JULY 15, 2019
A pair of Wisconsin Republican lawmakers are circulating a proposal that would curb future budgets from being amended drastically by the Wisconsin Governor, and in the more immediate sense, Governor Tony Evers.

Earlier this month, the Democrat first term governor used his constitutionally-granted veto authority to steer an additional $65 million towards schools, sparking outrage from both GOP lawmakers and "good government" advocates.

Now, State Senator David Craig (R-Big Bend) and State Representative Mike Kuglitsch (R-New Berlin) would like to amend the state constitution to prevent such unvetted spending from happening again- or a "power grab" as the two refereed to Evers' actions. Specifically, the amendment would prevent any governor in the future from increasing any budget funding levels beyond what the legislature approved.

A spokesperson for Governor Evers called the proposal a "temper tantrum," and in the lawmakers' cosponsorship memo, they said that the "unilateral abuse of power taken by the executive branch cannot go unchecked by the Legislature without seriously damaging the separation of powers doctrine in Wisconsin."

An resolution to amend the Wisconsin constitution needs to pass two consecutive legislative sessions, and then is sent to Wisconsin voters via referendum for their approval.
Originally, former Governor Scott Walker said he would be interested in running for his old job in 2022, or even possibly the United States Senate, should current Senator Ron Johnson decide not to seek a third term.

But now, Walker has accepted a full time gig running a national youth organization based in Virginia known as the Young America's Foundation, which seeks to popularize conservative ideals among the country's youth. Walker's duties with the organization will begin in 2021.

Walker said he will look for a new home in Virginia or Washington, D.C., but will also keep a residence in Wisconsin. The announcement, according to Walker, was made in advance of his starting the new position because he wanted those who Republicans who might be interested in seeking the office of Wisconsin Governor or U.S. Senator to know he won't be throwing his hat in the ring.
The U.S. Department of Transportation is exploring making a change to how long drivers are allowed behind the wheel before being required to take a break to rest.

According to sources in Washington, D.C., US DOT would seek to eliminate the rule altogether, which currently mandates a 10 hour rest period after 11 hours of straight driving.

Critics sounded the alarm immediately that removing such a requirement would make roads less safe, and could increase the already large number of trucks involved in fatal crashes. in 2017, over 4,600 large trucks were involved in fatal accidents, which was a ten percent increase from 2016.

Some trucking advocates say that those numbers prove that the regulations do not cause less accidents, and most truckers know when it's time to call it quits for the night. A decision is expected late this year.
New projections from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau show that Wisconsin's general fund balance will be in the red to the tune of $650 million for spending commitments as it heads into the 2021-2023 state budget.

A memo last week showed that spending commitments under current law along with the budget Governor Tony Evers signed into law will outpace revenues, thanks in part to debt service, state employee raises, and grants.

Revenue increases could offset that number, as well as population changes, inflation, and a number of other factors. This number was created by the fiscal bureau to advise lawmakers of where the potential "starting point" might fall for the next two-year spending plan.
The worker shortage in Wisconsin has plagued many different parts of the state, often cases in both rural and urban settings. It's been putting many businesses behind schedule, or even thwarting companies' abilities to run at full capacity.

Now, Wisconsin's Secretary of Corrections and Secretary of Workforce Development are calling on the private sector to hire more ex-offenders for open positions.

Department of Corrections Secretary Kevin Carr and Department of Workforce Development Secretary Caleb Frostman think of formerly-incarcertated individuals as an untapped workforce pipeline for the state's labor shortage.

The two-year budget that Governor Tony Evers just signed into law expanded a correctional facility-based job center to two more state prisons, and also expanded the state's Opening Avenues to Reentry Success (OARS) program, which helps inmates with mental illness transition back into society and the workforce, who have a high risk of re-offending. More money was also included for increased Treatment Alternative and Diversions programs, which is an alternative to incarceration for certain crimes.

In 2018, nearly 650 Wisconsin employers sought tax credits available to companies who hire ex-offenders, which was up from 484 in 2017, and 375 in 2016.

Secretary Carr said employers can do it because they need the manpower, or "because it's the right thing to do."
Governor Tony Evers in an interview with MSNBC last week said Chinese tech giant Foxconn's plans to hire 1,500 new workers for the opening of the first phase of their new campus in southern Wisconsin would still not hit the 1,800 job mark the company is required to meet in order to satisfy its agreement with the state.

