A great big shout out and Thank You! We want to acknowledge the ways you are helping us grow into the church God has called us to be… 

Thank You – to everyone who is signing up and stepping in to help with Sunday Morning ministries. Your service to help Sundays run smoothly is a gift to all of us! 

Thank You – to everyone who has been coming, providing food, setting up, and cleaning up for Dinner Church! The conversations, prayers, and laughter are great memories in the making! 

Thank You – to Darren, Elizabeth, MIke and Howard, our musicians. You all provide us with inspiration week after week and we are so grateful! And a big thanks to Darren for the Sanctus we are now singing at St. Nick’s! So beautiful and again, so inspiring!!! You all are teaching us to make a joyful noise!

Thank You – to our tech teams. Thank you to Mark, Jeremy, Chase, Howard, and Patrick, for all the hard work you put in week after week! Your work to make sure our musicians and worship can be heard in person and seen and hear online is a beautiful and faithful gift for all of us!  

Thank You – to our kiddos, congregation, and Miss Emily who help fill our social media with great art and prayers! We believe our social media is a way we share the love and joy of God. Our prayers, artwork, educational snippets, and pictures are ways we hope to inspire and engage people to know they are loved by God and us. Thank you also to the people who are sharing our posts and inviting others to follow us. We were able to reach over 90,000 people through our socials this past month. We believe the hope and joy we are spreading makes a difference in people’s lives! Thank you for being a part of sharing the Good News of Jesus online!

And, if you want to help out and simply haven't signed up yet, you can sign-up here!