Governor Tony Evers told attendees at an event last week that if GOP leaders in the state legislature do not take up gun control measures within a "handful of weeks," he would call a special session himself.

Following two shooting tragedies in Texas and Ohio last month, a host of Democrat elected officials around the nation have called for increased gun control measures, vowing these pieces of legislation would prevent such shootings from taking place. In Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers and Democrat lawmakers are specifically pushing for background check laws, as well as so-called "red flag" laws, which would allow for anybody's guns to be taken from them if an individual or law enforcement petition a judge to do so.

Theoretically, the legislature could come into session and leave without doing anything relating to what the Governor requested. That scenario is likely, given the party split between the Governor and legislature. In 2018, Governor Scott Walker called a special session following the school shooting in Florida, and GOP lawmakers signed off on $100 million in school safety measures.
Gov. Tony Evers today signed Executive Order #42 as Hurricane Dorian approaches Florida, authorizing Major General Donald Dunbar, Wisconsin's adjutant general, to call elements of the Wisconsin National Guard to state active duty to assist civil authorities from Florida, according to a statement from Evers' office.

“Coming together and helping others in their time of need is what Wisconsinites do. The members of the Wisconsin National Guard stand ready to help Florida as the state and its people prepare to face this dangerous storm and recover from the damage it may inflict upon them,” Gov. Evers said. “I would like to thank Major General Dunbar and the brave folks in the Wisconsin National Guard for being ready to answer this call to action.”

Gov. Evers' executive order declares a State of Emergency under the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) in response to a request from the state of Florida. The EMAC is an aid agreement between United States states and territories, which can be utilized to enhance federal emergency response efforts.
Wisconsin's Republican Congressman Glenn Grothman told reporters last week that he would support additional tariffs against China if President Donald Trump proposed doing so.

Grothman said he believes the United States nees to "stand up to China to make things better for the future," and thinks "while it might hurt in the short term, the country should benefit for the next 20 to 30 years," according to a local radio station.

The Eastern Wisconsin Congressman cited China's stealing of U.S. patents, and the problems that causes for U.S. companies that have invested in various innovations.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has approved a disaster declaration for the strong storms that tore through Wisconsin in late July, along with damaging winds, flooding, and tornadoes.

In addition to the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, and the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin tribe, the counties given approval are Barron, Clark, Forest, La Crosse, Langlade, Menominee, Monroe, Oconto, Oneida, Outagamie, Polk, Portage, Rusk, Shawano, Vernon, Waupaca, and Wood. A disaster declaration for Marinette County is still under review.

"We are glad the federal government moved quickly to approve disaster assistance for folks that were devastated by the severe storms last month," Governor Evers said. "This is an important step in helping communities...rebuild and recover."

Local governments may now apply for assistance to cover damage and cleanup costs.
Representative Cindi Duchow (R-Delafield) and Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) ave authoroed legislation that would eliminate the six month waiting period for re-marrying after a person's divorce has been finalized.

According to a statement, Wisconsin is just one of only six states that mandates a waiting period after a finalized divorce before a person is allowed to re-marry. Of those states, Wisconsin is one of only three states with the longest waiting period.

"A number of people have contacted me with their personal story about how this law has negatively impacted them," Duchow said, "many of these individuals have already been waiting for a long period of time while they navigate what can be a lengthy divorce process."

The legislation would remove the waiting period altogether.
Representative Scott Allen (R-Waukesha) and Senator Duey Stroebel (R-Cedarburg) are circulating legislation designed to protect consumers from potential abuse through Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, loans.

These loans are used to finance energy efficiency or renewable energy installations on real property. Examples might include solar panels, the installation of LED lights, insulation, or other fixtures. However, these loans are made regardless of the property owner's ability to repay the loan. Issues arise when loans are made for more than the consumer's equity.

PACE loans are not subject to truth-in-lending statements, they often have higher interest rates than home equity loans, and the liens take precedence over all other liens, including the mortgage. The loans are unique in that they are repaid to local governments through tax assessments or utility bills.

