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Weekly Look Ahead
Board Update

In addition to the City of Colleyville'e Declaration above, we will also be discussing Passover and how our calendar will look for the next 30-days.

By now, you should have received a call from a CBI Board Member checking in with you and your family. It is our goal to support you during this difficult time and provide resources and information. If you have not been contacted as of yet, please let us know.
Calendar and Events
All events and services will be Online/Virtual.
Please let us know if you have questions about the technology.
Wednesday, March 25 (Adar 29)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
7:00p Virtual Evening Service & Talmud Study
8:00p Board Meeting

Thursday, March 26 (Nisan 1)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
4:00p Torah & Conversation w/ Rabbi Charlie
7:00p Brotherhood Virtual Social

Erev Shabbat, March 27 (Nisan 2)
BLOOD DRIVE - Keller 9a-3p
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
6:15p Board Meeting
7:00p Virtual Shabbat Evening Service & Oneg w/ R Farris

Shabbat, March 28: Vayikra (Nisan 3)
10:00a Virtual Shabbat Morning Service & Study
7:00p Havdallah

Sunday, March 29 (Nisan 4)

Monday, March 30 (Nisan 5)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
8:00p Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 31 (Nisan 6)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
1:00p Virtual Study w/ Rabbi Comins
4:00p Learning Sessions - Passover

Wednesday, April 1 (Nisan 7)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
7:00p Virtual Evening Service & Talmud Study
8:00p Board Meeting

Thursday, April 2 (Nisan 8)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
4:00p Learning Sessions - Passover

Erev Shabbat, April 3 (Nisan 9)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
6:00p Virtual Tot Shabbat
7:00p Virtual Shabbat Evening Service & Oneg w/ R Farris

Shabbat, April 4: Tzav (Nisan 10)
10:00a Virtual Shabbat Morning Service & Study (Ends at 11:30a)

Sunday, April 5 (Nisan 11)

Monday, April 6 (Nisan 12)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
8:00p Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 7 (Nisan 13)
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen

Wednesday, April 8: Erev Passover (Nisan 14)
1st Night of Passover
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
7:00p Virtual Evening Service & Talmud Study

Thursday, April 9: Passover
(Nisan 15)
10:00a Virtual Passover Festival Service
11:00a GFC's Greene Screen
5:45p Virtual Second Night Seder
CBI Virtual services and events can be accessed HERE using Zoom.

You can also participate just using your phone by dialing (346) 248-7799, Meeting ID 817 983 3665.

Additional Links

As our local blood supply is critically low, CBI is supporting the essential Carter BloodCare drive in Keller. 

It is important that you sign-up in advance ( click on the image above ) or by calling Carter BloodCare directly at (817) 337-1520. No walk-ins allowed. Kindly arrive at the designated time and be prepared to wait in your car if necessary. Please contact Barry Klompus should you have any questions at or (817)271-1569. And it would be great if you could let Barry know if you donate at this drive.

Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for giving the gift of life.
for your generous donations!
In memory of Lily Deen Runividge from Nancy Blount

In memory of Fred Friss from Nancy Blount

Deborah & Martin Goldsmith

In memory of Abraham Perlstein from Judith & Jerry Kane
 Rabbi's Corner

This week's Torah Portion is

Sermon Topic: Can you solve the Queen's riddle?

 ( Missed a sermon? Go HERE
In this week's Torah portion, we begin the book of Leviticus with detailed information about animal sacrifice. For me, reading about animal sacrifice is an education in resilience. We have been resilient for thousands of years. From military defeats to the destruction of the Temple to hundreds and thousands of difficulties and hardships and tragedies – we persevere, we endure, we recover.

We change and adapt – many times for the better. While we no longer perform animal sacrifice, I’m ok with that. And I appreciate that it’s still in the Torah. Because when we see those changes it helps us remember our collective resilience.

To help stay resilient, to share an idea, to ask a question, or just to talk, know that you can always reach out to me. Call or text me any time: 817-983-3665.

Passover, our Festival of Freedom, is almost here. This year, we may not be able to have large gatherings, but we will still be able to celebrate. We are currently working to ensure our members, especially the families who who are in need, have access to Matza and Kosher for Passover basics. CBI will be hosting a Virtual Second Seder and I’ll be offering sessions for how we can do this in a positive, meaningful, and fun way!

The following will be offered:

Tues, March 31, 4pm
How To Lead an Awesome Seder for Younger Children (or Playful Adults)
Thurs, April 2, 4pm
How To Lead an Engaging Virtual Seder
Thurs, April 9, 5:45pm
CBI Virtual Second Seder

Passover Information and Resources

In addition, the URJ has promised a diverse list of resources. They are getting things organized and it should be available later this week. I'll get it to you as soon as I can. -----Rabbi Charlie
Did You Know?

  • If you can make calls to CBI Members, please contact Marilyn Gray at
  • If you can help with pick ups, deliveries, or anything else, please contact Dana King at
  • Emergency Need - From Shonda Schaefer at GRACE (from 3/24/20): Many families are coming to us for help in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak-almost twice as many as usual. They are spending their precious last dollars on childcare. Others are suffering the hardships of job loss, reduced or limited income, or difficult family situations. Please Give Here if you can.
PART-TIME Office Help Needed
Do you know of someone who is interested in working 10-hours per week in the office assisting with clerical responsibilities? If so, please have them email Mike Finfer HERE. This position is only open to Non-Members.
Studies show that Jewish summer programming and Israel Trips are some of the best ways to strengthen Jewish identity and give our children an incredible, positive, amazing experience! There are more opportunities for all ages than ever before and more funds available to help you. Click HERE to learn more.
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