Oh good heavens it was hot! Mid 90's and 100% humidity for days on end. Much too hot for mid-June. And to make matters worse it hadn't rained in weeks. The thought that it wasn't even summer and we still had July and August to slot through had me down in the dumps. I am a cool weather girl, and my normal energy level plummeted as the temperature rose. Every outdoor task seemed endless with my only goal to get back inside as quickly as possible. Even my dog was refusing to go on our daily 6:30 am walk. I was living in Dante's Inferno, only I think Indy was hotter!

Then one morning I woke up to 52 degrees and not a drop of humidity. Praise God! I was so excited that I put on my jeans and hoodie, snapped on the dog's lead and off we went into the cool, crisp, fall-like morning. Bliss, sheer bliss. We fairly skipped along as the chill air brought bounding energy back into our weary bodies. And as I walked, I thanked God for the cooler weather and the promise of rain later that day. I could feel God smiling down on me and I realized that this was one of God's little gifts He likes to send our way.

If you think about it, He sends us little gifts all the time. It may be a cool day in the middle of a heat wave or a text message from your child in the middle of the day just to say "Hi." The birdsong at dawn is definitely a gift from our Heavenly Father as is that great cup of coffee you sip as you listen to that birdie chorus in the backyard. It could be the kindness of a stranger or a beautiful sunset. Sometimes I walk into a room and am overwhelmed with the sunlight streaming in the window.

Little gifts, just a little something to give us a lift, fill us with joy, and remind us to connect with our Heavenly Father. That is what fills Him with joy. So look for those gifts today and when you encounter one remember to say, "Thank you, Lord!"


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the little gifts you send our way each and every day. May we be mindful of these gifts and take the time to enjoy them and to thank You for sending them.


~Carol Wakefield