November 08, 10:30am
Masks worn by all at worship. Please bring your own!
Only one entrance. Sanitizers
will be located there.
separated by 6 feet.
No tactile passing of the Peace
Indoor services will not have congregational singing.
Collection plate placed at
entrance to the Nave
Bread only communion distributed within Diocesan protocols.
Join us for coffee hour

Sunday After Pentecost
November 8, 2020

The Rev. Dr. Bill Shaddox

A Morsel for Meditation
Without a vibrant and vital Christianity, America is doomed, and without America, the West is doomed. Which is why I, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, devoted to Jewish survival, the Torah and Israel am so terrified of American Christianity caving in. Most of us Jews are ready to stand with you. But you must lead. You must replace your timidity with nerve, and your diffidence with daring and determination. You are under attack. Now is the time to resist it. Defense will be far harder down the road if we ignore the danger signals now.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin,
A Rabbi’s Warning to Christians (December 28, 2017),
The church is never true to itself when it is living for itself, for if it is chiefly concerned with saving its own life, it will lose it. The nature of the church is such that it must always be engaged in finding new ways by which to transcend itself. Its main responsibility is always outside its own walls in the redemption of common life. That is why we call it a redemptive society. There are many kinds of religion, but redemptive religion, from the Christian point of view, is always that in which we are spent on those areas of existence that are located beyond ourselves and our own borders.
Elton Trueblood, The Company of the Committed
(Harper & Row, 1961), 69.

The readings may be found here.
Communion Hymn
Abba, Father (A3#3)

Be Not Afraid (A3#19)

Recessional Hymn
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  • Remote Eucharist continues, and a few parishioners are helping me to distribute the Eucharist to parishioners’ homes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please let me know by email if you’d like to receive the Holy Sacrament remotely. The best way to contact me is
  • The Parish office remains closed; however we continue to check voicemails and emails regularly.
  • The St. Paul’s Zoom Meeting may be found at Our Meeting ID is: 903 777 2020. To call in, use one tap mobile: +13462487799,,9037772020# or to dial: +1 346 248 7799.
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Thank you St. Paul's gardeners!
John Shasteen, Emma Shasteen, Laura Funk, Elaina Chrisman,
David, Abagail, Lily Stipe

Choosing Hope: Finding Light in Times of Despair
Living with a pandemic and political unrest is taking a heavy toll. Alcohol consumption is up by 14% compared with a year ago; even higher for women. Depression and anxiety are making homes feel like pressure cookers. Makers of cannabis vape pens and cartridges are seeing booming sales. How can we find a spiritual immunization for the cold dark winter that is coming? (continue)

Individuals, Family Members & Caregivers,
Teens & Young Adults, Veterans & Active Duty,
Identy & Cultural Dimensions, Frontline Professionals
NOVEMBER 12, 7pm
Alpha Online via Zoom!
Alpha teaches the basics of Christianity in an environment that fosters conversations and relationships.

At each session there will be a gathering time. After the gathering time, there is a dynamic talk in video form for about 25 minutes on a Christian response to a key life question. After the video we meet in discussion groups of about 8-10 people to discuss the talk with no obligation to say anything yet there is nothing you can’t say. (While the goal is to keep everyone in the same groups each week, we have had to shuffle things a little this week due to numbers, so it is possible you might be in a different group than last week.)
Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at
The Complete Alpha Schedule - 7:00 pm
September 10 - Is There More To Life Than This? video
September 17 - Who Is Jesus?
September 24 - Why Did Jesus Die?
October 01 - How Can I Have Faith?
October 08 - Why and How Do I Pray?
October 15 - Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
October 22 - How Does God Guide Us?
October 29 - How Can I Resist Evil?
October 31 - Holy Spirit Online Retreat
November 05 - Why and How Should I Tell Others?
November 12 - Does God Heal Today?
November 19 - What About The Church?

If you’d like to research Alpha more

To sign up: Laura Faulkner -
For questions: Carrie Headington -

Stewardship Today
Debbie Shaffer - Stewardship Committee

“Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give.” ― Steve Goodier

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Every Sunday we stand together in Church and say, "We believe in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church." When we say this we are affirming that we are Communion Christians, koinonia believers, by which we mean:
-together with the Anglican Communion throughout the world
-together with the apostolic inheritance of the faith
-together with fellow Episcopalians in patience, charity, and humility
-together around the gift of Prayer Book sacramental spirituality
-together with the generation to come as evangelistic witnesses and teachers.
We have approximately 65 parishes within our geographical borders that reach north to Oklahoma, east to Arkansas, south to Corsicana and west to Tarrant County.
We are part of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.
Pray for the Church, the Body of Christ
Please pray for those on our prayer list this week:
Hospitalized, Rehab, or recovering at home: Bill Rolston

Prayers: Robb Horn, Dana Medford Marcy Walsh, Paula Reeves, Judy Shaddox, Dolores & Father Gordon,
Mike Lavigne, Faye Hamann

Contact our church office to add
a name to our prayer list: 903-455-5030. Names remain
for one month unless renewed or canceled.
We also pray for our Daughters of the King Ministry as they bring their strength and service together by praying for friends and for the people.

You may also add people to the list by filling out a DOK confidential prayer card and putting them in the blue box located in the Narthex.

The Daughters of the King support your prayer needs and wishes. Each Sunday a prayer team will be available to pray with you after the Worship Service in the choir area after the 10:30 service. If you would like additional information, please see a DOK member.

They also have a intercessory prayer box on the table in the Narthex to deposit prayer requests. Prayer request cards may be found in the pews and beside the box in the Narthex. Daughters pray daily. All prayers are confidential. Each person is prayed for one month. If you wish for continued prayers, please complete another request card or contact a Daughter.

You may call the church office (903-455-5030) and specify it is for the DOK intercessory prayer list. You can hand the card to a Daughter (she is always wearing her cross).

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