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To maximize your safety, MINT in-club workouts offer DOUBLE the space per person that DC requires. We'd love to see you here soon; please note that both pre-registration and masks are required. Read all of our safety standards here.

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This month's featured yoga pose of the month is Downward Dog. Our MINT Ambassador Kirk O'Neal, who is working on his yoga certification, shared some insight on this pose.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Downward dog is often thought of as a resting pose, but even in stillness, there is so much work to do. From downward dog, press all 10 fingers into the ground and externally rotate your shoulders so your biceps turn towards the front of the room. Draw your shoulder blades away from the ears. Actively press your heels toward the earth and lift your hips towards the sky. Gaze towards the belly. Being active in downward dog, as opposed to resting, helps us create equanimity between our upper and lower body.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We want to help spread the love! Next time you're in the gym leave a note for your favorite member, trainer, instructor, or staff member! For those who are not ready to come back into the gym yet but want to participate please fill out this form.
Get to know personal trainer and nutrition coach, Sam Donin. Sam's personal training style revolves around classic strength training with a focus on functional moves. He tries to work with his clients to create target programs suited for their individual goals and needs rather than prescribing a generic routine. Learn more.
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Class Schedule
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7am-Virtual Power Flex - Braegan
7:20am - Virtual Power Stretch - Lauren
8am - Virtual Barre- Mariam
12pm - Virtual Power Playground - Myke
6pm - Virtual Power Playground - Lindsay
7:30pm Virtual Vinyasa Yoga - Kelly
7am-Virtual Power Playground - Braegan
12pm-Virtual Hatha Yoga - Ariele
5:20pm - Virtual Power Stretch - Lauren
6pm-Virtual Power FLEX - Lindsay
8pm - Virtual Candlelight Yoga - Ferdaouis
7am-Virtual Power Flex - Braegan
7:30am - Virtual Power Flow Yoga - Ferdaouis
12pm - Virtual Slow & Strong Flow - Kristin
12pm - Virtual Power Playground - Myke
6pm-Virtual Power Playground - Ori
7am-Virtual Power Playground - Myke
8am - Virtual Barre - Mariam
12pm-Virtual Power FLEX - Myke
12pm - Virtual Pilates - Agni
9am-Virtual Power Playground - Braegan
10am-Virtual Power FLEX - Braegan
10am - Virtual Power Flow Yoga - Ferdaouis
11am-Virtual Power Playground - Lindsay
5pm-Virtual Fairy Lights Yoga - Laura