St. Paul's Episcopal Church   Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

"Making friends while serving God"

The week of July 16-22, 2018  
People were flocking to see Jesus
and his followers
 2 Samuel 7:1-14a,  Psalm 89:20-37
Ephesians 2:11-22, Mark 6:30-34,53-56

This week's readings
What's missing from the Gospel lesson?
If you look carefully at the citation for Sunday's Gospel reading you will notice that there is a significant gap in the middle. The citation is for Mark [6:30-34, 53-56]. Verses 35-52 are missing. The manner in which the lessons are chosen for the three-year lectionary cycle is interesting in many ways. One is the occasional omission.
What is in those missing 17 verses from Sunday's Gospel is the feeding of the five thousand and Jesus walking on the water. These two Gospel stories are two of the most engaging stories in the entire Bible. Why would lectionary editors omit them?
Looking at the assigned reading we realize omitting the stories of the feeding of the five thousand and Jesus walking on water reveals a couple of important pieces of the Gospel experience that otherwise go unnoticed when told in the context of the two famous stories. One important piece was that people were flocking to see Jesus and his followers in huge numbers. They followed them into the countryside. They followed them in boats. Jesus and his disciples had a hard time finding any peace. They were exhausted. The other noteworthy thing that can get lost amid the miracles is that Jesus and his disciples nonetheless had compassion for the people who were mobbing them everywhere they went. They made themselves available for every healing act that was requested.
If the two famous stories hadn't been omitted from Sunday's reading, these important elements of the story could well have been missed.

'In Service to God & You'
Server:            Maria Bell
Lectors:           Rose Marie Proctor
                        Cora Keith
Litanist:           Pete Bedrossian
Organist:         Maris Kristapsons
Acolytes:         Shawn Prater-Lee
                        Jordan Rosborough
                        Ben Rosborough
Lectors:           Bert Mazzuto
                        Judith Mizell
Litanist:           Mark Debald
Usher:             Dewy Clarke
                        Mark Debald
Altar Guild:      Joanna Frang
                        Rose Marie Proctor
Greeters:         Debbie Pitcher
                        Bobbie Gordon

  P A R I S H  N E W S


The following event is Saturday, August 18th - Lunch at Outback Steakhouse from 11:00am - 1:00pm.   Tickets are $15 per person and must be purchased in advance either by cash or check made payable to St. Paul s.   See the flyer above for more details.
Tickets need to be purchased and picked up at St. Paul s Church by August 11th or you can purchase a ticket from a Vestry or Stewardship Committee member.

Be sure to get yours ASAP in order to get in all of the drawings. 
Here's a reminder of how it works:
Tickets are $25.00 each. Drawings will be held every Sunday from July 1 - December 9.   Prizes for those drawings are $10 and $20.  
The final drawing will be December 15 at a party that will include dinner and perhaps musical entertainment. Prizes awarded that day will be $10, $20 plus the big prizes of $500, $250, $150, $100 & $50. 
You can win multiple times since your ticket is always returned to the pile so that it's there for the final drawing.  All parishioners are asked to buy or sell at least 2 tickets.
Tickets to sell are available from Bobbie Gordon. Tickets for purchase are available from Vestry members and Debbie Pitcher, Deb Williams, Rose Marie Proctor, Charlie Benjamin, Cynthia Benjamin, Janet Quade and Bobbie Gordon.

                            Caribbean Brunch
August 12th, 2018       
Following the 10:00 church service
  $6 per person or $12 per family
  Please feel free to invite family & friends. 
2    Elisabeth Emily Cecilia Gillon                              20         Kaylee Curtis
7    Janet Quade                                                        22         Ruthie A. Hodge
11   Ginny Gates                                                        27         Faith Mincey
13   Sharon Sherow                                                   28         Michael Babb
       Christopher Evans                                              31         Selena Hyson   

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church-Poughkeepsie

1982                       397          Now thank we all our God
LEVAS-II                54             Nearer my God, to thee

LEVAS-II                184          Blessed assurance
1982                       562          Onward, Christian soldiers
HYMN INFORMATION: Blessed Assurance has been one of the most popular hymns in America for many years and became known to many as the theme song to evangelist Billy Graham's "Hour of Decision" broadcasts. The words are by Fanny Crosby (1820-1915), author of over 8000 hymn texts. Blind since infancy, she also wrote the words to our very popular Summer Gloria (To God be the glory...) and many other favorite hymns at St. Paul's. The tune is by Phoebe Knapp, a prolific amateur hymn tune writer. No is is certain whether the words or the music came first, though they have been paired from their inception around 1873.

July 16-22, 2018

MON 16                 7:30am "Good Morning" AA Meeting;  
                              6pm EVENING PRAYER, Formation;
                              6:30pm NA Meeting "Journey to Recovery";                                             
TUE 17                  10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop; 
                               6pm EVENING PRAYER, Seekers group;                                     
WED 18                   7:30am "Good Morning" AA Meeting;  
                              10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Small Blessings Thrift Shop;        
THUR 19                10am-2pm Office, Food Pantry, Thrift Shop;
                               6pm EVENING PRAYER, Finance;                      
FRI 20                    7:30am "Good Morning" AA meeting;                                                       
SAT 21                    3pm NA Meeting "Journey to Recovery"                                                           
SUN 22                  8am Rite I;
                               8:45am Lesson's Discussion;
                              10am Sunday School;
                              10am Rite II
                              11:15am Coffee Hour;   
                              11:30am Youth- Lunch Box & Connect               


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