Weekly Highlights
Wednesday, October 9
Holy Eucharist tonight at 7:30 pm in the chapel. 

Thursday , October 10
Bible Study meets from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon to discuss the book of Job. 

Sunday, October 13
  • Holy Eucharist at 8:00 am (said) and 10:00 am (with music). Children worship in the Church.
  • Do you have a child age 8 or up who is interested in being part of worship leadership? On Sunday, October 13th right after the 10:00 am worship service, we will have a brief training session for kids interested in being torch bearers, gospel book bearers, assisting with setting up for communion, reading and more! Not sure what those jobs entail? Come and find out! Questions? Contact Carol or Tami.  

Tuesday , October 15
  • Brown Bag Lunch from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. 
  • "Ritz on the Rails" at 7:00 pm, a gala to benefit the Washington Housing Alliance, at which St. Thomas Church will receive the "Good Neighbor Award". Tickets are still available HERE.

The Thrift Shop is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
St. Thomas Coffee Hour

Building community one Sunday at a time

Make the Coffee Hour your Ministry

We have 3 Volunteer Assignments that need doing every Sunday:
1.)              Bring food & 1 pint ½ and ½ (or milk)
2.)              Set Up
3.)              Clean Up

You can volunteer for one, two or all three assignments on as many Sundays as you like each year. 

To sign up online click HERE

Or write your name on the ‘Volunteer Sign Up’ sheet
      (which you will find on the Church Hall bulletin board)

Contact Barbara Gessler for details:
914-698-03300 or   office@saintthomasmmrk.org

Saint Thomas Coffee Hour

3 Volunteer Assignments each Sunday

Bring food & 1 pint milk (or cream) to parish hall prior to service
- Food – enough to serve 25 people, such as:
  • Bite sized fruit
  • Vegetable crudité with hummus
  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Cookies and, or coffee cake
- ½ and ½ (or milk) – 1 pint only
- Set out food to serve (e.g., onto serving plates with serving utensils) 
- Put onto table along wall, near pass through counter & leave covered
- Put ½ and ½ (or milk) in refrigerator
Set Up
- Tables & Chairs – tables & chairs should already be set up
  • Ensure there are 2 tables set up with 12 chairs for seating
  • Ensure there is 1 table along wall for food
  • If above tables and chairs are not already out, put them out.
- Drinks – Set drinks & drinking supplies on pass-through counter
  • Caffeinated Coffee – make 18 cups & start coffee maker
  • Decaf Coffee – Set up Mr. Coffee for 12 cups. Do NOT start coffee maker until after service
  • Cold Water – Fill & set out water decanter
  • Hot Water – Fill & set out container. Plug it in
  • Set out coffee mugs, water cups & non-refrigerated “fixings”: tea bags, sugar & sweetener
  • Use mugs, pitchers, etc. from dishwasher prior to using anything from cupboards
- Set out paper plates, napkins and cutlery if needed for food
- Immediately after service –
  • Turn on Decaf Mr. Coffee
  • Set out ½ and ½ (or milk)

Clean Up
- Tables & counter tops wiped clean
- Remaining food & milk thrown away or taken home
- Used mugs, dishes, pitchers, cutlery, etc., go into dishwasher & dishwasher needs to be started
  • Soap for dishwasher is under sink
- Unused mugs, paper products, “fixings” put away
- Garbage is in bin; garbage bag is tied up & bag is moved to dumpster
- Note low supplies onto ‘Low Supply Sheet’ inside Coffee Hour cupboard, including paper products, dishwasher soap, sugars or sweeteners, etc.
- Clean out & put away all dispensers: water decanters, coffee makers, etc.

The next scheduled date for baptism is Sunday, November 3 rd – All Saints’ Day (transferred). If you have someone in your family who intends to be baptized , you must notify Carol by email no later than October 25 th .    The paperwork for baptism must be submitted no later than Monday the 28 th .

Each female may have two godmothers and one godfather; each male may have two godfathers and a godmother. Of course, if you have only one of each it is fine, as it is if you have two of each, particularly when it keeps the peace!

Please click on this link for the baptismal forms you must complete. As mentioned, they are due no later than October 28 th .

ASP was such a rewarding experience, we will go again in 2020! This time, we head to Chavies, Kentucky, not far from our last location in Jonesville, Virginia. We have selected Chavies as it will enable us to take more adults to this location than Jonesville. For those of you who were unable to go last year because of the limit on adult participants, this is for you! 

The particulars are these: 

  • This is for ages 14 through adult. 
  • We will leave St. Thomas on Saturday, June 27th and return Sunday, July 5th. We will spread the drive over two days, as we did this year. 
  • You do not need to own any tools. The only items you will need are earplugs, safety glasses, and work gloves. All of these items can be purchased at Home Depot for a total cost of around $25.
  • We will provide a skills workshop this winter and again in the spring (if necessary) to teach you basic tool use and painting skills.
  • You will need a sleeping bag and pillow for the bunk rooms (that are air conditioned). There are standard bathrooms, and cafeteria-like food service. In addition to working on house repair, we will be assigned chores at the Chavies headquarters where we will be staying.
  • The cost all-inclusive is $525. This covers the registration fee, the ASP charge, meals on the road (last year we had 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners, and 1 lunch on the road), incidentals (ice cream, treats, and a movie), gas for the cars. We do this as to ensure no one has to carry money or cards with them. We can offer a few scholarships or partial assistance.

Interested, but want more information about the experience? Speak with Tom and Allana Condon, Lisa and Sam Dalsimer, or Paul and Isaiah Shikany. If you are ready to sign up, see Mother Carol for registration materials.
The Men's Retreat is on  October 18, 19 & 20 . Please contact Steve Bonaparte ( steve.bonaparte@gmail.com ) if you are interested in joining.

On  Friday, October 25 , our congregation has been invited (up to 50 of us) to join the temple’s congregation for a Shabbat family-style dinner and conversation at 6:30pm, followed by Shabbat worship at 8:00pm. During worship, Carol will be given 15 minutes to highlight and share key aspects of our worship tradition and spiritual practice that will engender dialogue and shared discovery. Sign up on the sheet in the back of the church or speak with Carol or Tami if you would like to come.

The Book Club has selected its next two books. We invite St. Thomas' readers, and friends, to join us for lively discussion and fellowship:
On Sunday, October 27 at 11:30 am, we will meet for tea in the library to consider Jacqueline Winspear's Maisie Dobbs. Click HERE for more information.

After that, we will read our very own Solange De Santis' book, Life on the Line: One Woman's Tale of Work, Sweat and Survival. More information can be found HERE . This book is tentatively scheduled for discussion on Sunday, December 8 .
Sunday, November 3 -
All Saints
Please send the names of your family and friends who have died since last November 1st to be listed and named on All Saints to the office  by October 28.
Sunday, November 3 -
End of Daylight Savings Time
Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday in November, when clocks are moved back an hour at 2:00 am local daylight time (so they will then read 1:00 am local standard time).