The legislation limis PACE loans to commercial properties or residential properties with five or more units.
A bipartisan group of Wisconsin lawmakers have authored a proposal that would expand the state's minority teacher loan program, a program which works to get more teachers from minority communities into classrooms with higher percentages of minority students.

The bill would expand the existing loan program, currently operating in Milwaukee, to other areas of the state, including Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and Beloit. State Senator Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield said it's important for minority students from around the state to have minority teachers, and by expanding the program, the state could have a population of teachers that better reflects the diversity of Wisconsin.

The bill would allow for minority teachers who work in school districts with at least 40 percent minority students to be eligible for loans and loan forgiveness offered by the state. The program offers up to $30,000 in loans for eligible students seeking teaching degrees, and forgives a quarter of the loans for every year they teach in a qualifying school district.
Governor Evers has signed an executive order regarding water quality. After reading the article...
How could it not be a good idea?

The country as a whole has made some bad decisions in the past regarding pollution...the attempts to rectify the past damage and prevent or limit water pollution is a GOOD idea,

We gone this same road for many years an I do not know amount of money spent on programs like this an it seems we never correct the problem

All he's doing is adding bureaucrats to a broken government. It's not the plan that I disagree with, it's that it's government control over everything and wasting our money.

I like the idea but I also over regulation coming from this

Our county recently had a Clean Sweep collection of hazardous materials. It was wonderful and the public needs to hear more about this and the advantages to them and society.

Everyone should have access to clean drinking water - this is a good first step.

Just sounds like spending more of OUR money.

Everyone wants good water. Not everyone wants state bureaucracy. So I'm unsure.

This is not a government thing. This is more of a mismanagement of industry and farming. They should man up and fix it.

So, appoint a panel that Evers chooses, to report "facts" about Wisconsin's drinking water, so that more executive orders can be made to create even more government control and regulations. Then hire a firm to build and maintain a website to reinforce the perception that the government has all of the answers. And our own tax dollars are used to try to dupe us again!

just anther tax funded do nothing department

Wake up people, we all must address our terrain that we live in before its to late. I used to drink out of the creeks and rivers growing up 50 plus years ago. I wouldnt do it now.

Another government bureau!Why not DNR or WDATCP?

Everyone needs good drinking water.
GOP lawmakers have introduced legislation that would combat elder abuse in Wisconsin. What do you think of the plan?
Again, how could it not be a good idea?

more hand wringing by the old guard...

I agree lets protect our senior citizens from this situation

For what it costs these people to be in these facilities, abuse should be dealt with harshly.

It appears to be a problem but I have not heard anything locally

Yes financial institutions need to be made aware, but a longer prison time won't do much to combat the problem.

A bipartisan task force conducted an assessment to determine this is a problem, that's good enough for me.

it is easier to accuse than factual, nursing care and assisted living is hard to staff for fear of false accused

Increasing the sentence for 40 to 60 will not be much of a deterant.

I have a father at 91 years that was convinced to "loan" $1500 to one of his caregivers, then a supposed close friend convinced him to hand out $20,000. We didn't want him declared incompitent but these folks line up like birds on a wire! Elderly are sometimes so desperate for friends and current laws are sketchy at best.

Enforce existing laws

I hope that this legislation includes provisions for penalties for anyone who doesn't report abuse as well. The fact that this kind of abuse happens is appalling but it could often be stopped much sooner if it were reported quickly. (My wife works with the elderly and these bad apples are few and far between, but should be dealt with harshly)

How the hell does elder abuse happen? Are workers that unhappy and unhopeful in life?

We have elder abuse in our family, by a step daughter. The real daughters are doing something out it to get there Dad out of this problem.

no! and no!
Governor Evers has signed an executive order regarding the affordability of prescription drugs in Wisconsin. After reading the article...
Drug companies need regulation, they sell goods that must be purchased, and they are irresponsible with their monopoly.

anything that will push us towards single payer health care is progress.

Its a national thing not a state situation but Evers thinks away to get brownie points

We need more competition, not more government.

Governor against the drug companies. I can guess who will lose

I don't take any prescription drugs, but more needs to be done to control the high costs for people who need them and sending everyone to Canada to buy them is not the right solution.

