MINT Updates
We now have MINT face masks available at our Dupont location for $10 per mask and $15 per neck gaiter. Ask the front desk to make your purchase.

If you're interested in visiting us you must sign up for a gym time appointment. This allows us to ensure our numbers are below government-mandated space per person, keeping our members and staff safe. Read our safety standards here. Masks must be worn at all times while in the gym. Thank you in advance!

Interested in submitting someone for Member of the Month? Use this form!
Meet December Member of the Month, Katie Mcsheffrey. Katie's experience at MINT has been great. While she miss seeing the staff, the transitions to virtual workouts has been amazing! While trying to stay healthy and sane - having the same classes available virtually has helped her keep a normal routine during this very abnormal time. Katie enjoys PowerPlayground, FLEX, and Core that are all virtual now- before going virtual Katie really enjoyed the TRX class, the Doonya dance class, and barre. Next time you see Katie in a virtual class be sure to give a socially distant wave and hello!
Savings End on 12/31/2020
2 for 1 Membership
Current members may add a friend for FREE! Both memberships include unlimited access to Cardio and Strength Equipment, general club facilities access, unlimited virtual classes, and on demand classes. Expires in 4 DAYS!! Learn more.
Personal Training
It's time to go BIG or go small with our special in-club personal training deals! Our 6 packs are 10% off the lowest price per session and our 30 packs are 16% off the lowest price per session. Expires in 4 DAYS!!
Virtual Nutrition Program Promo
Our Certified Nutrition Coaches work with you one-on-one to empower you by giving you the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about food. Right now, you can get 50% off any virtual Nutrition Breakthrough Session ($49). Learn more.
Virtual Class Package
Only a few days left to save. Right now you can purchase a virtual class package of 7 classes for $98. That’s only $14 a class. This is a one-time-only purchase. Classes have a 90-day expiration date.
Cardio + Strength + Mobility Virtual Classes
Check out our special Cardio + Strength + Mobility classes led by the brilliant MINT Instructor team. Each virtual class will incorporate equal parts cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and functional mobility to build a sweaty and well-rounded workout.

You only need a mat for class, but we recommend you have water and a towel nearby too!

Options will be offered throughout class to incorporate:
  • Lower impact movements
  • Increased resistance with bands or dumbbells
  • Your own desired level of intensity

This is a limited time class format.
Your favorite MINT Power Playground, Power FLEX, Power Box, Pilates, Barre, and Core will once again be offered in the New Year.
7am-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Braegan
6pm-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Myke
7am-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Myke
6pm-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Lindsay
1pm-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Myke
9am-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Braegan
9am-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Braegan
10am-Cardio+Strength+Mobility w/Lindsay
Gym Time - By Appointment
Reminder: We have doubled the government-mandated space per person at MINT Dupont to maximize the health and safety of our members.
Check out the Safety Screening form here.

Upcoming MINT Dupont Holiday Gym Hours
12/31 - 6am-4pm
1/1/2021 - 9am-4pm

You must sign up for an appointment for gym time.