Governor Evers announced last week that he has directed the Department of Administration to work with state agencies to identify $250 million in cost savings for the remainder of the fiscal year (ending in June 2021).

"The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our nation, state, communities, businesses, and families," Evers said. "All state and local governments are now experiencing the difficult balance of providing vital services to residents in crisis while also managing tough fiscal realities. While I am still hopeful that the federal government will adopt further bipartisan proposals to stabilize funding for state and local services, in the face of continued inaction and uncertainty, the unfortunate reality is that we must take these steps and make more significant cuts."

Evers announced that the Department of Administration and state agencies will follow the same "North Star Values" in identifying cost savings. In a statement, Evers listed those "values" as:

  • Our primary responsibility is to provide Wisconsin residents relevant, quality, and timely services
  • Public service means making sure Wisconsin's hard-earned tax dollars ae invested in ways that benefit their communities. It is also about being deeply knowledgeable and aware of the complicated ways in which state government, local governments, and individuals are interconnected financially (directly or indirectly)
  • Transparency and accountability to both the Wisconsin public and state employees requires that we communicate prompt and useful information to stakeholders regarding budget reduction activities
  • Humility, creative problem solving, service, flexibility, truth and patience: those are the values that will help us navigate the difficult fiscal road ahead