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Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee!  The Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health is now nationally accredited.  It's the first accredited school of public health in Wisconsin.

This week, we moved closer to completing work on the state budget.  On Tuesday, Senate Republicans offered up a budget plan that will fund education, lower the tax burden, and keep road projects like the Zoo Interchange on track.  You can read more about our plan below.

Governor Walker then offered another compromise, and while it has promise, the details of that plan need to be analyzed.  I believe we are close and will soon reach a budget deal that will positively impact Wisconsinites.

As always, if you have any ideas on how to improve our great state, including how to improve the budget, please do not hesitate to contact me at  or 608-266-5830.   

On Wisconsin!

Senate Unveils Budget Plan

With major companies knocking on Wisconsin's door, Senate Republicans say we must continue to make major investments in our state's infrastructure.
On Tuesday, I joined my fellow Senators to announce our budget plan.  Our budget provides more money for our schools, cuts taxes, and invests in vital infrastructure to keep mega highway projects on track.
The Zoo Interchange and I-94 projects are crucial to our state's economy. We've never paid for them in cash before, we have always bonded for them, and our state won't be as competitive without their completion.  We have major companies looking to invest in Wisconsin right now.  These projects can't wait.
The Senate Republican Budget Plan will:
  • Invest more than $600 million in K-12 education
  • Eliminate three taxes (Forestry Mill, Personal Property, Alternative Minimum)
  • Keep all three mega road projects on track (I-94 North/South, the Zoo Interchange, I-94 East/West)
  • Cut 436 more positions than the Governor's budget plan 
While other states are arguing about how high to raise taxes, Wisconsin is cutting taxes. While other states struggle to invest in schools, Wisconsin is making a $600 million investment in our schools.  Thanks to careful budgeting, our state is not in the mess other states are in.  I believe the proposal we outlined this week will get the budget over the finish line and keep our state moving forward.
A copy of the Senate Republican Budget Plan is available  here.
Governor Signs Recovery High School Bill

Wisconsin continues to lead in the nationwide battle against opioid abuse.  On Monday, Governor Scott Walker signed 11 bills that I authored or co-sponsored to fight the epidemic.  One of those bills will create a high school for students dealing with substance abuse.  The school will give recovering students a chance to succeed.

We see kids struggling with addiction successfully complete treatment programs but soon relapse once they return to their previous school. Many times, this is due to the fact that they fall into similar routines that led to their drug addiction.

Currently, Wisconsin has one private high school in Madison which serves teenagers recovering from addiction.  The new law creates a public school option for recovering students similar to schools in Indiana and Minnesota.  The recovery school will be operated under the University of Wisconsin System.  The high school will help provide a safe and supportive environment for students to continue to fight their addiction.

A recovery high school will provide support for students who struggle with addiction, including counseling and therapy services while creating a place where they can work toward a high school diploma.  Evidence shows that attending a recovery high school keeps students on the path for a substance-free future and prepares them for a career at the same time.
Around the 8th...

Isn't Milwaukee beautiful?  This week, I enjoyed a river cruise with friends.  

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