November 30,  2017       
My friend, Sam Portaro reminds us, Advent is a season of anticipation, but also of proclamation.
Week by week we light the candles of the Advent wreath not as a talisman against the darkness, but as testimony to the Light. Isaiah saw the Light and proclaimed it in a vision of a world created by one Creator, a world where the darkness of hatred and hostility are overcome by common work and hope, a world that belongs not to darkness but to God. In such a world, there is no need to prepare for God's coming; God is already here. We can only live fully into the promise that God is here and be open to the Light that will prevail over darkness.
I look forward to sharing this rich season with you.
 The Rev. Tim Boggs
This is the First Sunday of Advent
December 3rd
Our 9:30 Service will include
Advent Lessons and Carols
Parish Breakfast
Advent Wreath Making
8:00 am worship & Celtic Eventide will be good parts of the day, too!
The Second Sunday of Advent
December 10th
Celebrating our Haiti Partnership

Our guest Preacher will be our friend, 
                       Pere Sadoni Rector of St. Luc's School

And ...we will gather for our Christmas rectory party  in the evening to   benefit our beloved 
St. Luc's School
Liming the Lawn!
Do you have a lawn spreader? Here's your chance to be a big help in the final step of putting St. Alban's beautiful lawns and gardens to bed for the winter.
This Saturday morning. Liming the Lawn! The lime is here; all that's need are you and your spreader for an hour or two! No RSVP, please just show up!

Saturday, Dec. 2,  Starting at 8 am

Your B&G committee thanks you!
A On Saturday, December 9, we will again have the opportunity to cook and serve lunch for our sisters and brothers at Preble Street.  
Peter Durgin, our mighty Chef du Cuisine is probably already rolling up his sleeves!  Nancy is coordinating this lunch service so please reply to both of us Louise at and Nancy at  to let us know you are coming.

Just to remind you, we welcome any who can stay for the whole service, "soup to nuts" (aka preparation to cleanup) but there are many ways to divide the service if you have only an hour or two.  So here's how it breaks down:

Dishwashers ( need 3) 10 - Finish, usually 1
Prep Cooks ( need 5-8)  10 - 11:15
Servers (need 5) 11:30 - 1
Clean-Up Crew ( need 3 but it's faster if we have 1 or 2 more)  12:45 - 1:30

Nancy will arrive by 9:30 to get everything ready for us.
Peter D. fires up the big stove by 10.
We assemble for announcements and a prayer at  11:15.
!st Lunch service =  11:30 -  12:10
2nd Lunch Service = 12:15-1