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Dear Horoscope Fan,

Although you may have heard about all the snow we had Thursday in Sedona, it is beautiful, but it’s melting as we speak. There is no more snow expected in the near future. Temperatures are expected to be in the 60’s.

You can always walk in and get Reading without an appointment from our 13 Psychics and Healers or go online to book a phone session (BookAPsychic).

Have patience, stay happy and relax.

Namaste, Anita
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Veronica is always enlightening and just such a pleasure to work with!
- Bruce M. on Wed, Mar 1 2023
I was with Emily and she did an amazing job.
- Emma R. on Tue, Feb 28 2023

Emily was gifted and knowledgeable! The store was very informative and much to look for!
- Therese F. on Tue, Feb 28 2023

March 5 - Marck 11, 2023

As the month starts, Mercury will enter imaginative Pisces. This month is super charged with cosmic activity. The year may have started off slow but the momentum gets a major boost in March. Thanks to Saturn and Pluto moving into Pisces and Aquarius, there is a significant energy shift.

Monday, March 6 the Sun Sextile Uranus. We can expect ... [ MORE ]
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Marie was amazing we had a lovely conversation about her husband. My aura reading was spot on and the owner went out of her easy to engage me in conversation
- Mary M. on Thu, Mar 2 2023