February 5, 2020
Pastors Jacelyn Jones, Terry Knighten, and New Life Community Church hosted Youth Awakening on January 24-26, 2020, in Ridgeway, VA. The weekend included guest speaker Christine Woolf and the Living180 worship team. Click on the image to the left to watch a highlight video from the conference.
Please pray for Dave Aufrance as he undergoes a medical procedure on February 14. Doctors determined a stent was needed in his abdominal aorta as CT scans revealed it was enlarged. Dave and his wife, Cindy, serve as EFC-ER missionaries in Hong Kong.   
Pastoral Financial Wellness Program
The Pastoral Financial Wellness Program launched by Everence initiative assists pastors in several different ways, including:
  • Direct financial assistance grants of up to $6,000 to help alleviate debt burdens such as educational, medical and credit card debt. Lilly will match up to $3,000 of funds provided by a local church’s pastoral financial assistance fund. Recipients must be licensed with EFC-ER.

  • Financial planning subsidies toward the cost of a first-year Everence comprehensive financial plan. The Lilly Foundation will contribute $1,000 toward the cost of a financial plan for those pastors that contribute $200 (or $500 depending on the scope of service) for a financial plan. 

Visit  www.efcer.org/everence  for more information and to apply for this assistance.
We pray for the Ministry Teams as they gather this week:

  • Church Health Team: Pete Fowler, Bruce Bell, Ed Vinson, Julee Kelly, Dan Cale, Steve Steer, Mark Winner, Laurel Notturno, Chris King

  • Leadership Development Team: Debbie Noble, Kenny Hagin, Mark Reich, Marva Hoopes, Liz Brainard, Vicki Breckner, Dennis Seaver, Kolbi Shartzer

  • Multiplication Team: Zach Bohler, Samuel Huang, Mike Dennis, Norbu Tamang, Brian Donahue, José Urrutia, Judy Bell, Mathew Bradbury, Erik Marshall

  • Finance and Administration Team: Geoff Schultz, Phil Cleaver, Kay Cermak, Tim Keen, Clark Hoopes, Pam Rice, Scott Crawford

Please also pray for the Oversight Board as they meet next week: Matt Chesnes, Tom Crawford, Geoff Schultz, Pete Fowler, Debbie Noble, Dennis Seaver, David King, John Ryser, Deb Robinson, David Tebbs.
Pray New England Conference
Join Pastor Paul Hoffman and EFC Newport as they come together with other churches in Newport, RI to host the Pray New England conference March 26-28, 2020. The conference theme is "Pursuing Renewal: Creating a Culture of Empowered Prayer." This conference will feature keynote speaker and facilitator, Daniel Henderson, President of Strategic Renewal. Pastor Miguel Hernandez and Worcester Iglesia Evangelical Amigos will lead worship on Saturday, March 28. The conference schedule and registration is available here.
Visit the events calendar on our website at www.efcer.org/events .

* February 5-7 - Multiplication Team meetings at the EF HQ.
* February 6 - Finance & Administration Team meeting at the EF HQ.
* February 7-8 - Malone University Board of Trustees meetings in Canton, OH.
* February 10-11 - Oversight Board meetings at the EF HQ.
* March 2-5 - Pastors Conference at Exponential 2020 in Orlando, Florida. Details at www.efcer.org/pastorsconference .
* July 17-20 - Yearly Meeting 2020 at First Friends Church in Canton, OH.
Quote for the Week

"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." - Philippians 4:8 (ESV)