The original job number, 13,000, seems increasingly unlikely according to some, including apparently Governor Evers. Still, production is slated to begin in May of next year, and a top executive with the Chinese corporation said Foxconn is still very committed to their long-term hiring goals in Wisconsin.

The original plan was for Foxconn to produce crystal glass panels for 8K video displays, but that plan has since been scaled down due to "the change in market forces."
The United States Supreme Court in late June issued a ruling on partisan gerrymandering that basically said federal courts have no place ruling on states' partisan gerrymandered maps. Effectively, that ruling threw out the lawsuits that have been filed regarding Wisconsin's maps, which have been hotly contested since Republicans and Governor Scott Walker signed off on them in 2011.

But still, Democrat lawmakers in Madison are not giving up the fight for nonpartisan legislative maps, and will roll out a plan tomorrow that would put the redistricting process into the "hands" of a panel of nonpartisan attorneys, in Wisconsin known as the "Legislative Reference Bureau." That panel would then be required to hold public hearings on the maps, and those maps would also need approval from the legislature.

One organization, Common Cause, says the nonpartisan model has "overwhelming citizen support throughout Wisconsin," as numerous communities around the state voted in "advisory referenda" on their ballots in several counties. For the first time, several Republican lawmakers such as Representatives Novak, Kitchens, and Tranel have expressed support for the plan.
Governor Evers signed the GOP-crafted state budget into law, but used his veto pen 78 times. After reading the article, do you support his vetoes?
I was surprised that Evers signed the GOP budget. I guess he's a Republican now?

I definitely disagree with his change in school funding!

gotta keep the GOP in check!

What ever happen to Constitution Amendment passed several years ago contolling Governor veto pen

He has a right to do it under our laws but that doe snot mean I agree with his.

You could ask if I support many different things about what Evers is doing and the answer would be no. He's turning out to be a terrible governor and a weak leader.

I am glad that he vetoed the miles driven thing which would penalize rural people. How would they figure miles driven out of state? Sounds like a big Republican boondoggle! Big Brother sticking his big fat nose further into our lives.

Evers went to much on his agenda.
Wisconsin and Minnesota might return to the days of tax reciprocity, where an individual living in one state but working in another would only have to pay income taxes in one state. Do you support reinstating this program?
How would paying $100m to Minnesota be worth it to Wisconsinites? That doesn't make sense.

Nothing like double taxation

screw the state! This is about individual fairness!

Its about time this was put in place

States are unequal if the individual doesn’t own property. Income tax revenue should be split

No double taxation.

Voted yes even though it pains me to send money to the land of the slimy Vikings
A Democrat lawmaker would like to create a new state entity that would be allowed to spend $500 million in distributing grants and loans to renewable energy companies. After reading the article, what are your thoughts?
Let the market sort out our energy needs.

Too much BS with these companies. If they truly come up with something worthwhile they can promote and sell it then

Grants... Corporate Welfare

more govt. not needed.

Can’t we find an agency that we already have to do something like this

Another entity to cost the taxpayers of the State of Wisconsin


I believe this has been done in another state. Give out the money for five years and then the company closes it's doors.

This should apply to individuals that install renewable energy sources on their property as well.

Don't we already have this? Isn't it Focus on Energy? Why are we doubling up and or reinventing the wheel?

We can spend $500 million to "give grants" to companies, but not spend $100,000 to fix the bike trail in Elroy. This is how bureaucracy works. Both parties do it, let someone in the private sector come up with a plan, not your buddies.

If renewable energy is in demand it should stand on its own two feet

Government bloat. I’m sure an already an agency that exists that could do the same thing.
President Trump will be visiting Wisconsin later this week for a campaign fundraiser. Are you paying attention to the 2020 presidential campaigns yet?
I don't think it matters, but it will be Biden. I think Trump has lost 3-5% of his voters and certainly hasn't gained any.

Biden or Harris

Hopes are for Warren, we need someone responsible at the helm

Trump 2020

Instead of our elected officals doing their job and now campaigning

Trump 2020

Not paying attention to all the name calling and lying the Democrats are doing.

