget, we invested more than $64 million to continue to keep property taxes down. Also in the last budget, we lowered taxes for middle-class families by more than $457 million. That's in addition to the $8 billion in total tax relief we have delivered since 2010.

Making Wisconsin more affordable is a big priority for me. It helps keep workers in Wisconsin and cuts down on the "brain drain" of our university students. Lower taxes also create a better business environment, allowing companies to hire more workers and invest in their business. I am proud of our efforts to lower taxes in Wisconsin and will continue to fight for taxpayers.

Speaking of job creators, Foxconn says they have created enough jobs to qualify for state incentives. That's great news as the technology giant continues to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Wisconsin. As part of the protections we put in for taxpayers, those jobs will have to be verified by the state before they receive any state funding.

Foxconn missed out on tax credits last year because they didn't achieve hiring goals set by the state. However, it appears they are back on track and working to create 13,000 jobs. Our state is already benefiting from Foxconn involvement and investment. I look forward to their plant being up and running toward the end of 2020.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve our great state, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 608-266-5830 or by email at

On, Wisconsin!
Business Round Table in Grafton
On Thursday morning, Representative Jim Ott and I attended a business round table put on by the Grafton Area Chamber of Commerce.

We had a fantastic time listening and learning from local business leaders about the great things happening in our area!

Thank you to everyone who attended and thank you to Pam King and everyone at the Grafton Chamber for setting up today's event!
Germantown Coffee with Constituents
Thank you to everyone who came to chat with State Representative Dan Knodl and me in Germantown on Tuesday.

We had a lively discussion and I truly appreciate people taking the time to meet with us and discuss issues that are important to them.

I will be joining Representative Knodl and Janel Brandjen for more events like this on Monday. I hope to see you there!
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Darling Calls on Evers Administration to Protect Veterans Trust Fund
As the Co-Chair of the budget-writing, Joint Committee on Finance, I review many spending requests from state agencies. Recently, one request to pay the lease for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum raised concerns among myself and my colleagues on the committee.

We believe the Veterans Museum could save taxpayers and veterans around $1 million if they simply renegotiate their lease on the State Capitol square. The funding for the lease comes from the Veterans Trust Fund which also pays for benefits for our veterans. The savings from the renegotiated lease can be better used for high-quality programs to benefit the brave veterans who served our nation.

This week, we sent a letter to Governor Evers' administration asking to renegotiate the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's lease. I urge the governor to take quick action to protect the Veterans Trust Fund and make sure Wisconsin's veterans get the care and benefits they have earned.
Waukesha County Fair Honors Senator Darling
Thank you to Don Skarda and Chrissy Gluege of the Waukesha County Fair for giving me their Grand Champion of the Fair Award!

Our county fairs bring communities and families together. The Waukesha County Fair is an amazing event every single year. I am truly honored to receive this award.
Wisconsin is Still Winning!
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