MEMBER UPDATE ON 2020 FACILITY FEE: On or about Oct 10th, 50% of the normal facility fee will run, totaling to $17.50. We anticipate the second half to run sometime early in 2021 however we are working on solutions to attempt to abate that second half altogether. For more information visit our blog post.
Member of the Month: Luke Popovich
Meet October Member of the Month, Luke Popovich. Luke has been a valued MINT member for over 10 years. MINT has been a regular part of Luke's routine visiting us for a workout three times a week. Though classes aren't part of his workout routine he appreciates our friendly and knowledgable trainers like James and Rasean for helpful pointers and suggestions over the years.

Next time you see Luke in the gym be sure to give a socially distant wave and hello!
Virtual Personal Training Packages
We are offering a special virtual training package this month! 50 virtual sessions for $50 each! ($60 Master). No expiration date. OPTIONAL for purchasers: If you have any remaining sessions when you return to the gym we’ll credit towards in-person sessions. First time or repeat purchasers.
Nutrition Program Promo
Our Certified Nutrition Coaches work with you one-on-one to empower you by giving you the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about food. Right now, you can get 25% off any Nutrition Program. First time or repeat purchasers. Learn more.
Upcoming Live Stream + Outdoor Classes
7am - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Braegan
7am - Outdoor Power Playground w/ Myke
8am - Live Stream Barre w/ Connie
12pm - Live Stream Yoga w/ Ariele
1:10pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Colleen
5:30pm - Outdoor Power Playground w/ Lauren
6pm - Live Stream Power FLEX w/ Lindsay
7am - Live Stream Power FLEX Express w/ Braegan
7am - Outdoor Power Playground w/ Lauren
7:35am - Live Stream MINT Core w/ Braegan
12pm - Live Stream Yoga w/ Kristin A
6pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Ori
7am - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Lindsay
8am - Live Stream Active Stretch w/ Kathryn
8am - Outdoor MINT Yoga w/ Kristin A
12pm - Live Stream Power Playground w/ Myke
1:10pm - Live Stream Pilates w/ Agni
6pm - Live Stream Power Box w/ Myke
Gym Time - By Appointment
Reminder: We have doubled the government mandated space per person at MINT Dupont to maximize the health and safety of our members. Check out Safety Screening form here.

Monday -Friday 6am to 9pm
Saturday 7am to 5pm
Sunday 8am to 5pm

Special Hours
High Risk
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2-4pm high risk population only

Personal Training
Tuesday & Thursday 11am and 12pm slots are for personal training clients only.

Closed for Special Cleaning
Monday - Friday 1-2pm and
Sat & Sun 2-3pm
Password: WeLoveMINT (the password is case sensitive)
Power Playground + FLEX with Lindsay

Pilates with Agni

Yoga with Kelly

Audio classes led by MINT all-star Colleen.