Pastors' Weekly Message: From Pastor Pat

Greetings St. Paul Kensington Family, Friends, Neighbors and Co-laborers!

 I pray this week has been one filled with revelation, invitation and the overwhelming, undeniable presence of God. Let there be no mistaking that God is still present with us and for that we say Hallelujah and Amen!

I don’t know about you, but it is somewhat difficult for me to grasp that just as I think I’ve gotten the hang of summer, fall is around the corner. So much of what has tended to be the signs of fall - back to school shopping, school buses, sports leagues sign ups - has been waylaid by the fact that we are still navigating safety and health concerns that require distancing, masking, and sanitizing. It may very well seem as though nothing is happening, nothing is going on. But nothing is further from the truth.

St. Paul’s Kensington is still serving God, equipping and welcoming members and showing God’s love wherever we have the opportunity. This coming Sunday, we will celebrate two baptisms, welcoming Janell Ayo Williams and John Stevens into the body of Christ. We will celebrate, confirm and welcome our confirmation class to St. Paul’s Kensington, each of the confirmands boldly proclaiming their desire to be members with us. We will, weather permitting, worship outdoors at Reinhart Park, and once again be able to see each other’s faces, masked, 6ft apart and all. We will also remember our baptism and consecrate the elements that you might experience the sacred meal of communion.

While we cannot always determine the weather, while we may have to wait on the outcome of the election, we are privileged each moment of our day to witness the marvelous work of our God, who continues to call, create and cultivate. So do not worry, there is much going on, and much more on the horizon. And for that we give God thanks!

-- Pastor Pat