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September 19, 2018
NAE Christian Student Leadership Conference
January 28 - February 1, 2019
The Christian Student Leadership Conference is a place where college students who care deeply about today’s pressing issues come to learn and consider how to engage in public policy.

If you are a college student who wants to see justice, mercy and humility in today’s politics, then this conference is for you.
At the Christian Student Leadership Conference, you’ll be inspired and empowered as you:
  • Interact with today’s top public policy issues;
  • Hear from elected officials, public policy leaders and thinkers;
  • Express your values in a civil and biblical way; and
  • Speak on behalf of those who have no voice.
Consider your calling as you experience power-packed briefings, dialogue, and reflection — all while taking in our nation’s bustling capital city.

Find out more information and register at www.NAE.net/cslc .
1) We lift up the Ministry Teams, Oversight Board, and EFC-ER staff as they prepare to meet in Canton, OH this week.

  • Church Health Team - Terry Knighten, Bruce Bell, Dan Cale, Steve Steer, Ed Vinson, Mark Winner, Laurel Notturno, Pete Fowler
  • Finance & Administration Team - Geoff Schultz, Scott Crawford, Pam Rice, Clark Hoopes, Tim Keen, Phil Cleaver, Debbie Entwistle
  • Leadership Development Team - Debbie Noble, Matt Close, Kolbi Shartzer, Marva Hoopes, Dennis Seaver, Liz Brainard, Jose Urrutia
  • Multiplication Team - Mathew Bradbury, Paul Hoffman, Samuel Huang, Mike Dennis, Brian Donahue, Norbu Tamang, Rusty Savage, Judy Bell, Zach Bohler
  • Oversight Board - Tom Crawford, Matt Chesnes, David King, John Ryser, Mia Waldron, Geoff Schultz, Paul Hoffman, Terry Knighten, Liz Brainard, Dennis Seaver, Debbie Noble
  • EFC-ER Executive Director - Tom Crawford
  • EFC-ER Ministry Directors - Randy Heckert (Leadership Development and Multiplication) and Ed Walsh (Church Health, Finance & Administration, and missionary liaison)
  • New Church Specialties (NCS) Consultant - Lonnie Bullock

2) Please remember Linda Z. in your prayers as she will have a total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, September 25, 2018.
Hurricane Florence - Please pray for those in North and South Carolina affected by recent flooding. Pray that God will use the relief efforts made in the name of Christ to draw people to Him and that He will be glorified (Matthew 25:35).
The Finance and Administration Team created a " Recommended Policies and Procedures" document to help guide financial practices in churches. Questions can be directed to team member Tim Keen (330) 817-0183 or Ministry Director Ed Walsh (ewalsh@efcer.org).
Healthy Living Seminar
Ed is trained in healthy weight-loss education, and he is proof of its benefits. He is enthusiastic about sharing with your small group or midweek meeting what he has learned. Email Julie at  jjenkins@efcer.org  to schedule Dr. Ed.
* September 18-20 - Ministry Teams and Oversight Board Meetings at the Evangelical Friends Headquarters.
* September 28-29 - Malone University Homecoming. Details available at https://www.malone.edu/alumni/events/homecoming/.
* September 28-30 - Southern Women's Missionary Fellowship Retreat in Kitty Hawk, NC. Watch the promo video here and d ownload the brochure here .
* October 12-14 - Northern Women's Missionary Fellowship Retreat in Sugarcreek, OH. Questions? Contact Megan Condo . Download the brochure here .
* October 13 - Friends Adult Ministries Retreat at First Friends, Canton featuring the Jericho Road Quartet. Download the flyer here . Contact Paul Johnson or Kate Harris at 330-966-2800 with questions.
* October 31 - November 4 - EFC-NA/ EFM Fall Meetings in Wichita, Kansas.
* November 9-11 - Youth Explosion 2018. Find out more at www.yecle.com .
* November 22-23 - Evangelical Friends Headquarters CLOSED.
* December 28 - January 1 - Friends Summit 2018 in Denver, CO. More information available at www.friendssummit.com . You can watch the highlight video here .
* January 28 - February 1 - NAE Christian Student Leadership Conference in Washington, DC. Find out more and register at www.NAE.net/cslc.
* January 21-22 - Church Health Team and Leadership Development Team meets at the Evangelical Friends Headquarters (EF HQ).
* January 23-24 - Multiplication Team meets at the EF HQ.
* January 24 - Finance & Administration Team meets at the EF HQ.
* February 12-13 - Oversight Board meets at the EF HQ.
Quote for the Week

"But He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' " - 2 Corinthians 12:9a (NIV)
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