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September 6, 2018

Upcoming Events
  • September 13: School Mass  9:15am
  • September 18: Grandparent's Day Grades K-8
  • September 20: Donuts for Dads (A-L)
  • September 21:  School Mass  9:15am

  • September 25:  Fall Pictures

    Donuts for Dads (M-Z) 
  • September 26: Fall Pictures

    School Mass  9:15am

    8th Grade HS Visitations
  • September 27: 8th Grade HS Visitations
  • September 28: Fall Pep Rally 2:45pm

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Dear Saint Rose Families,

I am attending a diocesan conference on addiction today.  The conference is filled with pastors, principals and parish employees from around our diocese.  Addiction is a horrible mental disease that plagues our communities.  It is good to see our diocese discuss the implications of this disease and what we can do within our faith to support our families and combat it.  One of the presenters, Mark A. Hurst, MD and Director of the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services highlighted the importance of faith and family, along with many other resources, to combat this epidemic.  He stated that when parents talk to their children about drugs and alcohol that adolescent usage decreases by 50%.  There is a correlation between reduced substance usage and how often families eat dinner together. Those who eat dinner together throughout the week are less likely to see substance usage.  Involving children in extracurricular activities correlates with decreased usage.  Families that attend church regularly are less likely to be addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Teens who regularly attend church are less likely to use.  Parents who report religion as important saw an 80% decrease in suicidal ideology compared to parents who do not feel that religion is important. Finally, please clean out any unused or leftover medication from your homes. 
There are many factors that contribute to drug use, abuse and addiction. It is a very complicated issue for our times.  That said, attending church and spending quality time with our families are important factors to help us armor our families against this epidemic. 

Bryon Borgelt

Transportation Reimbursement
Districts outside of Perrysburg, Eastwood and Rossford 

Students who have a home district outside of Perrysburg, Eastwood and Rossford are eligible for a transportation reimbursement from their home district. This can amount to a couple of hundred dollars per student per year.  Many districts require you to contact them early in the year for budget reasons. TPS has a deadline of September 10. Please contact your local transpo rtation office as soon as possible to request these funds. 



Birthday treats/healthy snacks/holiday party treats may be brought to school.  If the treat is for a child's birthday, parents must notify the teacher prior to the day the treat is brought in.  Parents should contact the classroom teacher 24 hours prior to bringing the treat to class.  A student may need to celebrate his/her birthday on another day due to a special event.
To better ensure the safety of all of our students, any food item that is to be distributed during school must be commercially produced and labeled  with a list of ingredients (no homemade treats are permitted).  The food item will be distributed at the discretion of the child's teacher. 
A list of allergens will be shared by the teacher.
Although we try to provide the safest environment for all of our students, Saint Rose cannot guarantee the food safety of any food item that is brought to school for distribution.  Families of students that have allergies are encouraged to send in some special treats to be kept by the teachers for any special dietary needs their children have. These treats must be shelf stable. The teacher will keep the snacks for one year to distributed when food treats are brought in.
Please note, that instead of a food item, families may send in other items.  Some ideas include:
  • A favorite book to be donated to the class
  • Stickers
  • A small craft for the class to make
  • School supplies
Please reach out to your child's teacher for any other ideas.


Saint Rose School understands that technology changes constantly and that many students own some of the current technological conveniences in life such as cell phones, smart watches, MP3 Players (iPods), hand-held games and personal electronics.  The faculty and staff of Saint Rose believe that school is not a place where these types of items are needed however, we respect a parent's decision to allow their child to have a cell phone, smart watch, iPod, hand-held game or personal electronic device. . 
Should a student need to use a telephone while at school, they are welcome to use the phone in the school office.  If a student is working with a teacher after school, the teachers' rooms have telephones.  Being a Catholic school, we are extremely concerned about the improper use of cell phones.  Many phones are also cameras, and inappropriate pictures, or pictures, which lead to bullying activity, are a main concern.
Music on personal devices should be appropriate for all ages if it is to be played at Saint Rose.  Please keep handheld gaming devices at home to prevent damage or loss. 
The  use of cell phones, MP3 players (iPods), smart watches, hand-held games, and personal electronics is not allowed anywhere on the Saint Rose School campus, unless a student has specific permission from a teacher, administrator, or supervisor.  If one of these items is brought to school, it must be turned off and kept in the student's book bag.  The student will take full responsibility for any of these items, which they bring to school.  Saint Rose School accepts no responsibility for items lost or taken from lockers or book bags. 

Thank you!



Please contact Annie Arthur, Enrichment Director, with any questions or concerns: arthur@saintroseonline.org
Thank you!

Church sideview


All 7th & 8th grade Saint Rose School families, Parish School of Religion families, and Home School families are invited to join in prayer together.

Reception immediately following in the Sacred Heart Center (School Cafeteria)


Saint Rose Parish and School will continue the ClassMass in the 2018-19 school year.   

Each ClassMass is organized to help promote fellowship among children of the same grade level and their families by inviting them to join together for  Mass and then a short reception afterwards.  During the school year, each grade (or two) will have a designated day at a  9:00 a.m.  Sunday  Mass to pray and worship together followed by an opportunity to socialize.

Two parents (one from Saint Rose School and one from PSR or  Home School) are needed to help to coordinate the short reception for each  Class Mass .  

It's that time of year again! 

Dads are welcome and encouraged to join their children for a donut, juice/water and coffee before school. 

We offer this on two days and divide the school alphabetically.  However, if you can't make it on your "assigned" day, no problem!  Just sign up for the day that works best for you.  Also, if dad is unable to attend, grandfathers, step-dads, or uncles are welcome in their absence. 

It's important to sign up however, so we can get an accurate donut count.

This is a free event sponsored by the Pirates Parents Club

Kindergarten - 8th Grade

September 18, 2018

Grandparents or a Special Family Member are invited
 to visit their students at school!

Please bring donated items to the school office

Represent Saint Rose School & Parish in the 
2018 Harrison Rally Day Parade!

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Parade start: 10 AM
Line-up time and location TBA.

We also invite you to join us at the Saint Rose School booth! Share with others the great things about our school!

Saint Rose Student Council

Want to make your voice heard? Want to help make a difference at Saint Rose School? Saint Rose Student Council is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year. Each grade (1st-8th) will have two students chosen to represent the student body.

Get your applications in and lets make Saint Rose even better!

Employment Opportunity

Part-time Custodial Position

Saint Rose Catholic Parish, Perrysburg
Hours: Up to 24/week 

The custodian is responsible for cleaning and maintaining safe secure interior and exterior environments. Weekends and evenings are required.  Must be able to perform general custodial duties, including but not limited to; sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, burnishing floors, cleaning carpet, changing light bulbs, emptying trash, washing windows and glass areas. They must also be able to operate custodial equipment for lawn care, floor refinishing, snow removal, etc. During winter months, shoveling snow from sidewalks, steps, and entryways.  Employees must be able to successfully pass a background check.  

Please send resumes and inquiries to Rob Hohler at  hohler@saintroseonline.org.   

Saint Rose School Mission Statement

As a Catholic, faith-based community, Saint Rose School provides challenging academics in a safe and supportive environment.  Students are nurtured to be confident life-long learners prepared for future academic endeavors and service to society.