Dear Friends,

When Governor Evers introduced his budget, one thing was very clear: our state couldn’t afford it. He spent our record surplus and billions more. The governor wanted to increase spending by $1,000 for every resident in the state, He raised taxes by more than one billion dollars, and eliminated reforms that led to our strong economy.

Governor Evers likes to call his expensive plan ‘the people’s budget’ probably because every person in the state was going to pay for all of that spending. We have worked hard to craft a budget that benefits everyone in Wisconsin, not just a couple of counties. Instead of growing government, we invested heavily in the priorities of the people across Wisconsin.

Our budget uses the money the taxpayers have already provided and funds many of the same priorities Governor Evers outlined like schools, roads, and health care. Unlike the governor, we are not raising or shifting taxes. We are lowering taxes. Our budget delivers more than $500 million in tax relief. Despite what you may have read, Republicans are actually cutting property taxes by $59 million.

To fix our roads, we are providing the largest increase in new revenue into our Department of Transportation in a generation. This revenue helps keep road projects off the state's credit cards. Not only do we borrow a lot less than governor, it's the lowest level of bonding since the 2001-2003 budget. While we are bonding less, we are making sure important projects like rebuilding the I-43 North-South Corridor reconstruction on track.

Republicans proved you can be pro-kid AND pro-taxpayer.  This budget provides the largest total investment in actual dollars to K-12 education in the history of the state. Our budget is sustainable and doesn’t dig a Doyle-sized deficit in the future.

Wisconsinites deserve to take pride in their budget, and we believe this budget gives them just that. We made targeted investments in people, not programs. I would like to thank all of the service agencies that have put in countless hours and effort to help this process run smoothly.

The state budget still must be approved by both the State Senate and the State Assembly. It's my hope Governor Evers see that Republicans made a good faith effort to support many of his priorities and still hold the line on taxes.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve our great state, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 608-266-5830 or by email at .

On, Wisconsin!
Republicans Pass Working Families Tax Cut
The Governor called his plan the people’s budget, probably because he balanced it on the back of the people of Wisconsin. It taxed too much, spent too much, and wasn't sustainable in the future.

Unlike the governor, we are not raising or shifting taxes. We are lowering taxes. Our budget delivers tax relief to real working families by cutting taxes for the bottom two tax brackets by $400 million.

This tax cut is for the hard-working men and women who woke up early today, packed a lunch and went to work. It's for the recent college graduate in their first job. It is for the people who will come home tonight, coach little league, make dinner and play with their kids.
Wisconsin Again Ranked Among Best States
Once again, our wonderful state finds itself ranked among the best states in the nation. Wallethub picked the best states to live in and Wisconsin is ranked sixth.

The online resource picked 51 categories including income growth, housing costs, and hospital quality. They gave Wisconsin very high marks in housing costs and the percentage of people with health insurance. While I think Wisconsin should be ranked number one, it is great to see more national attention focused on our state.
Suffrage Event in State Capitol
One hundred years ago this week, women finally gained the right to vote with the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Now this week, we celebrated that historic event in the State Capitol. I was honored to stand with the many women leaders who are working for the people of Wisconsin because of that vote.

Did you know Wisconsin was the first state in the union to deliver the papers to Washington, D.C. to show the voters of Wisconsin supported giving women the vote? It's true! We narrowly beat Illinois for that honor. Please click on the picture above to learn more about Wisconsin's role in giving women the right to vote.
Happy Flag Day!
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