Dear Friends,

When Governor Evers introduced his budget, one thing was very clear: our state couldn't afford it. It spent too much, it taxed too much, and it borrowed too much. He spent our record surplus and billions more.

The Governor wanted to increase spending by $1,000 for every resident in the state, he raised taxes by more than one billion dollars, and eliminated reforms that led to our strong economy. His plan wasn't just unsustainable, it was irresponsible.

Over the last few months, we have listened to folks from all over the state. We did our homework and we made sure the budget benefits everyone in Wisconsin.

Where the Governor's budget was lacking, we stepped up and improved it. Despite his massive spending and tax hikes, Governor Evers ignored workforce development in his budget. Republicans did not. Our plan helps create a pathway to success by training workers for the family-supporting jobs.

As our population ages, we need more personal care workers. That’s something we heard over and over again during the public hearings on the budget. Governor Evers’ budget didn’t do enough. So Republicans funded personal care workers at five times the level of the governor so our senior citizens can get the care they deserve.

From historic investments in K-12 education and healthcare, fixing our roads, and continuing to protect taxpayers, the Wisconsin budget is responsible and sustainable. It protects our shared values and moves our state forward.

Wisconsinites deserve to take pride in their budget, and we believe this budget gives them just that. We made targeted investments in people, not programs. Vetoing the bill in its entirety will have dire consequences for millions of people throughout our state.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve our great state, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 608-266-5830 or by email at .

On, Wisconsin!
Darling Delivers Radio Address
On the floor of the State Senate, Senator Darling outlines how the Republican Budget invests in people, not programs.
This week, Senator Alberta Darling delivered the Republican Radio Address. You can listen to it here or read it below.

Hi. I’m State Senator Alberta Darling.

Budgets are all about priorities.  The budget passed by Republicans makes it clear that our priority is you. Our plan invests in people, not programs. 

It’s sustainable, affordable, and responsible.

We are creating opportunities for everyone in the state, no matter where you live. We funded education with the largest actual dollar amount in state history.  That funding also includes $100 million for special education and doubled funding for mental health services for our kids

Despite his massive spending and tax hikes, Governor Evers ignored workforce development. Republicans did not. Our plan helps create a pathway to success by training workers for the family-supporting jobs that already exist in our state.

Our budget cuts taxes by more than $500 million and targets that tax relief to working families.  That’s in addition to the $8 billion in tax cuts we have delivered over the last eight years.

I urge you to contact Governor Tony Evers at 608-266-1212 and ask him to sign the budget and create opportunities for everyone in our great state.

On, Wisconsin!
Area Schools to See Significant Investments
The Wisconsin Budget provides a $500 million increase for public schools. Our area schools do very well under the plan. Check out the chart above to see the increased investment in your school district.
Bipartisan Bill to Ensure Closure of Lincoln Hills Approved
The troubled youth detention center, Lincoln Hills, will close next year thanks to a bipartisan bill I authored. The legislation closes the facility by the end of June 2021 and received unanimous support in both houses. Governor Evers signed it into law today.

Closing Lincoln Hills is important, but so is working with our local communities on the best locations for holding youth offenders in the future. I look forward to those discussions and to make sure communities are included.
Darling Recognized for Conservative Support
I'd like to thank the American Conservative Union for awarding me their
"Conservative Excellence Award" for 2018.

The group recognized my support of "America's core principles as written in our nation's Constitution" and my 100% voting record in support of those ideals. Thank you!
Happy Independence Day!
Around the 8th...
Germantown Fire Department Fundraiser
The Germantown Fire Department is looking to raise funds to help keep their team in shape. Heart attacks are the number one killer of firefighters and staying in good health can save lives.

They are trying to raise $7,000 to put equip a gym with basic equipment. If you would like to help, please contact Firefighter/Paramedic J.J. Wolf at