St. James the Greater
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May 16/17, 2020
Jesus saying farewell to his eleven remaining disciples,
from the Maesta by Duccio, 1308-1311. Read More
Filmed over the course of one year, Inside the Vatican gains unprecedented access to one of the most important places in the Christian world. Nestled in the city of Rome, the Vatican is the head-quarters of the Catholic Church and an independent city-state. WATCH NOW
May: The Month of Mary
The tradition of dedicating the month of May to Mary, came about in the 13 th  century. Some say because it was created to replace various pagan cults. The actual reason is the fact that this month is the time when spring is at the height of its beauty.  Read More:
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Joke Box...
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“I love my job,” a farmer says out loud.
A sheep replies, “Ha! All you do is boss me around all day!”
The farmer, clearly upset by this responds, “What did you just say?”
The sheep replies, “You herd me!”

Rocky Road...

Psalm 16:8  I always remember that the Lord is with me. He is here, close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.
I think that somehow, we all think, we all imagine, we all hope that at some point, life will get better. At some point, it’s going to get easier. Only, it never seems to, does it?

I was speaking to a bunch of people just the other day and I asked for a show of hands for anybody who didn’t have a single problem in their life at that very moment.

No health issues, no financial issues, no relationship issues, no stresses or strains – would anybody whose life is just absolutely perfect at the moment, please put their hand in the air.

Would you like to know how many hands went up? None. Zero. Nada.

And that’s pretty much it, isn’t it? Somewhere in the back of our minds, we have this idea that life at some point at least, should be perfect; that the ideal state is to be on “easy street” as they say. A nice smooth highway, when the reality is, it’s almost always a rocky, bumpy road.

So in that reality, what is it that gets you through? What is it that lets you lay hold of peace and joy despite your circumstances? I’m not asking that as a general question of theory, I’m asking you, what is it in your life?

Psalm 16:8 I always remember that the Lord is with me. He is here, close by my side, so nothing can defeat me.

What a powerful realization by King David of Israel who wrote that psalm. A man whose life had been threatened on so many occasions.

The truth is that for anyone who believes in Jesus – here it is– the Lord your God is always with you, close by your side. Nothing can defeat you. That’s what gets you through.