Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

Greetings Beloved,

A week from today it will be Holy Thursday and in some ways an eerie replica of Holy Thursday 2020. Again we will not be in the Sanctuary. Again, we will miss the sacredness of solemn community entering the final hours of a season which has required deep soul searching and introspection. 

While I might normally encourage us to focus on the moment, today I invite you to fast forward to next Thursday. Fast forward to next Thursday and whether you are re-creating a Passover meal or requesting Door Dash, reflect on these questions:
  1. How has God spoken to me in this season?
  2. Have I allowed God the opportunity to be present with me?
  3. Have I heard what God has said to me?
  4. What now will I do?

I think it is important that you have time to reflect so that when next Thursday arrives and you have visited the Stations of the Cross or are preparing to view our Holy Thursday worship service, your responses will resonate within you.

Holy Thursday is an experience of decision making.

Judas decided to betray Christ. Peter decided to deny Christ. Pilate and Herod decided to be popular rather than humane. And the crowds decided that the status quo was more important than change. 

As we prepare to enter the final days of this season, may our decisions be made not out of haste, or as perfunctory tasks to be completed, but as the desire to walk with Christ in a way like never before.

May it be so. 
-- Pastor Pat