Weekly Update for 5.18.20
What's happening at Redeemer?
New Initiatives

On Wednesdays, Morning and Midday Prayer are now being conducted outdoors on the lawn in front of our building (weather permitting), and you are invited to join Fr. Bill either at 8:30 or 12:00 – or both. Bring your own chairs and masks or you can stay in your car. Bring your own BCP too or let Fr. Bill know if you'd like to purchase one for $20.

On Sundays, we have begun hosting a weekly Zoom gathering for After-Church Fellowship, immediately after we end our worship live-stream. Anyone interested can click the link on our website and join together for fellowship, to ask the preacher questions, and otherwise catch up together, and see one another. We hope to see many of you there.
Celebrating Our Graduates!

Our church family will be celebrating our graduates on Sunday, May 24th during our Sunday morning streamed service . We have a couple of things in the works for them, including giving them a gift as representation of the love we have as their church family. 

As a part of this gift, we'll be collecting notes/letters from our congregation for our graduates. If you would like to write a note for a graduate or graduates please email Tim ASAP at

Our current graduate list is as follows: 

Emily Cheshire 
Timothy DelCharco 
Laura Cheshire 
Kara Gavin 
Ellie Jewel Thompson 
John Driscoll 
Miriam Nelson 
Liliana Norris 

 If you know a graduate a part of our Church family that is not on this list, please email Tim ASAP! 
Update from the Rector:

Dear Redeemer Family,

I want to update you on current status of the ongoing discussions regarding re-opening Redeemer. This is truly a monumental endeavor!
Redeemer has a very diverse membership, multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multi-political. I suspect many of you have had very diverse reactions to the projected opening date of May 31, some thinking "too soon" and others thinking "about time". I assure you, that same diversity exists on your Vestry Leadership board.
The Vestry will meet this Tuesday to continue our conversation about the comprehensive plan for reopening and to finalize the Phase One portion of the plan. Here is what I can tell you at this point.

While possessing differing viewpoints, your Vestry is united under the Lordship of Jesus, and under the leadership of the ACNA and our local Anglican leadership. We have received wise counsel from our Bishop Neil, and are moving forward in a way that honors his leadership and recommendations on the use of masks and the advisability of congregational singing.

We are also united in our commitment to the Gospel imperative that we consider and care for the vulnerable among us.

We continue to move toward May 31st as our first in-person service at Redeemer at 10AM, with a concurrent livestream.

Early survey results indicate that many of you plan to worship from home, while a smaller nu mber have indicated they plan to be at Redeemer in person that morning. If you have not yet completed the survey, please do so ASAP by clicking this link HERE (or in the highlight below).

If you are among those who plan to attend, please watch for an upcoming link to sign up and to volunteer. Please note: we will not be able to meet if we do not have sufficient volunteers to help with the service. We may also need a number of people to stay after church to help with disinf ecting the sanctuary.

All volunteers will need to wear masks. Each week we will need:

  • 2 people to greet outside before the service
  • 2 people to be available to greet latecomers during the service
  • 2 people to usher
  • 3-5 people to disinfect the sanctuary after the service
  • People to be trained on the sound board, the camera and running Powerpoint. If you are interested, contact Darlene.

We also need the following cleaning supplies, which can be dropped off in the church office T-W-Th between 9 and noon:

  • Hand sanitizer (60% or more alcohol-based)
  • Disposable and cloth masks
  • Disinfecting wipes and/or disinfecting spray, at least some of which must be usable on wood surfaces.
  • Cleaning cloths (e.g. paper towels or microfiber towels to use with sprays)
  • Plastic gloves

Honoring social distancing protocols, we will have seating for 60 in the sanctuary, and up to 30 others in the fellowship hall and chapel.

We will have a process for signing up each Sunday. Look for a sign-up process to be announced later this week.

We will expect everyone in attendance to wear masks during worship out of regard for one another and for the protection of those leading worship. This is important, as we will be in a room together for over 45 minutes.

Many details remain to be decided in the upcoming Vestry meeting. Vestry is taking into account the feedback and questions received through the online survey. Again, if you have not yet taken it, please click on the survey link HERE (or in the highlight below) and complete it ASAP.
These are extraordinary times, with a serious threat in Coronavirus. We all have some level of anxiety and frustration during this crisis. This new “normal” is uncomfortable, and has potential to be distracting during worship.

If you experience anxiety when out in public, or when in proximity with others, that anxiety will be magnified in a 45-minute church service. It remains a good, faithful, and safe choice to stay home and worship via live stream. The Lord by His Holy Spirit is with us, whether we are together virtually or together in person.

I continue to pray for you all daily.

Fr. Bill
Give Input on Our Phase One Initiative!

Please take the time to fill out this survey to give input on our first in-person Sunday Service scheduled for May 31st.
Save the Date!

On Saturday May 30th at 11am, Katie Lebhar Black and Wes Bowling are getting married, and you are all invited to "attend" through Youtube Live. They are so thankful for all that this church community has meant to them, especially in their recent seasons of life, and want to share their joy. A link to the ceremony and more details will follow.
An Update from RSM
RSM's weekly events are back in full swing after Easter week! Check it out!

RSM Weekly Rhythm:
Movie Monday,  3:30 p.m. 
Trivia Tuesday ,  3:30 p.m.
Whole-Church Wednesday,  6:30 p.m.
Theology Thursday,  3:30 p.m.
Fitness Friday,   3:30 p.m.
Service Saturday,   ALL DAY
  • Service Saturday is a day we encourage students to serve and love the people that are closest to them, namely their families. We don’t hold any official RSM events, but push students to be present with their families, and serve them self sacrificially. We’ve already gotten positive feedback here!
Small Group Sunday,  Scheduled by SG
  • Our RSM Small Groups are intended to be a place where students can share and vent and pray together. We hope to provide emotional support and accountability through these groups. Each Small Group has been asked to schedule their own time.

