Member of the Month: Jennifer Okeefe
Meet September Member of the Month, Jennifer Okeefe. Jennifer has been a MINT member for years and shared that our classes and instructors helped her lose weight and build a healthy, strong body. Recently, Jennifer has been working on strengthening her core and upper body to increase her lung capacity. MINT’s virtual classes have helped her maintain a routine during the pandemic and a sense “normalcy.” Join her in Braegan's Tuesday core class, Ariel's Wednesday yoga, Kathryn's Friday active stretch and Agni's Friday pilates classes.
Team Spotlight: Lindsay Grunwald
When starting her journey into teaching fitness she quickly found that it was, in her words “a wonderful way to blend my interests in physiology and music into a social sphere, plus maintain a healthy outlet for my hyperactive tendencies. Additionally, I’ve met so many talented, creative, intellectual healers in the group fitness world, many of which I’m blessed to call my friends.” Learn more.
Personal Training + Nutrition Deals
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Our Certified Nutrition Coaches work with you one-on-one to empower you by giving you the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about food. Right now, you can start a virtual nutrition breakthrough session for 1/2 off: $49! Get it.
Upcoming Live Stream + Outdoor Classes
7am - Live Stream Power FLEX Express w/ Braegan
7am - Outdoor Power Playground w/ Lindsay
7:35am - Live Stream MINT Core w/ Braegan
12pm - Live Stream Yoga w/ Kristin A
1:10pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Colleen
6pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Ori
7am - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Lindsay
8am - Live Stream Active Stretch w/ Kathryn
12pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Myke
1:10pm - Live Stream Pilates w/ Agni
6pm - Live Stream Power Box w/ Myke - NEW!
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Sunday 8am to 5pm

Special Hours
High Risk
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4pm high risk population only

Personal Training
Tuesday & Thursday 11am and 12pm slots are for personal training clients only.

Closed for Special Cleaning
Monday - Friday 1-2pm and
Sat & Sun 2-3pm
Password: WeLoveMINT (the password is case sensitive)
Power Playground + FLEX with Lindsay

Pilates with Agni

Yoga with Kelly

Audio classes led by MINT all-star Colleen.