Dear Friends,

Wisconsin is number one again! Our state leads the nation in manufacturing jobs gained in 2018! We also gained 2,100 manufacturing jobs in March, which is the best in the Midwest.

Wisconsin is working like never before. Sixty-three of Wisconsin's 72 counties recorded or tied their lowest unemployment rate ever in 2018. If you compare March 2017 unemployment rates to March 2018, each of our states 32 largest municipalities broke or tied their lowest unemployment rate ever.

There's even more good news! I share a lot of it in the Republican Radio Address this week. You can hear it below.

As always, if you have any concerns or ideas on how to improve our great state, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 608-266-5830 or by email at .

On, Wisconsin!

Senator Darling Delivers Radio Address
This week, I had the honor of delivering the Weekly Radio address. I focused on Wisconsin's amazing turnaround. You can listen to my remarks here.
More than 20 Darling Bills Signed into Law
The 2017-2018 legislative session is over and it will go down as one of the most successful ever. Not only did we make a record investment in K-12 education, but we also eliminated taxes, delivered real welfare reform, and made sure your property taxes will be lower this year than they were in 2010!

This was also one of my most successful sessions. More than 20 of my bills, not including resolutions, were signed into law. You can read about each one below.

2017-18 Session Accomplishments

  • Many people with criminal records are ineligible for occupational licenses. This means family-supporting careers are off limits to them. Allows ex-offenders to get a review and a chance at a certificate to get employed.
  • Penalizes human holsters, straw purchasers, and habitual criminals helping to remove illegal guns from the street.
  • Creates a system for statewide expansion of Family Drug Treatment Courts to rehabilitate families.
  • Requires facilities that perform mammograms to provide a breast density notification with the results of their mammogram. Dense breast tissue can makes it harder to detect tumors in a mammogram and is itself a risk factor for breast cancer
  • Allows foster parents to access mental health information so that they can make informed choices for the children in their care.
  • Makes sure kids can get mental health treatment when their parents or guardians can't be found.
  • Allows foster kids to access dental care universally across Wisconsin.
  • Reforms the court system and helps kids find permanent homes faster.
  • Removes red tape to help families continue helping our foster kids.
  • $16 million to ensure low income kids have access to higher quality care providers.
  • Removes the cap to stimulate rehabilitation and economic development for historical landmarks.
  • Includes drug addiction as a reason for involuntary commitment to help put addicted loved ones back on the path to rehab.
  • Creates a hotline around the state to connect primary care doctors with addiction specialists.
  • Removes unnecessary obstacles for mental health professions, making them available in more parts of the state. 
  • Creates a special charter school to help children recovering from addiction continue their education in a drug-free environment.
  • Unites different agencies to collaboratively combat homelessness.
  • Reforms the waiting list for low income housing to prioritize chronically homeless individuals.
  • Ensures the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts will continue to be a gathering place for those looking to enjoy culturally diverse experiences and reforms the Milwaukee Mental Health Board.
  • Along with technical changes, it will help more first-time home buyers afford their down payment.
  • This bill allows private industries to compete in a fair and open process with Badger State Industries in sign making.
  • This bill will help keep health care costs down and improve the health of Medicaid patients. By reducing emergency department visits, costs to our state's Medicaid expenditures will go down.
  • Creates uniform use of credentials that relate to the handling of hazardous materials. Ensures that individuals handling hazardous materials have met minimum qualifications, thereby protecting the public health and safety.
  • Designating this bridge in honor of the late Senator Grobschmidt recognizes his successful efforts to champion the formation of Lakeshore Park. 
Wisconsin Proud!
  • Wisconsin leads the nation in manufacturing jobs gained in 2018.
  • Our unemployment rate remains at an all-time low of 2.9%.
  • The state's Rainy Day Fund is $320 million - the highest ever.
  • For the third straight report, Wisconsin led all Midwest states in the Chicago Fed's Midwest Economy Index.
  • Wisconsin taxpayers have saved $8 billion over the last eight years thanks to Republican tax cuts.
  • State funding for K-12 education reached an all-time high in actual dollars in the most recent state budget - $11.5 billion!
Around the 8th...
Milwaukee Jewish Day School visited the Capitol this week!