Dear friends:

Look for something growing in the Sanctuary this December.
Advent is now upon us at St. Paul’s. As we worship in our sacred space on Sunday mornings this month, expect to see a growing amount of light .
Our Chrismon Tree is already up, and its hundreds of lights shine in the chancel space. We got a new, high-tech tree this year, one in which the lights can change colors, twinkle, and/or gradually brighten. It came with a remote control , too. Tracey Furman threatened to play with it during the sermons this month in order to distract Pastor Kate and me. Remind me to hide that remote before worship begins.
Our Advent candle arrangement will also grow in brightness this season. The word advent means “coming,” or “arrival.” As we await the advent of Jesus, each Sunday we’ll light another candle to symbolically illuminate the path for the coming of our Lord.
We’ve added yet another source of growing light to the Sanctuary this year. Arranged in a corner of the chancel will be a grove of four trees . They will have lights on them, like the Chrismon Tree. Like the Advent candles, these will be lit, one by one, as the season progresses.
These trees will also grow in another way. You may not see them get taller over the next weeks, but these trees are alive . They are living trees, planted in pots (remind us to water them from time to time). The plan is to give these living trees to the Town of Kensington after the Advent and Christmas seasons are over. In the spring they can be planted in some bare place in the town to provide shade, beauty, and a nesting place for birds. I love the symbolism of sending the life of St. Paul’s out into the community as a sign of living hope.
For now, that living hope is in the Sanctuary and waiting to brighten our space during this December season. See you Sunday at St. Paul’s, friends, where something is always growing.


A.B. Snell