Prescription drug costs are outrageous but this is something that should be dealt with at the federal level; I can't imagine the state task force having much impact. The democrats will go after big pharma following the 2020 election.

waste of time, taking on the drug companies really Governor, think you can win?

So is the State subsidizing the costs?

We have two kids who are type 1 diabetic, and one who is in need of a hormone shot. The shot is worth over $3,000 per month, apparently, and the the insulin needs are worth about the same. I'm rather shocked that this hasn't been addressed already!!!

Look into the situration.

Everyone should be able to get the prescriptions they need without breaking the bank

Good idea. I am skeptical of this getting any traction.

There are certain drugs, i.e. insulin or EpiPen, that need to get back to being made affordable, but the governor is just pandering with this executive order to make himself look good. I am on several medications after a heart attack and even without insurance there are all kinds of options to get my prescriptions affordably.

I dont think drugs are the answers to health issues.

Should be dealt with on the national level.

Drugs are out of control. About time someone looks out for us!
Regulators have approved the controversial Cardinal-Hickory Creek transmission line from Iowa, through Grant County, to the west of Madison. Any thoughts on the construction of additional transmission lines in Wisconsin?
If the line going through my property generates rental income for me, I'm all for that.

We keep pushing for green enercy so how is this source going to get to us if don't have new transmission lines

I don't think it affects me here in NW WI, but maybe it does

Can't stop them. Reconstructed a state Hwy last year that my property is split by. I didn't get paid what I paid for it 5 years ago

I would prefer that more wind farms and solar farms be developed here in Wisconsin. Solar panels can be placed on most farm shed to grow green energy right here in our state. Why can't this technology be backed locally and support our state farmers who need help.

Would be fine with me.

no, I already have one. Power should be used localy, the farther you try to send it the less you have

If it lowered rates and Not wreck my property value, yes.

talk is cheep it will not lower rates ,more likely raise them

Haven't heard of this. Would like to hear more about this in northern Wisconsin
58 years ago this week, in a ceremony hosted by President John F. Kennedy on the south lawn of the White House, the Wisconsin Worker's Compensation law was commemorated with a 4-cent stamp to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its enactment as the first worker's compensation law in the nation. (Source: Wisconsin Historical Society)

Do you think the worker's compensation program in Wisconsin is still something to be celebrated? Do you think it's too costly? Too easy to abuse? Has it been a hindrance to you or your business? Or has the program worked as it was intended to work?
It is necessary to assist those who lose a job but I am sure it it still being abused.

It has been an asset to this small businessman.

All government run programs are good on the surface but they get abused and basically rob businesses.My business paid in for years and when I retired they just kept it all for others to use.That is highway robbery

If your an employee you like it, if your an employer you don't like it.

It has worked as intended in my opinion

In tough economic times worker's compensation helps to stabilize families until jobs become available. At the present time many jobs are available and may not be as necessary.

All of the above it is a bureaucratic nightmare

The program works - it protects workers by forcing employers to be conscientious about safety. It IS expensive, but necessary to have the coverage.

Several states have passed laws limiting prices for certain injuries. Wisconsin should also have laws limiting what doctors and hospitals can charge. I had one guy twist his ankle and ended up having knee surgery.

yes, to all the questions strongly abused by medical society, time for a overhaul

Significant business cost but needed. Classification "system" outdated and needs major overhaul.

Too easy to abuse. Yes it was a hindrance to my business. I think it is meant to be put to good use, but is horribly, horribly mis-managed.

too costly and abused needs redone

It is very expensive + only seems to benefit the cheaters of the system, it's like pulling teeth for our guys to make a claim. They are very hard to work with from an employer standpoint, treating us like criminals. We pay 15-20%, we are a post frame construction company and they class us with Skyscraper construction!!!!! That's absurd! We have had only 3 small claims in the last 6 years and 6 claims in 15 years.!!!! Sorry to vent on this. Highway robbery!

Workers comp insurance has cost my business tens of thousands of dollars more over the years than I would have had to pay out of pocket for on the job injuries. It is far too easy to abuse! I can only imagine all of the things I could have reinvested in my business if I didn't have to pay that premium over the past two decades.

