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October 18, 2018

Upcoming Events
  • October 22-26: Scholastic Book Fair
  • October 23: Preschool Grandparent's Day - P3-2AM, P4-5AM, P4-5PM
  • October 24: Preschool Grandparent's Day - P3-3AM, P4-3AM, P4-3ALL, KR

    Mass 9:15am
  • October 25: Trunk or Treat 6:30-7:30pm
  • October 30: PPC Meeting 3:45pm Library
  • October 31: Halloween Parties 2:15pm

    Halloween Parade 2:45pm

    Alternate Dress 

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Dear Saint Rose Families,

It has been a wonderful week of learning both within and outside of the walls of Saint Rose Catholic School.  We just started the second quarter and classes are progressing well.  Our 8th graders are on their way back from Washington D.C. after touring the Capital and Gettysburg.  Our seventh grade will spend this evening and night exploring the Cleveland Aquarium where they will learn about the Lake Erie watershed and do water studies. Tonight they will sleep alongside the shark tank!  Our preschool classes visited Fleitz Farm where they learned about farming and how things grow. What a great week!  

Bryon Borgelt

Prayers Please!
Please keep Ms. Weiner and Mrs. Naveaux in your prayers.  Both are bravely battling cancer.  Ms. Weiner just started her treatments.  Your children may notice her absence in the future and this is why.  Mrs. Naveaux is working remotely to avoid exposure to germs and viruses.  Prayer is positive and powerful.  Please keep them in your prayers. 

Parking Lot Concerns:
  • Please remember to exit to the right when traffic is backed up on Elm Street. This helps to keep things moving. 
  • Please do not turn left on Front Street from the Saint Rose parking lot.  
  • Cars must be parked in a parking spot at all times. Do not park along side buildings or no parking zones.  
  • Please do not hold up traffic in the morning by trying to make a left turn upon entering the lot. This causes back ups on Front Street and dangerous conditions.  
  • Please avoid using your phone while driving.  
  • Please avoid idling your car as much as possible. 

Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please click on your child's teacher's name to sign up for a parent/teacher conference. 

**New for Middle School** 
Conferences will be  student led . Please plan to attend with your child for this new format. Please see explanation from Dr. Borgelt below:

I am excited to announce that this fall our middle school students will have student led conferences. This is an approach to parent/teacher conferences that puts a greater emphasis for student learning on the student. It promotes student accountability, which is a major goal for any middle school program.  

Students will create portfolios by gathering exemplary and less than perfect work examples from the quarter.  They will also fill out self reflection sheets for each subject area.  The teachers will also fill out evaluations.  These portfolios will be sent home with the students on Friday,  November 2.  The students are to review the contents of the portfolios and address any questions prior to conferences with their parents at home.  Parents and students are to then attend the 6-8 grade conferences on November 7 and 8. Teachers will be happy to review your concerns and questions at conferences, but please don't be surprised when the teacher redirects some of the questions back to the students. 

While this process is a bit different than what has been done in the past, I think that you will be impressed with the results. 

8th Grade in Washington D.C.

This week, our 8th graders have been visiting the sites around Washington D.C.  From Mount Vernon to the Smithsonian to Mass at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the students have definitely had full days of tours and learning. Teachers have commented how cooperative and flexible the students have been and from the phone calls home each evening, the students have shared how much they're enjoying this trip. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers as they make their way home tonight. 

Preschool Field Trip

Preschool students in Mrs. Dulaney's class recently took a field trip to Fleitz's Pumpkin Farm! It was a great time learning all about pumpkins, problem solving our way through the corn maze and playing! 

5th Grade Visits Art Museum

The fifth grade class recently attended a program at the Toledo Museum of Art entitled "WordShop."  While divided into small groups each 5th grader had the opportunity to  to explore art through a close looking exercise that related  Language Arts to Art.  

Students were able to identify Elements of Art and Principles of Design and apply them to works of art.  It was a great out of the classroom learning experience!

Thank You for Grandparent's Day Service

St. Rose Students, Faculty and Friends,
What a blessing to have such a great community supporting our ministries here at Helping Hands! Our guests that come to get the snack packs really like the bags and untied the knots and put the t-shirts on. Another stuffed some clothes in one and was excited to have a pillow! Thank you for reaching out to help our neighbors have fallen on hard times. God bless all of you!
You are awesome!
Sue Shrewsberry, Director

Kroger Community Rewards
Time to print your Rewards Balance

It is time to print your Kroger Community Rewards balance.  Please send the print-out to the Saint Rose School office to the attention of Alison Ray-Kobler.  Alternatively, you can send a print-out of your earnings to Alison at  aliqwreigh@gmail.comTo ensure that we have the most up to date information on file, please also write the name of the St. Rose child/family who should receive the credit for your earnings (if applicable).  The only way we are able to assign the Kroger Community Rewards to a specific student account is by having the participants print and submit their Kroger Community Rewards donation amount. 
Please note:  Kroger recently upgraded their Community Rewards system, and as a result, St. Rose has a new account number - (CN971).  Don't worry - the previous number will continue to be associated with St. Rose, but it will not be visible to new members when enrolling.  For those existing members, your account may already reflect the new number - CN971.  If you have questions, you can reach out to Alison at the email address above.

