Philadelphia Community Kollel Weekly Update
Parshas Vayishlach 5782, November 18, 2021
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• Rabbi Reisman Motzaei Shabbos Navi Shiur
• Kollel Boker - Join Us!
• Ongoing Learning Opportunities
Masmid's Photos Updated
This week, November 20 at 6:30 p.m.
THIS Motzaei Shabbos November 20, 6:30 pm

Join the crowd during long winter Motzaei Shabbosos at our ever-popular and exciting Masmid Program. Young boys come to learn with fathers, grandfathers, and mentors and enjoy great learning, stories, and raffle prizes! We welcome you to our 22nd year.

The cost for sponsorship is only
$500 per week. Only 2 weeks still available.
($250 for co-sponsorship)

NEW!! Now you can sponsor the pizza and refreshments for only $250 per week. For more information, please contact Rabbi Zeffren or sign up online using the Masmid sponsorship button below.

Below you can choose to sponsor a program, sign up for email, or experience a taste of the Masmid Program by seeing our photos and videos of past events or by listening to Masmid stories from our huge archive of close to 200 stories.

Please consider partnering with us today to help defray the cost of this extraordinary program.
This week's program is dedicated by
Gabe and Deena Herman
In memory of Gabe’s father
אברהם חיים בן יוסף ע“ה
Rabbi Reisman's Navi Shiur
Motzaei Shabbos at 7:30 pm
Kollel Boker Awaits You
The Kollel now accepts Zelle donations.
Please use office@phillykollel. org.
Try it now!

For a complete listing of Kollel events, programs, shiurim links, zemanim and more, visit us at our website,
For free Kollel audio shiurim, go to the archives tab.
Ongoing Learning Opportunities
Join one this week!

Hilchos Tzedakah
Sunday mornings
9:30-10:30 AM

Lower Level of the Kollel

Rosh Kollel's
Thursday Night
Gemara Shiur

Meseches Shabbos
Thursday nights
8:15 PM

Lower Level of the Kollel
Parsha Postscripts
Video Series

A weekly video series on the weekly Haftorah presented by the Kollel's Rabbi Meir Weiss.

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In memory of
Renee Greenhouse Suslow z"l,
Raysha bat Ze'ev a"h,
Beloved mother of Lisa Wachs
Laws & Hashkafa of
Guarding One's Tongue
A video series presented by Rabbi Levi Berg

To see past videos,
visit the Archives page
by clicking on the graphic.

In memory of Joel Lubell, a'h
ישראל ראובן בן אלעזר ע"ה

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Nightly Chovos Halevavos shiur now learning

Sunday - Thursday
9:00 - 9:15 PM Via Zoom

PHONE: 301 715 8592 Meeting ID: 938 093 844 Password: 145916

Archives of this shiur can be accessed at
Rabbi Yisroel Reisman's Motzaei Shabbos 
Navi shiur, broadcast direct from Brooklyn, via The Torah Conferencing Network (TCN) will now be shown at the Kollel. This weeks's broadcast begins at 7:30 PM.

Rabbi Reisman has close to thousand viewers each week to his shiur which covers many wide-ranging contemporary topics. The one hour broadcast is shown at the Kollel in the Leib and Rachel Kohn Conference room on the Lower Level. At LMS it is shown in the Beit Midrash and is co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Community Kollel.
Community News
  • Pirchei – Torah Youth for boys grades 1st – 8th is BACK starting this Shabbos from 2:45 – 3:45 at LMS. Per LMS’s policy, all participants must wear a mask to attend. Membership is $36 per child/$100 family max. The membership helps defray some of the weekly expenses, so please help and become a member. If you have any questions email Rabbi Silver at
  • Local Shatnez Tester conveniently located on Stoneway Lane in Merion Station! Please note new drop off hours: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Endorsed by local Rabbonim. For more info call: 718-570-2729 or email
  • Bauminger's Library: The library is open by appointment at 228 Stoneway Lane, Merion. Call or text 718-909-7712 to coordinate.
  • "כל השונה הלכות בכל יום": "Whoever studies two Halachos a day is assured a place in Olam Habah." If you would like to receive a free daily e-mail with two halachos a day, go to and sign up, or send a request to These are two separate services with separate halachos.
Community Resources
Bikkur Cholim Chanukah Toy Drive
A community resource for tablecloths for simchos and events
In memory of
Chaya Sarah Yavne, a"h
Orthodox Philadelphia's
Event Calendar  
To post an event, e-mail

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Merion Station, PA 19066 • 610-668-9557