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December 6, 2018

Upcoming Events
  • December 7: Yearbook Group Picture Day (Boy/Girl Scouts, Student Council, Quiz Bowl, etc)
  • December 11-14: Preschool Registration for Current School Families
  • December 12: Mass 9:15am

    Hero's Drop & Shop Night

    Panera Fundraiser Night
  • December 18: K-3 Christmas Program
    9:45am & 1:30pm
  • December 18 - 21: Preschool Registration for Parish Families
  • December 18 & 20: 7/8th grade Exams
  • December 19: Mass 2:15pm
  • December 21: Alternate Dress

    Christmas Concert 1:30pm

    Christmas Parties 2:30pm

    End of 2nd Quarter/First Semester
  • December 24 - January 6:
    NO SCHOOL - Christmas Break

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Saint Rose School
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Dear Saint Rose Families,

We are just about halfway between last year's Moonlight and Roses event and the upcoming event this spring. Plans are already underway for this year's event!
Months of planning and hard work lay ahead, but we know that we will have another tremendous year.

Last year funds were raised for the school to improve its security entrance. The parish and school worked with the administration, office personnel, employees and parents to investigate how to improve the security around the school. In the end we decided to modify our existing entrance and to staff the door during school hours. To date, we have spent approximately $26,000 on security improvements. Many of these improvements are not visible, but lie behind the scenes. One such improvement was the replacement of motion locks to a new push bar electronic system. The old system "unlocked" our doors whenever someone inside the building walked past. This no longer happens, and all doors remain locked throughout the entire day. We updated our phone system to handle the new locks. Electricians, door companies and our phone company all worked to make these improvements. Locks are currently being added inside the main entrance requiring visitors to be buzzed into either the gym or 5-8 building once they are buzzed through the front door. The elevator has also been updated with new keypad locks that are timed to lock during the school day. Doors and locks at all entrances have been updated.

Additional improvements are planned with the balance of remaining funds. We plan to add additional external security cameras. Improvements are planned for the main office to provide a more inviting space for our visitors, parents, students and faculty.

We are thankful your generosity. We are also thankful that we have been able to be good stewards of your generosity to maximize the return on your funds while
providing necessary safety improvements.

Bryon Borgelt

  • Candid Yearbook Pictures/Team Photos/Club Photos TOMORROW!! Please send students with Boy/Girl Scout shirts/vests
  • With the change in weather, please remember to send coats, hats, gloves, etc. for recess. Students will be outside and need to dress appropriately. 

Saint Nicholas Visits Saint Rose

Saint Nicholas came around to visit Saint Rose today! 
Thank you Saint Nicholas for the holy cards and candy canes! Holy, Holy, Holy!
(And thank you Fr. Kidd for the photos and post!)

See Photos from around the school HERE

Congratulations to our Saint Rose Quiz Bowl Team!
2018 League Champions!

Health Tips from Nurse Michelle

There have been a variety of illnesses circulating the school. Germs are inevitable, but here are 8 ideas to help stop the spread.

1). Encourage your child to wash hands upon arriving home . Of course, everyone should wash their hands before eating, after using the restroom, after being outside, if you cough/sneeze into your hands, or anytime your hands are visibly soiled.
2). Disinfect high traffic areas . Using a disinfectant wipe down doorknobs, light switches keyboards, phones, tablets, etc.
3). Cough or sneeze into your sleeves, not your hands!
4). Get plenty of rest . Sleep heals. Too much stress and not enough sleep can wear your body down. You can't fight off illness if you are not getting enough rest.
5). Germs are not for sharing . Try to remember not to share cups, straws, or eating utensils. Although we love our family members, kissing and hugging does spread germs.
6). Drink plenty of water and eat right . Encourage your children to drink water as much as possible. Stay away from sugary sodas and sugary snacks.
7). Don't touch the T-Zone . Keep fingers out of the eyes, nose, and mouth.
8). When to stay home . If your child has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, red watery goopy eyes, severe cough or cold, then please keep your child at home.

Winter Enrichment 2019  

Looking for a gift for your student this Christmas? Why not give them a fun experience gift with a winter enrichment class! Choose from dance, soccer, fitness, animal detectives, baton twirling and much more! Per request, you will receive a certificate that you can present to your child to represent the great opportunity they will soon get to experience! 

Also this session, Saint Rose's Creation Care team will be hosting a special six week program for students interested in further enriching their spiritual experience. 

Registration is NOW OPEN! 
We are offering the Creation Care Team as an after school enrichment program on Mondays during the winter session. We have lined up guests and activities designed to foster care for our common home.
January 14 - We will plant milkweed for butterflies       
January 28 - Dr. Franchetti: "Climate Change and You: A Global Warning"
February 4 - 577 Foundation visit
February 11 - Nature's Nursery visit
February 25 - Metroparks visit: "Habitats and Conservation Tips"
March 4 - Field trip to The Lake Erie Center
If your child is interested in taking an active role in caring for the earth, 
Please note: Creation Care team is offered at a reduced rate.

