Dear Friends,

We've worked really hard to make sure Wisconsin is open for business.   According to the state's largest business group, 90%  of Wisconsin businesses believe that Wisconsin is heading in the right direction!  But our state isn't just open for business, tourism is also making a huge impact in our state.

Wisconsin's tourism industry now has a $20 billion impact on our state's economy! That's up $700 million from 2015. Tourism now supports nearly 200,000 jobs. It's no shock that so many people want to visit our great state, but these results are incredible!

This week, we started voting to improve the state budget plan offered by Governor Scott Walker.  A major sticking point will be the transportation portion of the budget. This week, State Representative Dale Kooyenga offered a comprehensive transportation plan.  I'm currently reviewing the proposal but would love to hear your thoughts on the Assembly's plan and how we should address our transportation needs.

As always, if you have any ideas on how to improve our great state, including how to improve the budget, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 608-266-5830.   

On Wisconsin!

Rules Review Will Clear-up Clutter, Confusion

Government red tape can create headaches for taxpayers and business owners, but it can be even worse when outdated rules create confusion and extra expenses.  

A new bill authored by myself along with Senator Steve Nass, and Representative Joan Ballweg aims to eliminate the clutter in our state's administrative rules and make sure rules are fair, accurate, and clear.

After a law is passed, it's up to state agencies to write administrative rules to provide the details on how the law will work.  Often the rule-writing can take a long time, contradict existing rules, or create confusion and unnecessary expenses for people and small businesses. 

Too often it's difficult for small business owners to know which rules apply to them and which are outdated.  This bill will give the administrative code a regular and thorough check-up.

I would like to thank Senator Steve Nass and Representative Joan Ballweg for working on this important issue.  Together, I believe we have created a comprehensive and important reform which will build on the improvement of our state's business climate.
Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women Visit Madison
The amazing ladies of the Wisconsin Federation of Republican Women visited the Capitol this week.  Their encouragement is a big reason we've had so much success in our great state.
Around the 8th...
Congratulations to the Brown Deer Citizen of the year, Rosalyn Hamrick!  Rosalyn is an outstanding choice for the award.  She has helped many seniors with their taxes.  Thanks for all you do Rosalyn!

I had an incredible time at the Wisconsin Business Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Monday.

Congratulations to Bill Nasgovitz from Heartland Advisors, Agustin Ramirez of HUSCO International, and Ray, Bill, & Art Schmidt of U.S. Venture!

Woodview Elementary School in Grafton visited the Capitol on Thursday!
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