Greetings All!

In these first days of our journey as pastor and congregation, much has remained the same, yet so much more has changed. We see familiar faces and find ourselves crossing paths with new ones. We’ve said farewell to some and welcome to others.

The worth of change is truly in the eye of the beholder. It can be wished for and wonderful. Change can also scare us and make us skittish. It depends on the lens through which we choose to view it.

While some changes are unable to be ignored, there is the sweet, subtle, often undetected change God is working out in our lives each day. The truth is, nothing remains the same. Our hair gets a little grayer, our steps a little slower, our waistbands a little tighter... whether we want these changes or not.

In Isaiah chapter 9, which happens to be our preaching text for the Sunday coming, the prophet speaks of an anticipated change which sounds gloriously wonderful, but begs the question - what does this mean for me? What is it that God is asking me to reconsider? What is God hoping I will change?

Change represents testing the waters of the unfamiliar even if the end result is most desired. I pray that as we continue to navigate this season, that I won’t be the only one testing the waters, to see what God is saying.

~ Pastor Pat