Saint Rose Scholastic Book Fair

October 22-26, 2018

Are you able to volunteer to help 
our book fair run smoothly?

See the schedule below and volunteer when your child attends!

Book Fair Class Schedule

Monday, October 22
Mrs. Ferguson 9:10-9:45am
Mrs. French 9:50-10:25
Mrs. Ham 10:40-11:25am
Mrs. Johnson 11:25am-12:15pm
Mrs. Sankowski 1:00-1:35pm
Mrs. Kang 1:55-2:37pm

Tuesday, October 23
Preschool Grandparent's Day Morning
Miss Munger 1:55-2:35pm

Wednesday, October 24
Preschool Grandparent's Day Morning & Afternoon

Thursday, October 25
Mrs. Sarra 9:10-9:45am
Miss Beverick 9:10-9:45am
Mrs. Areddy 9:50-10:25am
8th Grade 11:25am-12:15pm (Lunch/Recess period)
Ms. Germann 1:10-1:45pm
Ms. Lewandowski 1:54-2:37pm

Friday, October 26
Mrs. Dubois 9:10-9:45am
Mrs. Henry 9:50-10:25am
Miss Layman 11:25am-12:15pm
Mr. Kruse 12:15-1:09pm
Mr. Kruse 1:55-2:37pm


KR/Kindergarten Parent Information Evening
Monday, November 12    7pm
Sacred Heart Center

This is a meeting for any parent who is considering enrolling their student in Kindergarten Readiness or Kindergarten for 2019-20
*New This Year*

Applications are required for any family interested in enrolling their student in Kindergarten Readiness or Kindergarten for 2019-2020.  

Please CLICK HERE to access application.

Thank you!

Saint Rose School theme for the year:

Love Life!

October's theme is an awareness of
Loving Those with Disabilities

This is also National Disability Employment Awareness Month.
Students will experience an activity or lesson highlighting the gifts of individuals with Disabilities.

The Toledo Diocese Office for Persons with Disabilities sponsors a summer camp for families with a member who has a disability.

Our collections for Mass and Alternate Dress in October will be donated for the Family Camp.

Thank you for your generosity.


Congratulations to Saint Rose Alumnus, Megan Sosko. Megan had the winning poster design for Notre Dame Academy's upcoming musical, "Hello, Dolly!"

Menu includes all the pancakes you care to eat, sausage links, scrambled eggs, syrup, orange juice, fruit cups, milk & coffee.
Location: St. Rose Church Basement
Date & Time: October 21,2018 - 8:30 AM to Noon
Cost: Adults - $6.00
Seniors (65+) - $5.00
Children (3-12) - $3.00
Children under 3 - FREE
All proceeds benefit the Knights of Columbus Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to St. Rose School.
                                     MUST FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE BELOW:
October 21st
Grades K-2
November 18th
Grades 3-5

December 16th
Grades 6-8

January 20th
Grades K-2

February 17th
Grades 3-5

March 17th 
Grades 6-8

A special day is coming...
Preschool Grandparents' Day!

A chance for your Preschooler to spend time at school with Grandparents or a Special Guest. We will be doing a service project, having snacks, and the Book Fair will be open for business!

Preschool Grandparent's Day 2018 Schedule

Tuesday, October 23, 9:30-11:00am
           Mrs. Schoen 3-Year Old Tuesday/Thursday
           Mrs. Arthur 3-Year Old Tuesday/Thursday
           Mrs. Hoertz 4-Year Old Monday-Friday Morning

Wednesday, October 24, 9:30-11:00am
           Mrs. Schoen 3-Year Old Monday/Wednesday/Friday
           Mrs. Arthur 4-Year Old Monday/Wednesday/Friday
           Mrs. French, Kindergarten Readiness

Wednesday, October 24, 1:15-2:45pm
           Mrs. Dulaney, Monday/Wednesday/Friday
           Mrs. Hoertz 4-Year Old Monday-Friday Afternoon

Parent Volunteers and Cookie Donations
are needed to make this day success!

Saint Rose School Mission Statement

As a Catholic, faith-based community, Saint Rose School provides challenging academics in a safe and supportive environment.  Students are nurtured to be confident life-long learners prepared for future academic endeavors and service to society.