Think the democrats are leaning Sanders, but I’m so sure he’s the best option.

I don't care. The field currently looks like socialists, and I have no interest in any of them.

It's scary to think what will happen if any of the dozens of Liberals that are running get elected.

No predictions yet, should be easy to beat the clown that we have now.

The Dim candidates are Socialist Wackos!

They’ll nominate Harris.
On this date (July 8th) 138 years ago, druggist and soda fountain owner Ed Berners of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, was asked by a customer to top a dish of ice cream with chocolate sauce, an ingredient previously used only in ice cream sodas. The new tasty treat became very populat, though it was only served on Sundays. According to H.S. Mencken, the sundae got its official name after a little girl demanded a dish of ice cream 'with that stuff on top' on a different day. Numerous other locations claim to have created the first ice cream sundae and it is unclear which community deserves the title to having invented this great American treat. (Source: Wisconsin Historical Society)

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? What are your favorite toppings? Do you have a favorite creamery?
My favorite flavor is Arby's.

favorite flavor - Rocky Road favorite topping - caramel any custard is by far the best

Butter Pecan or Vanilla with Chocolate topping.

New York Vanilla

Salted caramel, no toppings and Sassy Cow Creamery!

Kellys creamery, Eden

Butter Pecan - Hot Fudge topping - Don't know of any creamery.

Chocolate marshmallow. Kelly's Creamery is the best!

Vanilla turtle Sunday

cookies and cream

Vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge.

Favorite Flavor-Cherry Chocolate Chunk

Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge topping.

Chocolate Chip

vanilla with chocolate on top.
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Senate Bill 026  Prescription Drug Therapies (Darling, Alberta) Step therapy protocols for prescription drug coverage and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority. Signed as 2019 Act 12

Senate Bill 038  Home Dialysis (Darling, Alberta) Dispensing, distributing, or selling dialysate, drugs, or devices necessary for providing home peritoneal kidney dialysis. Signed as 2019 Act 13

Senate Bill 068  Child Pornography (Jacque, Andre) Possession of child pornography and providing a penalty. Signed as 2019 Act 16

Senate Bill 054  Sales Tax Liability (Kooyenga, Dale) The disclosure of a retailer's sales tax liability to a successor. Signed as 2019 Act 15

Senate Bill 239  Wireless Facilities (LeMahieu, Devin) Limiting the authority of the state and political subdivisions to regulate certain wireless facilities and authorizing political subdivisions to impose setback requirements for certain mobile service support structures. Signed as 2019 Act 14
LRB-3618   Memo  Glen Moberg (Petrowski, Jerry) Honoring the life and service of Glen Moberg. Deadline: Friday, July 19, 5 pm

LRB-3634   Memo  Partial Veto Prohibition (Craig, Dave) Prohibiting the governor from using the partial veto to increase state expenditures (first consideration). Deadline: Friday, July 26, 5 pm
LRB-2464   Memo  Marriage Officiating (Tusler, Ron) Justices or judges authorized to officiate a marriage. Deadline: Friday, July 19, Noon
LRB-2240   Memo  Assault Kit Tracking (Thiesfeldt, Jeremy) Tracking of sexual assault kits in sexual assault cases and making an appropriation. Deadline: Friday, July 19

LRB-0087   Memo  Judge Disqualification (Hebl, Gary) An objective standard for the disqualification of a judge or justice. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0088   Memo  Judge Disqualification (Hebl, Gary) Disqualification of a judge or justice. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0089   Memo  Judicial Discipline Determinations (Hebl, Gary) Equally divided determinations of the Wisconsin Supreme Court on matters of judicial discipline or permanent disability. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0090   Memo  Judge Disqualification (Hebl, Gary) Judicial disqualification based on campaign financial support. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0091   Memo  Judicial Review (Hebl, Gary) Authority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court to review a decision of a justice to deny a motion to disqualify the justice. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0092   Memo  Evidence Destruction (Hebl, Gary) Prohibiting destruction of records and evidence. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm

LRB-0103   Memo  Campaign Contributions (Hebl, Gary) Notice of certain campaign finance contributions made to a judge or justice. Deadline: Thursday, July 25, 4 pm