7th Grade Science Field Trip

Saint Rose School responded to the limitations of COVID and the inability to secure busing for field trips by looking at the surrounding area with a creative eye. Saint Rose middle school science teacher, Mrs. Theresa Betori, reached out to the Metroparks Toledo to see if they were willing to come to the school since the school could not get to them for a science field trip focused on water studies. The Metroparks responded by sending two representatives along with water sampling kits and skulls and pelts for native animals of the region. Using the Perrysburg docks, Saint Rose seventh graders were able to gather water samples and run tests for phosphorus, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, ph levels and more. They learned how the river and ecosystem responds to these elements. There are many challenges to teaching at this time, particularly when planning a lab or attempting a field trip. Saint Rose is appreciative of what can be done with creative thinking and community cooperation.