I come from a family of 6 children and am blessed that we're able to gather without drama, rivalry, or feuding, despite our political and religious differences. Last week 2 of my sisters from out of state joined me, my mom, and sister, Joan, here in Indy. We didn't do anything particularly special.

Mary (right) was here for a choral directors's conference at Marian University. One night she, Ruth (left), and I went to the Indiana All State Vocal Jazz Concert. It was amazing! July 2, Paul and I took Ruth and her husband, Tom, to Symphony on the Prairie. Our time was mostly spent making meals together, playing games, and visiting. On second thought, considering the state of the world today, that's pretty special after all!

I pray that you've had or will soon have an opportunity to gather with loved ones and that you feel safe and accepted in their company.

~Betty Kaiser