2019 Middle School Ski/Snow Board Trip

Annual Ski/Snow Board Trip Trip - January 31
The annual Saint Rose middle school ski trip is back. The purpose of the trip is to provide our students with the opportunity to try something new, have some fun and bond as middle school students. We will also connect the trip to our science curriculum.
Students will travel by Blue Lakes Bus for this one day trip. We depart from Saint Rose School at 8:00 am and return around 7pm. Students need to arrive and be on the bus by 7:45 am. We will head to Mad River Mountain. This is a perfect trip for beginners and more advanced skiers. Lessons are offered free of charge and the staff does a nice job of making sure the kids are ready for the mountain.  All students will be provided a lift ticket, rental, lesson, helmet and lunch. Parents may want to send extra money for snacks during the day as well as a quick stop at a fast food spot on the way back to school. Space is limited to 100 students. Payment is due Friday, January 11.

Saint Rose understands that skiing is not an interest that all of students share. Students that do not attend the trip will participate in fun activities at school.
Cost= $70

Kroger Community Rewards
Apologies for last week's misprint. 
Email address link has been corrected

Time to print your Rewards Balance

It is time to print your Kroger Community Rewards balance.  Please send the print-out to the Saint Rose School office to the attention of Alison Ray-Kobler.  Alternatively, you can send a print-out of your earnings to Alison at aliqwreigh@gmail.com .  To ensure that we have the most up to date information on file, please also write the name of the St. Rose child/family who should receive the credit for your earnings (if applicable).  The only way we are able to assign the Kroger Community Rewards to a specific student account is by having the participants print and submit their Kroger Community Rewards donation amount. 
Please note:  Kroger recently upgraded their Community Rewards system, and as a result, St. Rose has a new account number - (CN971).  Don't worry - the previous number will continue to be associated with St. Rose, but it will not be visible to new members when enrolling.  For those existing members, your account may already reflect the new number - CN971.  

If you have questions, you can reach out to Alison at the email address above.

Letters From Haiti

Last year, our students wrote to students at Saint Rose School, our sister school in Haiti. Recently, those students returned the gesture and wrote back sharing their thanks and prayers for our students and school. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing these letters. Please take a minute to read. 

  Letter #16  Letter #17  Letter #18

Saint Rose School theme for the year:

Love Life!

December Theme:   Immigration and Refugees
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me."   (MT 25:35)
Just as the Holy Family was forced to leave its homeland in order to preserve their lives, many Syrians have been forced to leave their homeland.

The need is great:
"The political and humanitarian crisis in Syria is a serious concern for the Catholic Church and the bishops of the United States. In the past five years, at least four million Syrians have fled their country as a consequence of the civil war and the rise of ISIS. Most have fled to surrounding countries, especially Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey, and many others have moved on to Europe with the hope of finding a place of peace and safety. Pope Francis and the Catholic bishops have called on the U.S. government and the international community to provide support to both Syrian refugees fleeing violence and to countries that have been at the forefront of this humanitarian effort. "   

Charity of the month:  
Catholic Charities

During the month of December our charitable donations will support Catholic Charities' effort to aid immigrants and refugees.  

Thank you for your generosity.

Employment Opportunity

Athletic Director - CYO Athletics
Part-Time (time varies throughout the year)
Average of 10 hours/ week (5-20 hours during seasons)
The CYO Parish Athletic Director (AD) is an adult leader of the entire parish athletic program. This person should be organized, respected in the community, able to communicate effectively, mediate disputes and someone who cares about the well-being of the youth above all else. The AD ensures that the athletic programs are a part of the faith building efforts of the parish, are part of a comprehensive ministry to youth, and are within the programmatic guidelines of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). The AD is also responsible for:
  • Communicating the status, opportunities and needs of CYO to the pastor, the parish and school.
  • Ensuring eligibility requirements, rules and standards for athletic programs are enforced.
  • Recruiting coaches and reviewing their expectations, duties, and responsibilities.
  • Oversee the formation of teams.
  • Evaluate the athletic programs, equipment, uniforms, and facility needs.
  • Mediate issues between players, coaches and parents.
  • Form/ Maintain a CYO athletic board to assist in the administration of CYO.
Please send resume, cover letter, and references to Rob Hohler at hohler@saintroseonline.org.

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all who have supported me these past four years as St. Rose Parish Athletic Director. Due to personal reasons, I will be stepping down from the Athletic Director position. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many positive moments serving as minister to the youth in our CYO sports programs as well as serving alongside the many coaches and commissioners who spend countless hours giving of their time and knowledge of their individual sport. I intend to assist the parish staff in transitioning a new Athletic Director into the position.
Aimee Dusseau-Sandvik

Saint Rose School Mission Statement

As a Catholic, faith-based community, Saint Rose School provides challenging academics in a safe and supportive environment.  Students are nurtured to be confident life-long learners prepared for future academic endeavors and service to society.