There's probably more than one reason you elect to purchase used auto parts. One reason might be that you're into helping our environment by recycling perfectly good parts and saving them from the land fill. But, your first reason might be to save money. It's obvious that used parts would cost less than new, but there are lower prices and then there are LOWEST prices.

Here at Chuck and Eddie's, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality used auto parts at the lowest possible prices. We always suggest that new buyers shop around before making a purchase. Almost always the customer will return to Chuck and Eddies to take advantage of our inflation-fighting prices and unmatched "service after the sale".

Don't forget about our FULL SIX MONTH WARRANTY! Buy any used part from Chuck and Eddie's ebay store or website and you'll be covered against product defects for an entire six months. Our brand new parts are covered for an entire year.

Gus the Bulldog is your assurance of savings. Shop Chuck and Eddie's Used and New Auto Parts and you'll soon be saying "In Gus, we trust".

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