Volume 02 | March 27 2020
FNHMA Health and Wellness Bulletin RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
FNHMA Virtual Town Hall
FNHMA hosted an online Town Hall on Wednesday March 25th, 2020. This was an opportunity for health managers and professionals to get important information from Dr. Valerie Gideon, Shirley Bourdouleix, and Carol Hopkins, Executive Director of Thunderbird Partnership Foundation. The discussion covered topics such as culture, financial commitments, public health issues, as well as the most recent news about COVID-19.

The stream is available to watch Here.
This weekly health and wellness bulletin is intended to provide facts and outline potential actions to organizations, communities, and their members.

FNHMA partner organization Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) has released newer information on:

  • How indigenous communities can access supports needed due to COVID-19.
  • How the $305 million for the new distinctions-based Indigenous Community Support Fund, to address immediate needs in indigenous communities will be utilized.

Follow the link below to keep up to date on how Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation and the responses to it are changing hour by hour, so keeping up to date with the most recent information is of the utmost importance

Click here to access updates from ISC

Organizations such as the Thunderbird Partnership have been providing mental health supports for individuals struggling with social isolation. Their section of the organization called the First Peoples Wellness Council provides support for mental wellness through culture. If you are needing to access these supports please contact:

Phone: (519) 692-9922

Or visit their website at: https://thunderbirdpf.org/

Practise Culture in New Ways to Stay Connected with the Spirit and Creation (Windspeaker article)
At the FNHMA Virtual Town Hall, Carol Hopkins, Executive Director of the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation stressed an importance to continue practicing indigenous culture while in the new context that is created by the COVID-19 pandemic.This is an important aspect of mental health wellness and Windspeaker wrote an article inspired by this conversation.

Click here to see the full Windspeaker article about practicing culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 News & Updates
(Left to right) Marion Crowe (FNHMA CEO), Dr. Valerie Gideon, and Shirley Bourdouleix
Perry Bellegarde AFN National Chief
COVID-19: First Nations Community Guide on Accessing Additional Supports
Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is working closely with First Nation partners, the Public Health Agency of Canada, other departments such as Health Canada, Public Safety as well as provincial and territorial counterparts to protect the health and safety of First Nations and support First Nations communities in responding to the public health crisis.
For more information please Click Here or to download the PDF that includes the following:
1.    Role of Indigenous Services Canada
2.    Additional public health-related emergency supports available for First Nations communities
3.    How to submit a request
4. Etc...
Details on the Indigenous Support Fund
On March 18, the Government of Canada announced a series of economic measures through its COVID-19 Economic Response Plan , which included $305 million for a new Indigenous Community Support Fund. This fund helps Indigenous communities prevent, prepare and respond to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
Details on this fund were announced on March 26 . Visit the Indigenous Community Support Fund page for more information.
Please contact your Regional Indigenous Services Canada Office for further information.
Click here to see the PDF version in both English and French.
Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Declares State of Emergency
AFN National Chief Perry Bellgarde officially declared a state of emergency for First Nations across Canada.

 “First Nations are the most vulnerable communities in the country and prevention efforts and preparation for critical care must be stepped up now. While the federal funding announced recently is a start, it is inadequate to meet the anticipated needs. This is about the health and safety of First Nations families and communities. We need to act now.” - National Chief Perry Bellgarde

Click here to watch Perry Bellgarde AFN National Chief address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to read the State of Emergency announcement

Click here to view the AFN Coronavirus web page
ISC Reaffirms Financial Commitment to Indigenous Communities
Over the last week, Indigenous Services Canada has fielded a number of questions about the provision of funding to their partner organizations, and how it will be impacted by current events such as COVID-19.

It is in this context that ISC is reaching out to share the following information. ISC wants to assure Indigenous communities and organizations that ISC will continue to deliver critical services and supports in your communities.

Click Here to see the full statement
Robin Buckland ISC Chief Nursing Officer Provides Information to First Nations
Robin Buckland, Chief Nursing Officer at Indigenous Services Canada, provides information about COVID-19 testing and care and what to do if you are in a First Nations community.

Click here to watch the full video
CTV News: 20 Questions on COVID-19 with Dr. Abdu Sharkawy
From examining possible treatments of COVID-19 to dispelling the misconceptions online, CTV News is working to address the concerns of Canadians when it comes to the ongoing pandemic.

As part of the commitment, CTV’s Chief News Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme sat down with infectious disease specialist Dr. Abdu Sharkawy on Monday to discuss 20 questions that matter most to Canadians amid COVID-19.

Click here to view full interview
How to keep yourself and children busy during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Self-isolating and Social Distancing can take a toll on the mental health of everyone. One way to combat this is to keep busy and enjoy some entertainment. Below is a link to an article on resources for watching films, reading books, watching live performances, art, and things to do with children.

Click here to read an article from TriCity news for tips on how to keep you and your children busy and entertained during self-isolation.
FNHMA Updates
FNHMA staff will be working from home and are available by email during this time.

For access to the staff directory visit https://fnhma.ca/contact-us/ or call
(613) 599-6070.

We are committed to providing the most up to date information and supporting our membership during this difficult time.
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