No commit.

As a primary health care provider i see so much abuse of this system that I no longer accept work comp patients. It's not about getting them better or them wanting to get better, its about the insurance and bureaucracy of the work comp nightmare.

It is needed

I never used it.
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No bills to report.
LRB-3664   Memo  Children's Code Authority (Vos, Robin) Transfer of the authority to represent the public interest in proceedings under the Children's Code.Deadline: Tuesday, September 10, 5 pm

LRB-4158   Memo  Scholarship Program (Feyen, Dan) Establishing a career advancement scholarship program and making an appropriation. Deadline: Friday, September 13, 5 pm

LRB-4015   Memo  Retirement Savings (Duchow, Cindi) Establishment of a retirement savings plan pilot program. Deadline: Wednesday, September 4, 5 pm

LRB-3690   Memo  UW Tenure (Hesselbein, Dianne) Faculty tenure and probationary appointments at University of Wisconsin System institutions and granting rule-making authority. Deadline: Tuesday, September 3

LRB-4029   Memo  UW Tenure (Risser, Fred) Faculty tenure and probationary appointments at University of Wisconsin System institutions and granting rule-making authority. Deadline: Tuesday, September 3

LRB-4047   Memo  Green Bay Center Grant (Hansen, Dave) 2019-21 Authorized State Building Program, grant to the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau, granting bonding authority, and making an appropriation. Deadline: Friday, September 6, 5 pm

LRB-1760   Memo  Tipped Employees (Brostoff, Jonathan) Incentives for paying tipped employees the minimum wage, not included tips. Deadline: Monday, September 9, 5 pm

LRB-1165   Memo  Fertilizer (Jacque, Andre) The distribution and labeling of fertilizers and soil or plant additives produced from manure. Deadline: Tuesday, September 10, 5 pm

LRB-2742   Memo  PACE Loans (Allen, Scott) Loans and repayment assistance by a political subdivision for certain improvements to properties and collection of the debt by special charge. Deadline: Thursday, September 12, 4 pm

LRB-2742   Memo  PACE Loans (Allen, Scott) Loans and repayment assistance by a political subdivision for certain improvements to properties and collection of the debt by special charge. Deadline: Thursday, September 12, 4 pm

LRB-4085   Memo  Operating Privileges (Wanggaard, Van) Operating privilege of persons who have committed certain offenses related to drunken driving, occupational licenses, ignition interlock devices, and providing a penalty. Deadline: Thursday, August 29, 3 pm

LRB-1803   Memo  Firefighters Memorial Checkoff (Krug, Scott) Creating an individual income tax checkoff for donations to the Wisconsin State Firefighters Memorial, Inc. Deadline: Friday, September 6, 5 pm

LRB-3700   Memo  Mortgage Priority (Ballweg, Joan) The priority of a mortgage executed to an institution chartered by the federal Farm Credit Administration. Deadline: Friday, September 6, Noon

LRB-2448   Memo  Pupil Transport (Marklein, Howard) A contract between a school board and a parent or guardian to transport a pupil to and from school. Deadline: Tuesday, September 10

LRB-3947   Memo  Blue Book (LeMahieu, Devin) The distribution of the Wisconsin Blue Book and highway maps. Deadline: Tuesday, September 10, 5 pm

LRB-0953   Memo  Breast-Feeding Break (Subeck, Lisa) Requiring an employer to provide reasonable break time for an employee who is breast-feeding the employee's child to express breast milk for the child. Deadline: Thursday, September 5, 5 pm

LRB-3152   Memo  Impersonating Public Officer (Ott, Jim) Impersonating a public officer, public employee, or employee of a utility and providing a penalty. Deadline: Friday, September 6, 5 pm

LRB-4138   Memo  Pollinator Task Force (Sargent, Melissa) Creating a task force on native pollinator health. Deadline: Monday, September 9, 5 pm

LRB-3433   Memo  UW Tribal Tuition (Milroy, Nick) University of Wisconsin System nonresident tuition exemption for tribal nation members. Deadline: Tuesday, September 10