This is the link for all our Zoom activities:
6:30 p.m. Wednesday Zoom Gathering
Join us this week as we begin a study together of Paul's letter to the Philippians. A short teaching will be followed by small group discussion and prayer, closing with family prayer all together. We will have a time of fellowship at 6:00 p.m. for greeting and sharing.  Click the link on our website homepage to join the Zoom Gathering or click HERE .
Small Group Connections
We’re excited that a majority of our adults, and numerous families, are now meeting in small groups via Zoom, others on the phone. If you are not yet in a group, don’t miss out! We are still working on making contacts with some, but please reach out to Darlene Fray at  if you are one of those folks, and she’ll get you connected. The face-to-face interactions on Zoom are especially helpful in this season! Let Darlene know if you need tech help as well.
At-Home Communion
We are seeking to care for you by offering home communion to those who want it. This will be communion of one kind (bread only) to be picked up at the church, with an instructed liturgy to be included in the packet. Contact  Jeanne Higgins via text 904-866-9068 or by email  if you would like to learn more about this or if you would be willing to help with this ministry.
Giving During COVID19 Crisis
It is more important than ever to support Redeemer financially. Although we are not meeting at the church, we still must maintain the building, support outreach programs, and sustain staff and clergy who continue to provide so much of the spiritual guidance and support that we need in these difficult times.   

You can find directions for giving options on Redeemer's website  HERE .

Your support is greatly appreciated! 
This Week's Outreach Ministry for Prayer:
City Rescue Mission
A Christian recovery ministry rebuilding the lives of the homeless and needy through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ since 1946. City Rescue provides emergency shelter to the homeless and an opportunity to discover that through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, they can repair and rebuild whole and productive lives. (
Please also be praying:
For healing:
Joan (Joyce’s Sister-in-law); Betty Whitaker; Shelly Smith; Richard; Evelyn Bennion; Agnes Anderson; Mrs. Da le Leonard; Dick Wilkerson; Chuck Paul; Christopher Kelly; Elly Crain; Gladys Maxwell; Ann (Mother of Mike Norris); Ryan (grand nephew of Patty Ubbens); Tom Johnston; Fatima; Sue (Friend of Roy Batterman); Colton Johnson (Karen Fergusson’s Nephew); Mandy; Caroline Hinman; Bob & Marie Hess; James Murray; Jim Capell; Jamie Radamacher (friend of Josette Green); Paul Miller (Mike Miller’s father); Sandra Lesher. Dale & Alba; Quintin Stevens. Arv Barrett (Friend of Bob Clark); Irene Stapleton (Sister of Shirley Combs).
For comfort, direction or safety:
Cathy Whitaker; Everett; Billy; Bo and Lilly Ubbens; Travis; Grace, Richard and Josephine; Loretta Crooms; Roy Batterman & his sister Mary Beth; Family and Friends of Emily Platek; Miriam Nelson; Son of Doris Cheshire and his girlfriend; Linda McCall (Stephanie Smith friend) & her son Jason Mutschler; Sheila Delcharco; Sandy Rousso (Francis & Charley’s grand daughter in law) & Charles Paul Jr. (Francis & Charley Pauls son); Andrea Fritschle; Family of Pat Bissell.
Continue to pray for:
William Schrader; Truett Thompson; Will and Hayley; The Metzler Family; Barbara Archer (Bill Archer’s Mother); John Kruse; Charles Judson; Hal (Claudia Haug’s Brother); Lauren; Sharon Bailey; David Mason; William West; Kelley; Bill and Lorna Hurley; Stephen Blazs; Leticia Hastay; Shirley Batterman; Brenda (Helen Winfree’s Sister); Sandra (Janet Fritschle’s sister); Mimi (Melissa Blazs’ sister); Daniel Thompson; Joyce (sister of Janet Fritschle); Barbara Clark (Bob Clarks sister-in-law); Gerry Davis(Catherine Penrods uncle); Juan Penrod (Chris Penrod sister-in-law).
The following Redeemer Outreach Ministry: 
City Rescue Mission
The following parishes and clergy:  
Bishop Neil and Marcia Lebhar
Church of Our Savior, Jacksonville Beach, FL
People and Clergy: David Ball (Rector), Jim McCaslin (Priest Associate), Lynne Ashmead (Priest Associate), and Bruce Ford (Priest Associate) 
Christchurch, Montgomery, AL 
People and Clergy: Andrew Rowell (Rector), Alan Reid (Assisting Priest) and Morgan Clark (Priest) 
Incarnation Tallahassee, Tallahassee, FL
People and Clergy: Taylor Bodoh (Rector), Jon Hall (Assistant Rector), and Peter Lebhar (Postulant)
Church of the Good Samaritan, Middleburg, FL
People and Clergy: Christopher Klukas (Rector), Carrie Klukas (Assisting Priest), and Steven Edwards (Deacon)
St. Peter's in the Glen, Glen St. Mary, FL
People and Clergy; Shawn Porter (Supply Priest) 
Other Clergy to pray for: John Eason (Retired) Anne Hauge (Deacon), Jeffrey Vermilya (Priest)
Those having birthdays this week: 
May 18-Joe Cafrelli, Bob Baldwin, Bennett Shogren
May 22-Ralph Heim
May 25-Ellie Thompson
May 26 Andrea McCullogh
May 28-Kristy Gavin
May 29- Danny Murphy, Josette Green, Timothy Brown