Well, after all these months of testing negative for Coronavirus in various ways, and most often with the home test where you pray for only one visible line, I took the test in preparation for a doctor's visit Monday and the second line showed up. Ironically this happened after preaching at Zionsville Christian Church where I said (and one should never quote themselves): "Will another virus rear its ugly head and put our life and our world in jeopardy again? We just don't know!"

The uncertainty caused by this pandemic really can mess with your psyche and, if we don't watch out, your spirit.

So, allow me the privilege of saying: the unknown is awful to deal with, but because of the gift of our scientists and our being vaccinated and boosted, the unknown has the potential of being bearable. Can I promise this? Of course not. And I so deeply regret the loss of so many from this virus. But can I believe it? You betcha.

Gabe Dixon, our Disciples musician from Nashville, Tennessee, sings about this in his song whose chorus goes, "All will be well. Even after all the broken promises to yourself. All will be well, you can ask me how but only time will tell."

Well, after dreading this COVID positive news (the appearance of the second line on the home test) for all this time, can I just say that statement is proving true in my case. I am in my third day of COVID and taking the monoclonal treatment regime, and I am improving with each day! All will be well! Believe it as best you can and may that belief lift your spirits. We don't know how life will turn out, do we? We do know that God will walk with us no matter where the journey takes us, giving us strength and hope along the way.

On the journey with you,

~Jim Powell