Dear Friends,

Thanks to Wisconsin's strong economy, we start the budget process with more money than we need. The 2019 begins fiscal year is projected to begin with a $2.4 billion surplus. This week, I voted to give a chunk of that surplus back to the taxpayers who provided it.

The tax cut reduces taxes on middle-class earners by increasing the sliding scale standard deduction. The taxes of a median income family, filing jointly, would drop $310 starting in 2020. That's real relief, and it's already paid for with our surplus. The plan offered by Democrats raises taxes on job-creators and hurts farmers. Their tax hike doesn't even fully fund their plan.

Unfortunately, Governor Evers is threatening to veto your tax cut. I want to encourage you to contact the governor and say “Cut our taxes, not our jobs.” Governor Evers can be reached by calling 608-266-1212 or by emailing As an elected official, I can tell you that your calls and emails do matter.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve our great state, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 608-266-5830 or by email at .

On, Wisconsin!
Senate Sends 10% Tax Cut to Governor
The Wisconsin State Senate is giving Governor Tony Evers a chance to fulfill his campaign promise of a 10% middle-class tax cut. On Wednesday, the Senate approved a real, middle-class tax cut for Wisconsin families. Governor Evers should now follow through with the promise he made last fall.

When Tony Evers said he supported a tax cut, I hoped we could find a compromise with him. Our plan meets him halfway and funds it with money we already have. Thanks to our reforms, Wisconsin has $2.4 billion more revenue than expected. Our plan returns much of it to the taxpayers.

The Republican Tax Cut Plan will:
  • Expand the sliding scale standard deduction under the individual income tax beginning in 2020.
  • Target taxpayers with incomes under $100,000 who will receive 87.9% of the decrease.
  • Lower the tax bill for all filers on average by $170.
  • Lower the burden for married joint filers on average $231.

Even with a massive tax hike on job creators, Democrats can’t explain how they fully fund their plan. That’s irresponsible. Our plan doesn’t redistribute wealth. We don’t raise taxes on some to cut taxes for others. We don’t pick winners and losers. If you are a middle-class taxpayer in Wisconsin, your taxes will go down.
Senator Darling Defends Tax Cut
During the tax cut debate, the Democrats spent a lot of their time tearing down Wisconsin's reputation. It was frustrating to hear them talk about our great state in such a negative way. I stood up and defended Wisconsin and set the record straight on our strong economy.

While Republicans were delivering more of your money back to your pockets, Democrats were arguing to redistribute your wealth. They don't seem to understand how high taxes drive taxpayers out of high-tax states.

We've cut taxes more than $8 billion since 2010, but we need to do more. That's why I fought for our real middle-class tax relief.

Click on my picture above to watch my entire speech.
Act 10 Turns 8
It's hard to believe, but Wisconsin's landmark budget reform - Act 10 - turns eight years old this week. And it's still delivering for taxpayers.

Despite the claims of doom and gloom from protesters, Wisconsin is in great shape economically.

Act 10 helped save taxpayers more than $5 billion. It's one reason our state is enjoying eight straight years of budget surpluses. Act 10 also led to more than $8 billion in tax relief.

Not only did Act 10 save money, it also saved jobs. There were no mass layoffs, state attractions remained opened, and bills were paid on time. Schools stayed open and class sizes didn’t explode.

Click on the banner above to read more about how Act 10 worked and is still working for you every day.
Around the 8th...
This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Tori Lepold. Tori is a Junior at Cedarburg High School and is taking part in the Senate Scholar program.

The Senate Scholar program is a week-long program, where students get to see first-hand how the State Senate operates. Only 33 students are picked for the program statewide, and Tori made the cut!

Congratulations to Tori, and I hope she had a fabulous week in the State Capitol.
Congratulations and good luck to Homestead High Schools Boys Varsity Ski Team as they head to state this weekend in La Crosse!