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"Making friends while serving God"

The Week of December 16-22, 2019

Joseph dreams of an angelic message  
Accepting God's plan  
When Mary discovered she was with child by the Holy Spirit her response was "Let it be." Evidently she didn't spell this out for Joseph, to whom she was engaged, because he was preparing to dismiss her discreetly when the angel came to him in a dream and told him it was really okay. This is related in our Gospel reading Sunday.
This week's readings.
Our Gospel reading is preceded by Isaiah's foretelling of the conception of Jesus which is referred to directly in Matthew's Gospel.  And it includes the admonition to not put God to the test. When Joseph dreamed of the angel's advice he knew well the prophesy of Isaiah. He knew better than to second-guess God's plan for Mary's baby's birth.
Skeptics can question these events all day long. Better, though, like Mary in a later Gospel reading, we can ponder them in our hearts. Above all we can give thanks to God for the generosity of faith that led Mary to accept her pregnancy and for Joseph to accept it as her divine destiny. 
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$362 raised for Food Pantry 
The loose collection at our Dec. 15 Lessons and Carols service was committed by our Vestry to help fund the Christmas gift card program for our food pantry clientele. Visitors placed their gifts in the collection place and parishioners used envelopes to register their participation in this important program. 

A total of $362 was raised at the 10 am service, a significant boost for our Christmas gift card recipients.

Thanks to all who gave a little more to support our primary community ministry, the St. Paul's food pantry.

Christmas Services 

Christmas Eve services will begin at 4:30 pm with seasonal music and hymns followed by the 
Christmas Eve Communion.

Christmas morning at 10 am a Christmas Communion with hymns will be celebrated.

Please encourage family and friends and neighbors and others you encounter to join us and experience the joy of 
Christmas at St. Paul's.

The meditation booklet for this year's
Advent Supper Series.

Advent Supper Series concludes
Wednesday, Dec 18
 The final Advent supper series dinner takes place  this Wednesday from 5:30-7. All are welcome. Soup and bread provide a light supper. Meditations and discussion follow and the evening conludes with Compline.
Participants are asked to bring soup or bread or drinks in order that all may partake.
Lois Hoger honored at Lutheran Care
Lois Hoger joined us as a substitute organist many times in the past few years. Her devotion to the church and church music was total. In recognition of her gifts and enthusiastic promotion of the renovated organ's installation at the Lutheran Care facility, it is being dedicated as a memorial to her on Sunday at 3 pm at Lutheran Care Center.
Below is a beautiful invitation citing Lois's generosity and commitment, as well as the details for the event.
The change of seasons is upon us once again, and the cooler temperatures of autumn and winter call for soups and stews. Our Food Pantry clients will appreciate going home with beef stew, chicken noodle soup, and vegetable soup, all items on our "menu" of choices. Please contribute generously! Thank you.
3 Andre Clarke                 8 Brendan Foley       15 Jasmin Bryant                   26 Maria Bell                  
6 Jeremiah Jordon            9 Lillian Goldson      17 Felicia Santos Patterson  29 Imina Sade Santos- 
7 Casey Lynn Parisella   10 Lisa Koen              20 Ruby Smith                                 Thompson
   Jeanne Henderson       11 Marian Perkins      23 Carol Anderson                 30 George Thomas
Bruce Petito

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'In Service to God & You'
Lectors:          Rose Marie Proctor
                       Julett Butler       

Litanist:           Pete Bedrossian

Server:            Maria Bell

Organist:         Maris Kristapsons
Acolytes:         Shawn Prater-Lee                 
Litanist:           Mark Debald
Altar Guild:      Joanna Frang & Rose Marie Proctor

1982         640     Watchman, tell us of the night (Aberystwyth)
1982         324     Let all mortal flesh keep silence (Picardy)
1982           66     Come, thou long expected Jesus (Stuttgart)
1982         497     How bright appers the morning star (Wie schon leuchtet)
THE SERVICE OF LESSONS AND CAROLSEnglishman Sir John Bowring (1792-1872), a staunch Unitarian, spent his life as a diplomat and administrator, also pursuing his avocation as a translator, poet, and essayist. His Advent hymn Watchman, tell us of the night was first published in 1825, and is distinctive for its symmetry. In the first two lines of each stanza, the traveler asks the watchman what he sees, and the final two lines are the response. Gradually building to a climax, each stanza adds intensity and hope as the star ascends and the light of peace and truth finally bursts forth. "Traveler, lo, the Prince of Peace, Lo, the Son of God is come!" Welsh composer Joseph Parry (1841-1903) composed over 400 hymn tunes, including the tune "Aberystwyth." Often coupled with Bowring's text, it was written while teaching music in Aberystwyth, Wales, hence the tune name.

December 16-22, 2019

MON    16
  7:30am    AA Meeting
  6:30pm    NA Meeting - Journey to Recovery

TUE     17
10:00am    Office, Food Pantry, Thrift Store
  2:00pm    Small Blessings/ Food Pantry
  6:00pm    Evening Prayer; Seekers Group

WED    18
  7:30am    AA Meeting
10:00am    Office, Food Pantry, Thrift Shop 
12:15pm    Healing Service & Eucharist
  5:30pm    Advent Supper Series

THU     19
10:00am    Office, Food Pantry, Thrift Shop
  6:00pm    Finance

FRI      20
  7:30am    AA Meeting
  6:30pm    NA Meeting 

SAT     21
10:00am    NA Meeting
  3:00pm    NA Meeting - Men Do Recover  

SUN    22
  8:00am    Rite I
  8:45am    Lessons' Discussion
  9:30am    Choir practice
10:00am    RITE II, Sunday School 
11:15am    Coffee Hour


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